Posted by: shannynmoore | September 11, 2008


This is going to be a show of force. Because we are in the national spotlight we have a chance to speak against an ideal that is regressive. This is about power, liberty, right to choose, anti war, suffragette, all of it in one place at latitude 60. I am so proud of being an Alaskan woman and to be with women who stand for the same principles in rejecting the controlling philosophies of the GOP. Sometimes standing against something is more powerful than standing for.

Take these two statements. “I am for ethical treatment of prisoners.” OR “I am against torture.” See, that is why I am proud to say I will be arm and arm with Alaskans on Saturday.

We are powerful. We are going to be the true Alaskan difference in this election.

Who wants to have wine and make signs on Friday night?

A local right wing blow hard, not known for being remarkably clever, announced this on his talk show giving out the name and phone number of the organizer.   Death threats were next.   I know what that feels like.  The “watch your back”, “we know who you are”, etc.  Standing strong together, one voice, saying we are not afraid, that is who we are.  Haven’t they seen the bumper sticker, “Alaska Girls Kick Ass”?  The one’s you have to watch out don’t have a warning label on their car.



  1. More power to you all women of Alaska!

  2. We are watching from the lower 48- and if you have video and photos we will post on our blogs…I am at Watergate Summer ( and I also have another blog on Palin called Questions in the Night). Thank you for being on Keith and speaking….

  3. I read another female Alaska blogger say this rally should be an “Alaska Women for Joe Biden” rally.

    WHAT? That attitude is why Democrats lose. ‘Oh…better be PC. Don’t want to focus on negativity. Can’t we all just hold hands and sing Kumbaya?’ That is about the most pathetic, anti women attitude given what Sarah Palin represents.

    Thanks again Shannyn for speaking out. You are a trememdously talented, intelligent and powerful voice of reason that apparently national programs are starting to recognize. Thank You.

  4. I’m hoping that if enough people talk about it, we’ll have a good turnout on Saturday. I’m telling all six people in my social circle.

  5. How can we donate money to your organization?

  6. Did you see that interview last night? OMG.

    What an empty (pants) suit.


  7. Remember to steer clear of the Eddie Burke Bonehead brigade. Fear, hate and anger, that’s all they have in their arse-n-al.

  8. Thinking women of Alaska unite. Time to show the world we have the ability to see the truth, not be guided by empty headed knee jerk responses.
    I am so happy both women and people of color have made it into our mainstream political process.
    But it angers me to no end that a political party would try to pick up votes by picking a pretty face with absolutley no experience . Pandering to women is disgraceful politics. I refuse to be pandered to.

  9. Alaskan women, thank you for speaking up against Sarah Palin. She terrifies me, our democracy will be over if McCain/Palin win. Your experiences with Palin will help convince people in the lower 49 states that she does NOT represent sane people.

  10. I live in Carson City Nv. Palin will be here tomorrow and we will be protesting outside her talk. Thanks Shannon…you are on your way to being another Molly Ivans….

  11. OK. Alaskan women reject Palin, but in what respect? And are they “hellbent” in their rejecting? I just hope they don’t blink!

    Yes, mhappenow. I could see Molly Ivins spirit heading to Alaska. Good point!

  12. I have a bunch of pics on my blog, if you’re interested…

  13. All power to you, GIRL(s)! Life does not begin at conception and end at birth.

  14. right on shanny, you are a trooper and damn its growing so fast for you i cant keep up! her glib and snide remarks make me sick to watch , shes loving the lime light and how easy it is to enter a rool of people you know , love you ….theres no challenge in that, at alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

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