Posted by: shannynmoore | July 7, 2008

Let’s Talk About Your Record, Ted Stevens…

I recently saw this online and it made me sick.  Embarrassed and angry.  Alaskans are a proud, independent people.  For most of the years of my life, Senator Stevens has been my Senator.  He has recently said in his race against Mark Begich that he wants to talk about issues, not the scandal of his dealings with fisheries, or Veco.  I say OK, Ted.  Let’s talk about your record…what you’ve done officially.  There are many blogs up right now with the lists of offenses, but this is one that reminds me I will never feel represented by a man who thinks torture is making us safer.  I am an American, an Alaskan, and by his voting to retroactively legalize torture he has shown us he  is out of touch with what it is to be Human.



  1. Just found this today

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