Posted by: shannynmoore | September 8, 2008


In an ad that Charlie Fannon ran, Palin does not say that she supports Charlie in the race. She says that hiring Charlie Fannon was one of the best decisions that she made as mayor of Wasilla.

I guess this is one way to keep your rape statistics down.

Sometimes I really wonder the logic of Alaska. I’m wondering, what does the rest of the world think?



  1. Why does Alaska have the highest rape rates per captia? Its because they can get away with it! Why wouldn’t a violent offender want to live here, the cops give them an atta boy and send em on their way.

  2. You go gurl !

  3. check out the actual stats:

  4. So glad you have a blog! And thanks for linking to me. But the link goes not to my blog, but to “WordPress for Dummies”.
    =) Can you fix it? Unless, of course, it was intentional! I’ve been called worse.

    Also, would you drop me a note at I wanted to discuss something with you.

  5. I’m confused… Did sarah ever say she wanted rape victims to pay for their own rape kit? Was this her personal policy?

  6. Since when did Alaskans care what the lower 48 thought of them?

  7. To “R” on Sept 9.

    I’m confused, are you really trying to tell us that stats on a real estate site are more accurate than an FBI report?

    “Crime in the United State by State.” FBI Uniform Crime Report, 2005” was cited at the beginning of this blog.

    What exactly is your point?

  8. I find “little value” in this “expose” unless rape statistics for Wasilla are included.

  9. […] wants the death penalty brought back to Alaska. How do her teeth not explode from this? I wrote the rape kit policy piece on Mayor Palin the first week in September.  Keith Olbermann was the first major media to cover […]

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