Posted by: shannynmoore | August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin….Sugar on a Turd Pie

Today is a historical day for Alaskans. Having been born and raised here, I can celebrate whole heartedly that an Alaskan politician has made the national stage for something other than corruption charges. Wow, the nation is stunned…you have a gun, Lady? Really? Neat! Can we vote NOW? The story of a real Alaskan woman, mother of five, uber-pro-life, a creationist, loves Jesus, hates the devil, married to a real life stud…well, you just can’t write this stuff. If John McCain had selected my favorite Alaskan Conservative, my father, instead of Governor Gump, I still wouldn’t vote for him.

When it comes to being one breath from the presidency, my nostalgia for an Alaskan being in the White House wanes fast. I want a vice president with good judgment. I don’t care what gender you are, or what color you are…I want your brain to be connected to your heart and spine. After the debacles of Frank Murkowski, I was ready to give Sarah Palin the benefit of a doubt and line up as an Alaskan First, before party. She has shown weakness on a few key issues that disappointed me in the past few months, and now are red flags with her new job offer.

Last spring there was the big announcement of Sarah Palin’s 5th pregnancy. I’m pro choice, happy she was able to make whatever choice was best for her family. With her oldest child in the military, three more at home, and one on the way, she was getting quite a bit done. I would have wanted a nap and a spa, but that’s just me. In the last few weeks of her pregnancy she was flying all over the country. She flew to Washington D.C. then off to a conference of Republican Governors in Dallas. Her water broke in Texas. She decided to fly back to Alaska to have her 5th child that she knew had Downs Syndrome. She passed up some of the finest children’s hospitals in Dallas, Seattle and Anchorage. She flew several hours and then drove 50 miles to her home town and had her baby. I admire her ability to hold a child in during all those hours and miles above the Earth while she was in labor. I’m impressed with her staunch Alaskan loyalty to deliver her baby on Native Soil. But had I been traveling on the way to take a loved one off life support, or attend a wedding, or job interview, or any of the other major life events that we commute on planes for, and was diverted by a woman who knowingly got on board after her water broke, I may not admire her uterine control so much. Her lack of judgment for fellow passengers seems obvious, but for someone who is so “pro-life” it seems reckless.

As Governor, Palin did call a legislative special session to fix the previously bought net profits tax on the oil industry. NOT giving away our state’s resources doesn’t constitute standing up to Big Oil. I’m sure it feels like it with pressure from some of the most powerful lobbyists in the world, but it just isn’t. It is standing up FOR Big Oil to sue the federal government for listing polar bears on the endangered species list because it could affect future exploration. Alaskan towns are washing away, and our climate is changing. Permafrost is no longer “perma” in many places. The rapture is not an environmental policy.

I’m all about killing and grilling moose. So is Sarah. But to the degree she will influence elections by spending $400,000 of state money to propagandize her position to shoot wolves and bears out of planes is bizarre. You would think Alaska has a ban on the importation of Viagra for all the fervor to chase animals with airplanes.

Just days before last weeks election, her administration put up a website and held a press conference-all to influence the outcome of a ballot initiative. While at a different press conference she was asked how she would vote on the issue. She “took her governor’s hat off” and came out against it. Over the next several days, a full page ads ran in the Anchorage Daily News with a picture of the most popular governor in Alaska’s history holding a salmon and telling readers to VOTE NO ON 4! The initiative intended to beef up the environmental water standards for large scale open pit mines proposed in the Bristol Bay Watershed-home of the world’s largest wild salmon run. After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Exxon over Alaskan fishermen, paying monetary damages for environmental damages seems like the cost of doing business rather than a deterrent. As a fellow fisher woman I was shocked by her stance, as an Alaskan I was upset at her lack of regard for the election process and her naivety to think her “personal opinion” wouldn’t alter the outcome.

John McCain came in 4th place during the Republican Primary. His disregard of the US Constitution trumps his service. The national media has said Sarah and McCain are both Mavericks. A maverick in Washington wouldn’t have voted lock step with George Bush. To be a Maverick Republican in Alaska all you have to do is not be indicted or sitting in jail for selling your vote. For all the inexperience or judgment questions I have on Palin’s policies, she’s too good for him. You can put all the sugar on a turd pie that you want….John McCain will still be a turd pie.

The only thing more varied than Alaska’s landscape are Alaskans themselves. When you see someone on the side of the road with a flat tire in the dark at 20 below, you don’t ask political affiliations; you just pull over and help. Sarah Palin is Alaskan, so am I. Politically we disagree on many things, but I’d help her change her tire any day.



  1. Since you mentioned Trig, have you heard the rumor going around that the baby is not hers. That it is in fact her daughter’s baby. David Sirota talked about it on Thom Hartmann today, and I have seen some pictures of the family, and it sure looks like the oldest daughter is hiding a bump.

    It would explain why nobody noticed Palin was pregnant, and why she got on a plane and flew back from Texas after her water broke, and how she was back at work in a couple days not looking at all like she just had a kid.

    But all of that is just entertainment today. It is kind of cool that an Alaskan is on the ticket of either party, but that is about where anything good about it ends. The best part is her complete inexperience will probably be evident to everyone and might hurt McCain in November. The worst part is, can you imagine the Rethug turnout here in November now? I think it just got a lot harder for Mark and Ethan.

  2. I’ve been getting that question all day long, about Trig.

    Its been a down in the street rumor for a while, but I don’t know if anyone has gotten into the hospital in Juneau to find anything out.

    Perhaps its time to stop being “nice”, and demand a birth certificate, just like the PUMAs do?

  3. OH MY GOD! THERE IS A GOD! So glad to see you have a blog, Shannyn. The moment I heard the news about Palin, I wondered what you and another former KUDO commentator would have to make of this news. Now I know you’re out in the series of toobz.

    Anyways would Palin have been chosen had she been a male? It was painfully obvious when I saw the news that she was being used as a tool for which McCain expects women to come to him like sheep. I’m not even a woman, and yet I can feel the insult; and it makes me distraught. But it’s no surprise considering his first wife was a supermodel, now he’s with a former beauty queen, and now he chooses a former beauty queen as his VP. When it comes to women, John McCain is the biggest insult to feminism of any of the 10 Republican candidates during the beginning of the race. He is just sick.

  4. First, a trophy wife, now a trophy running mate.

    The “soap opera” crowd will love all the drama around the ex-brother-in-law and related matters.

  5. Great Stuff ! You are a fine writer – perceptive, logical, humorous, interesting, concise, with a sense of humor and the ability to not lose sight of the point. Friend of mine says the Palin choice reminds her of the Harriet Meiers situation. Hopefully the same result. I’m in NJ. Keep up the good work, and I will be checking in frequently. Many thanks

  6. Somehow came to your blog after following a series of links from some page or other on google news. I just wanted to say thankyou. Well written and perceptive, the type of insight I was hoping to get. I have your blog bookmarked now, and will be checking in often. More journalists could do with the qualities you exhibit here.

  7. Great post Shannyn. With your permission, I’d like to use it on my radio station, or better yet would you like to read it yourself? I can be reached at

    Media for minds that matter

  8. Glad I found you site. Bookmarked it.

  9. Good article Shannyn.

  10. I was hoping Sarah Palin could cultivate her vast ambition without at the same time making Alaska look even more like a ridiculous backwater. Is that too much to ask?

  11. I just found you on the radio in Wisconsin through Tom Hartman on Air America today, Sept 1, as the rumors about Sarah Palin–on a plane in labor? Support of the Bridge to Nowhere? More lies?–have begun swirling like a new tropical depression.
    You are right on!
    Thanks for talking about this slurry of new Republican Newspeak.

    If McCain wins, I’m moving to Denmark. This is all too, too much.

  12. Great piece of writing Shannyn. I like how you summed everything up succintly. Now I wish those medial moguls could get the story straight. You are entirely accurate.

    Were you there when Palin called the Bob&Mark show?

    Are you aware that Obama is threatening to fire any of his campaign staff that start ugly rumours about the candidate or the candidate’s family.

    Dave Horsey did a wonderful cartoon of Sarah getting on the Straight Talk express bus on the PI website.

  13. Well Shannyn, How does it feel to be in the minority? Sarah Palin has over an 80% approval rating as Gov. in Alaska! Who else can claim an approval rating that high? Nobody can! She must be doing something right! Picking on a few negs doesn’t change anything including her impressive approval rating!

  14. Someone needs to tell “Christian” Sarah Palin that inuendos, half-truths, exaggerations and smears are the same as lying (re: her recent comments on Obama not bein a loyal American and associating with terrorists)

  15. Every woman that is here crying about how Sarah will set back womens rights can just shut up. When a rapist and womanizer was in office for 8 years, not a word. You lost your voice when you decided to be quiet with Clinton. You are party hacks not women interested in equal rights. You can not give a woman her due because she doesn’t belong to your party. She may not be the best but is steps above Joe Biden.

  16. PS
    Obama also voted with Bush over 80% of the times he actually voted. “Present” is not considered a vote one way or the other

  17. @Paul: Um… no. Please do a little research beyond reading something mass-emailed to you.

    McCain himself made a stink back in June that Obama voted 40-50% of the time with Bush between 2006 – 2008.

    (BO opposed Bush 51 percent of the time in 2006 and 60 percent of the time in 2007.)

    Also, “Present” IS considered a vote. In Illinois. It’s essentially the equivalent of “No”, because in IL, only ‘Yes” votes are counted.

    “To insinuate the ‘present’ vote means you’re indecisive, that you don’t have the courage to hold public office, that’s a stretch. But, it’s good politics,” said state Rep. Bill Black (R), a 22-year veteran of the House and his party’s floor leader.

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