Posted by: shannynmoore | September 1, 2008

Bristol Palin, Just a Girl From Alaska

Unfortunately this isn’t a rare story in Alaska. The story of Bristol Palin is that of so many girls I grew up with in rural Alaska. The age of consent is 16. Abstinence only works until it doesn’t, and then you’re buying pampers. This isn’t a reflection on her reputation, not at all. We have some of the highest rates in the country when it comes to teen pregnancy, rape, incest, and domestic violence. Last year, the Democrats in Juneau fought hard to provide Denali Kid Care to more pregnant women and children. As governor, Sarah Palin did not lift a finger to help this bill pass, a bill that may have covered her daughter. Bristol Palin’s story is not tragic in the sense that she has the love and support of so many. The tragedy is all those who don’t have family support , health assistance, vitamins or enough food.



  1. i wonder if part of the reason the republicans often want to cut off social programs at the knees is they simply can’t relate to the idea that there might be 17 year old mothers out there without any semblance of a family support network? surely they are not that isolated?

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