Posted by: shannynmoore | September 4, 2008

The Selling, Buying and Processing of Sarah Palin

I don’t want to sell anything, buy anything or process anything as a career. I don’t want to sell anything bought or processed, buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought or processed. Or repair anything sold, bought or processed, y’know? As a career I don’t want to do that.

-John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything

If only the GOP thought so. It was clear to me the Rovian Machine had voice coached, put George W Bush’s words in her mouth, slicked her up and popped out the Republican Dream Barbie. Reagan in pumps. Victim of the press. Sexy, sassy barracuda. Pit bull with lipstick. At the tail end of her speech, the Republican Party had processed and sold Palinistas and Palinbots at a rate that would impress a Chinese Mattel Factory. Palinistats are the soldiers. Palinbots are the blind faithful. The snarky attacks on Obama are not hers. She has supported Obama’s energy plan. It was as though a Chatty-Cathy sound box had been installed and Karl Rove was pulling the string. The media talking points flying right and right, and most of them wrong. “Reaganesque.” “Chief Executive Officer of Alaska.” “Hockey Mom.””Sexism, Sexism, Sexism.” Living in a state near Russia gives you foreign policy? So living near a hospital must give you surgical skills.

Knowing her policy record here in Alaska, I won’t vote for her. Supreme Court decisions will be made by the next administration. McCain is on record saying he would appoint justices like John Roberts and Samuel Alito. Alaska can’t afford judges like Roberts and Alito. Look at the recent decision made in favor of Exxon over destroyed fisheries and damaged fishermen in Alaska. A woman’s right to choose. A rape victim’s right to choose. An incest survivor’s right to choose. I consider “vaginal control” a benefit of Kaegel exercises, not the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Until you legislate a parent to love and care for a child, you can’t legislate forced parenthood.

I’ve been within arms reach of a brown bear. Wrecked a boat in the cold waters of Alaska. Got married once. All the adrenaline and fear from those experiences must have saved up and dumped at once when I witnessed the selling and buying of a processed Sarah Palin. I have speculated on the political process. I’ve wondered who really pulls the strings, waves the wand, orchestrates the media. Every four years we hold our nose, vote, and pretend like they are counting. Whatever was organic to democracy has been homogenized, hybrid, seeded and packaged in a fashion that rivals Monsanto.

I am convinced there is still power in citizenry. I’m sure Hunter S. Thompson would laugh at my naivety, but I’m still here, and he’s not. I carry five little rocks and the Constitution in my hand bag. My Pop reminded me David only needed one stone to take out Goliath.




    She attacked steelworker organizers, while having a steelworker husband?

  2. So refreshing to hear from a Blue Alaskan! Education, logic, critical thinking, class (yeh, that’s a bad word in America) – none of it matters – we can’t beat this Palin narrative UNLESS Alaskans can get more out on the issues AND the dirt. For several years now as a public primary teacher, I’ve followed the edict of Leave No Child UNTESTED – well, honey-it was kids, put your readers away today and take out your Science books. Yeh, that’s right – Science each day! Catholic in San Francisco

  3. What are you trying to do? Science?!?!? That requires observing, hypothesizing, and continuous experimenting and analyzing. Are you out of your mind?!?! Keep this up and those kids will start thinking critically about their world around them and, uh, oh, I get it.

    Keep it up teach!

  4. if we go out in november and vote for grandpa mac and our cornball poptart governor to lead the country, this experiment, the united states will be fully concluded. i couldn’t imagine a more cynical and uniformed judgment.
    i’m really tired of the political process. i’m going to have to summon a second wind to get through the next few weeks. i’m hoping for the best and expecting the worst.

  5. One of the great all time movie lines. John Cusack is as smart as he is handsome-and he is handsome. Wenesday evening was indeed the selling, buying and processing of Sarah Palin. The question is…will we buy it…will we?

  6. You folks don’t get it.

    Sarah is the excuse not to vote for obama.

    People want to vote for something new and fresh, but aren’t 110% sold on barry and joe.

    It’s always about selling a product… always.

    Image is everything. Otherwise we would have dull boring lifetime nobodies running this country instead of colorful, type A, self-centered egomaniacs.

    BTW Shannyn… will we see you sitting even closer to dan this Sunday night? Getting a little cozy aren’t we?

  7. Dear Shannon,
    There are no perfect politicians, perhaps you preferred the likes of Don Young, Ted Stevens, and Murkowski? So that the state of Alaska can continue down the road to a 100% service oriented economy. And if not for our oil revenue would be totally dependent upon the federal government who unfortunately is our largest landowner. I look forward to seeing an article or hearing a commentary from you the does not use the words George Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, or Halliburton. Try a little optimism…

  8. I cried during Obama’s DNC speech. And I cried during McCains RNC speech.
    …Does that make me a moderate?

  9. RUNNINL8!!!


    Me Too!!!!


    After the republican 1920’s we had to fix it, after Reagan/Bush we had to fix it, we’ll fix it again, history shows the GPO drive the economy down the tubes, the Dems fix it

  11. until recently most american would have a hard time pointing out alaska on the map. today everybody in alaska is an “expert” on sarah palin.

    well all i can tell you is that the waitresses at the peach valley restaurant in ormond beach florida told me about the state of alaska check book on line, and i am sold. we want the same open and reform government that you have in alaska, so we thank you for lending us for governor. we know that she won’t be with us forever, and we know that she won’t move to new york to run for mayor or senator. too bad, they need open government there too!

    no one is perfect, it just that some are more authentic than other.

    keep warm,
    your fellow citizens in ormond beach, florida, where men are men and the women hair are often blown away in the hurricane 😉

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