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I attended Governor Sarah Palin’s press conference this week. I witnessed the “Palin Truth Squad” first hand. It was as “truthy” to politics as the Jeffrey Dahmer Cooking School would be to the culinary arts. It made me nauseous. With a precarious political atmosphere in Alaska, we are still making our way through indictments, trials, and federal penitentiary sentences; the past two years of bipartisan work and healing thrown under the bus in attempt to win the White House.

National political assassins have invaded Alaska. They were visible and in full force at the McCain-Palin press conference yesterday. Alaskans don’t roll that way. People get cranky, even nasty at times, over politics and what they think is best for the state. Alaska Lawmakers are sitting in federal prison for selling their votes and it wasn’t this nasty. The McCain-Palin ticket has become a poster child for partisan politics on steroids. On November 5th, the day after this election, the shrapnel of this campaign will be strewn across Alaska. It’s going to take Dr. Phil and a few Barry White albums to get the healing started.

Palin Truth Squad Spin Cycle

Palin Truth Squad Spin Cycle

Right off the bat, a full-on assault of character was laid out-Walt Monegan the target. Meghan Stapleton, lead off hitter for the Palin Truth Squad was polished, assertive, dramatic, professional, fantastic….and LYING! For all of her assertions of Walt’s “loose cannon” behavior, you would have thought he was tasing Alaska children. A stack of emails from or regarding Monegan, chosen by Palin’s state paid attorney, were released to prove his incompetence. I asked why, if he was such a terrible employee, was he offered another position in government? How could they risk something so important as the oversight of alcohol in rural Alaska? After all, alcohol is a huge contributor to our domestic violence and rape statistics. Meghan’s answer felt like an out of control carnival ride for all the disingenuous spin! Her co-“truther” is Edward O’Callaghan. He looks and acts like the evil and unstoppable Agent Smith from “The Matrix”. Six weeks ago he left his job as Co-Chief of the Terrorism and National Security Unit of the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York. Does the McCain camp consider a bipartisan group of Alaska Lawmakers to be terrorists?

The “last straw,” Meghan-Super-Spokes-Model Stapleton said, was a July trip Monegan planned to Washington D.C. to seek federal money for investigating and prosecuting sexual assault cases. You would have thought he was planning to lobby Washington D.C. for a new super trooper jet-boat, complete with lightening bolts, water cannons, cup holders and satellite television. If it is true Monegan was fired for trying to drum up funds to protect Alaskans, I’m more disturbed than if he was fired for NOT carrying out an old family proxy vendetta against Trooper Wooten.

Four days before Walt Monegan was fired, John Katz, the governor’s special counsel and inaugural PTSer, in a July 7 e-mail, noted two issues with the trip: the Governor hadn’t agreed the money should be sought, and the request “is out of sequence with our other appropriations requests and could put a strain on the evolving relationship between the Governor and Senator Stevens.” Why the continuing theme of subverting the treatment of epidemic sexual assaults in Alaska?

Last Friday I sat through the subpoena hearings. The “Remote Control Legislator”, Gene Therriault, who would check his blackberry and then ask texted questions, was the knight in tarnished armor. Challenging reason and truth, the only thing transparent was his political crush on Sarah Palin. Republican Senator Charlie Huggins, sitting in camo pants, wishing he was sitting on the edge of a muskeg listening to the sounds of love lorn moose, presented the best side of Alaskans. He announced himself as a McCain voter, and said he would also vote for subpoenas. So have many other Republicans in this investigation. I never believed the argument from their party in the 90s over Bill Clinton’s lie. But I think now, when I see a Republican put integrity and principle in front of protecting their party, some of them may have been telling the truth.

The partisan accusations are coming from partisan Republicans. Representative Bob Lynn is one of five Republican Lawmakers filing a law suit, all designed by the Palin Truth Squad, to stop the investigation of Sarah Palin’s abuse of power allegations. Just a couple of weeks ago, Lynn was a delegate on the floor of the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis. What isn’t “partisan” about that? The PTS has posters with pictures of Alaska Democratic leadership and big arrows pointing to a photo of Obama. It is vulgar and flies in the face of truth and justice. Frankly, I didn’t expect anything different from John McCain. Sarah Palin knows better. How dare she sacrifice Alaska for the White House. The PTS is giving me PTSD…


  1. i was trying to have a dialogue with one of the front-page guys at daily kos today… he was taking the line that the national democrats need to fly in a bunch of lawyers and get down and dirty with mc palin’s legal team — equating it with florida 2000 [let’s not just stand by and take this stuff lying down this time]. and i was trying to tell him, the story here, what you should be publicly complaining about — is that the state government of alaska is essentially in the hands of mc cain’s campaign. and if the democratic organizations are smart they will stay the hell out of here! and the whole thing is going to fold on mc cain very soon. remember that he came in a distant fourth in the primary here.
    maybe alaska just looks so bad in general that no one in the lower 48 believes we’re at all capable of handling our own affairs, or gives a damn if we’re prevented from doing so. when alaska was a colony it was treated more respectfully.
    this whole thing is so out of control it is ridiculous. why in the hell didn’t palin just say “thanks, but no thanks”?

  2. From down here in Tucson, I read your story and hope that Alaskans get good and pissed off; perhaps what the contiguous states is a reminder of what that American Spirit is all about. If you guys rose up and threw off the hijacking shackles of the pigs and swine, perhaps we would find the sack to do it too. You guys are a shot of Vitamin A!

  3. God, I’m pissed off. I’m a regular guy. I’m not a member of any political circles, though I’ve participated in campaigns as a volunteer. That means I don’t get a direct hand in writing the laws and carrying out justice. I look to my state government to shun partisanship in how it carries our that justice. And justice in my state is literally under attack right now, and that means I am under attack. If our own governent won’t stand up for us against the invasion of razor teethed jackals bent on sacking Alaska, then who will?

  4. We are being mugged. I am calling the Gov. office next and both my legislators. What the hell Don and Ted and Lisa too. I am sure they aren’t really too fond of the Gov. but they maybe enjoying this fiasco a little. Those hacks/people need to leave. And the Gov. needs to ask them top go.

  5. This whole mess has given me not PTSD but PSD, Palin Stress Disorder.

    How about publishing the phone numbers and/or emails of the Governor, the legislators, the Senators and the Congressmen? I’m sure many of us would like to take some action but aren’t sure how.

    Thanks for this story.

  6. It has given me PTSD TOO as in Palin Traumatic Stress Disorder!

    True Alaskans, regardless of their political stripe, would demand the McCain Bush Washington DC lawyers leave Alaska NOW!

    Another great piece…Thanks Shannyn!

  7. You all may be Alaskans… us hicks from the lower 48 and serving in the military are sick and tired of all of the lies… especially from the lies of the left… why don’t you cry to get the lefties out of Alaska as well?

  8. I think Obama is smart enough to stay out of this. Seems like Palin is doing enough on her own to wake up the rest of America as to how totally unready she is to be a leader of the whole country. Good luck with the fight, but I think it’s already to late as you have been further tainted by us outsiders.

  9. “It was as “truthy” to politics as the Jeffrey Dahmer Cooking School would be to the culinary arts.”

    That’s exactly the feeling that moved me to start The Palin Truth Squad — it’s a parody of the McCain campaign page with the press release announcing that the truth squad had been formed. They do to the truth what a bomb squad does to bombs.

  10. Good story Shannyn. The Palin Truth Squad – LOL – Isn’t that an oxy-moron? Palin can’t stand the truth! She’s more into “truthiness” ( The quality of stating concepts one wishes or believes to be true, rather than the facts).

    Here’s the facts on what McCain/Palin want to keep on doing. Check them out.

    Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered Since The U.S. Invaded Iraq “1,255,026”

    Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq 4,155

    The War And Occupation Of Iraq Costs


    See the cost in your community

  11. What is it with Palin and sexual assault victims. When she was mayor of Wasilla, she fired the chief of police for not charging rape victims for the cost of rape kits. Now we find out that Monegan was fired for wanting to hire additional sexual assault investigators.

  12. This was at Alaska Newsreader today at

    UPDATED: How Native is Todd Palin? What a touchy question, right? Alaska Real, written by “a 20-something Tlingit/Athabascan woman” known as Writing Raven, tackles this one head-on today. Her personal blog post refers to Todd Palin and his heritage, but over at, where it is an editor’s pick in the Open Salon, it’s called “Todd Palin’s bloodlines.”

    After background on variations of what ¼, 1/16 or 1/8 Native blood can mean, the writer gets to her point.

    To be very clear – I absolutely do not believe that blood quantum defines how “Native” you are. The frequent mention of it as a disqualifying factor is wrong. For that matter, there are countless ways to be a proud member of the Native community, and none of it has to do with that extra 1/16 more Native blood you have than the next guy over. What defines you as a Native leader, and a ‘Native example’ is much easier to nail down, and in this case, Todd would not be the definition of either.

    He has also never been part of the Southcentral Alaska Native culture, nor have his children, despite being raised here. To me, this says he is either disinterested, or because he is limited in a few of the organizations (namely tribal) he is rejecting the whole. In any case, both the Palins have a dismal record on Native issues, so please, do not look to Todd’s heritage to help with them. That he hasn’t done anything because of it so far is a good indicator that he won’t be encouraging his wife on anything in the future.

    Alaska Real’s original post includes half a dozen links to news sources examining the Palin record with Alaska Natives in her home state. She also provides a link to the widely circulated Internet document called, “Sarah Palin’s Record on Alaska Native and Tribal Issues,” created by Lloyd Miller, an Anchorage Native rights attorney. She says she plans to clarify this discussion and her view further on her blog.

    On the Alaska Native political front, the Bristol Bay Times reports that “Heartbeat Alaska” creator Jeanie Greene says she will use her show and Web site to collect commentary from Alaska Natives on Palin’s record. Greene says she plans to invite Palin onto her show the second Sunday in October; if the VP candidate refuses the invite, Greene will host a panel of Native experts discussing her record on these issues.

  13. Shannyn you’re live on MSNBC right now and you’re doing GREAT! Thanks for being a voice for us normal Alaskans….

    Shout it with me: Sarah Palin can never sleep in the White House because …

  14. I just saw you on Keith Olberman! Cool ;0) I have been following Mudflats and remembered seeing your name. Just wanted to say, GREAT JOB on Olberman.

  15. Great appearance on Olbermann! Not to bag on your state, but under Palin, isn’t Alaska kind of, well, last, in virtually every major category?

  16. Hi Shannyn and thank you. I just saw you on Countdown and the message that you have needs to be spread far and wide. I have a child with Down syndrome but I don’t want your governor down here in the lower 48. Please keep her up there! She scares the hell out of me.

  17. Slightly off topic but, you were great tonight on KO. You should post your appearances ahead of time if you can.

  18. It was great to see you again on Countdown with Keith Olberman. You and Keith give us valuable information that we probably would not see anywhere else. Hope you’re on again and again until everyone knows the truth.

  19. Saw you on Countdown tonight–thanks for your insights and continued work in unveiling the truth. Gov. Palin’s god may not agree, but my God bless you. 🙂

  20. Prior to seeing you on Countdown I did not know who you were. I was so impressed with your poise and knowledge exhibited on Countdown that I decided to find out who you were. I am glad I did. It is nice to get the perspecitive of Alaskans on these issues. Good luck to you and thanks for the information.

  21. […] her the title of “socialist” from her Republican critics.  The same Democratic lawmakers were thrown under the “Strait Talk Express” during the […]

  22. […] legislative investigation was a “Democratic driven, partisan witch hunt” voted on by 10 Republicans and 4 Democrats after Sarah Palin challenged them with Bush-like […]

  23. […] respected.  When she became Ed O’Callahan’s wingman for Sarah Palin’s “Truth Squads“, she lied for money. It was sad to watch, and infuriating because she knew […]

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