Posted by: shannynmoore | September 3, 2008

Patriot or Punk?

Why all the questions coming in about Track Palin? National media has dug up a bazillion stories on the Palin family that many people have just known as rumor. My phone is ringing off the hook. My email is full. Everyone wants to dig up the old tawdry stories, rumors, and innuendos about the children of the Palins. The newest round of questions go as follows:

1) Was Track Palin one of the students involved with vandalism in 2005?   Answer: I asked a member of the school board who told me there was a gag order on talking about any student. Police records are sealed. So, though it is rumor, no verification.

2)Was there a second incident in 2006?        Answer: See answer to question 1.

3)Was there a drug charge in 2007?    Answer: Police records are sealed to search because he was a minor. This is a rumor.

4)Was he offered military or jail?     Answer: See answer to question 3.

It makes me mad that families are being so hard drug into this election. On ALL levels. I’m mad when family members are trotted out as proof of patriotism and family values, and I’m mad when my phone is ringing off the hook looking for salacious material instead of the policy issues that Sarah Palin represents. There is enough policy to debate. Enough with the children being used for fodder for reasons to vote for, or reasons to vote against. Sarah Palin has run under the banner of “open and transparent” and if these questions are so relevant, ask her.  If there is proof to be found, the National Enquirer will find it. Just ask John Edwards.

Regardless of if Track Palin joined the military because of some punk behaviors, he’s serving. I know his family is proud of him, but it seems politicized, as though proof of family patriotism. Men and Women in the Armed Services swear away their rights to become an “army of one”. We, Americans who are sleep tight at night, need to vote in a way that protects these soldiers. When a road side bomb goes off or when bullets are flying, it doesn’t matter why a soldier enlisted. When you read the list of fallen soldiers, they don’t have R’s or D’s by their names. That is why I won’t vote for McCain…100 more years of war.



  1. The McCain campaign has insisted on putting Palin’s family and children directly in the spotlight.

    From McCain’s hugging of the groom to be, laying on the hands, which could have been done in private, but was done instead in front of the press because they wanted the image to play, to playing up the ‘First Dude’ as hunk material. the McCain campaign and Sarah want to politicize their family and family relations.

    In light of that, I’m not at all averse to opposition reflections on that ‘image’.

    McCain and Sarah make it part of the score.

    As such, anyone can be invited to play along.

  2. Ummm…I think it has become an issue because Sarah Palin has chosen to use her kids as campaign props. How many times has she mentioned her son and that he is about to be deployed? Technically, for safety reasons, she shouldn’t be mentioning it at all. I have a brother and sister-in-law who have both served multiple tours in Iraq and watching her use this kid as a campaign prop makes me sick. Joe Biden has a son who is about to go over, too, and he isn’t pimping his kid’s service for the media. Sarah is running with a man who wouldn’t even bother to show up and vote in support of the new GI Bill and they pretend to give a fig about the troops. Yeah right! I’m sure she loves her own son, but I doubt she’d spare a second thought for my brother. If this woman’s son joined to avoid a jail term we have a right to know. It goes to character. If you have one troubled child that could just be bad luck but when you have several it seems to me the parents must have screwed up badly some how. I have no sympathy for this woman at all. She had to know that the media would expose any skeltons she might have in her closet (or her kids) when she accepted McCain’s offer. It’s not fair, but we all know how ruthless the media can be. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.


    According to this 50 brakelines were
    cut!!! People could have died had it not been for a safety check.

  4. Go Shannyn! Since Palin continues to use her son’s decision to join the Army as a sign of patriotism, this has to come out. He and thousands of other men and women should be rewarded for their service but let’s not let the Gov hide behind another lie. I heard the same news from a very reliable local source in Alaska. He joined to avoid jail time.

  5. This is a woman who did not even bother to discuss with her children..parents, inlaws and extended family, what she was going to OHIO for. Do you think that is appropriate? She is the one who is using her family…not the public. You dont see anyone else passing a baby around like a hot potato on a stage…do you? Please…dont get sanctimonious.

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