Posted by: shannynmoore | September 19, 2008

Keith Olbermann & Shannyn Moore: Pastor Problem

Pastor Thomas Muthee is credited by Sarah Palin for praying her into power. He’s on his way back to Wasilla, and I may have to go see him…either he’d declare me a witch or …

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  1. This is my first time at your site after seeing you on Countdown, and I must say that I shall be visiting more often. You were great on the show!

  2. i am a loyal countdowm viewer…….i have seen you interviewed by keith before…….the honest facts about palin’s fundamentalist christian bigotry must be made known to the critical thinkers still alive in the american electorate……her selection for the vp slot by mcsame is, imho, the very definition of pandering to the religious right base so vital to the current republican party base……..hagee was too obvious……dobson too well concealed……but the governor of alaska?…….what a perfect scam to push on the on the gullible christian right!……and what an insult to the voters who decide to cast their ballots based upon genuine intelligence rather than the visceral appeal of right wing polemics!

    please keep the facts on palin’s real fundamentalist agenda coming!…..maybe they’ll get through to the folks who believe in the politics of tolerance and inclusion rather than appealing to the ignorance of rovian propaganda and lying!……country first?……..ha!……..winning at all costs is closer to the truth, imho!……palin is the alaskan version of khomenei!……….palin/mccain must be exposed!

  3. Excellent job Shannon. Keep up the great work. We’ll see you on the front lines.

  4. Saw Shannyn for the first time on MSNBC’s “Countdown” with Queef Olbermann. Just another empty headed, pro-abortion, liberal hack for Obama. The truth is that the lefties like Ms. Moore are absolutely terrified of Governor (soon to be Vice President) Palin.

  5. Nicely done appearance on Olbermann. Even the Admiral, who complains that the Keithster is a bit too shrill, chuckled at your comments. High praise indeed.

    It’s always helpful to have a local perspective on local issues that have now become national in implication. I’ll be back frequently to follow the developments.

    (Hey, Paul…I think you need a hug…)

  6. Shannyn, Thanks for the film and your time on Countdown, I was speechless. It’s Friday and hopefully this will again take main stream media.

    Here in the fall Football becomes the addiction.

    Palin scares the heck out of us. Look up the definition of a sociopath.

  7. Addendum =Meant to say football becomes an addiction here in the fall but election now has captured our attention in the lower 48.

    Love Homer, been there several times for a few weeks at a time!

  8. i watch countdown religiously and was so excited (when you were on the first time) to see someone from alaska enunciating alaska’s issues.

    when i saw you on his show again today (i watch the podcast) i was impressed again by your poise and your use of reason over out-right insults. thanks for being a reasonable and intelligent woman to *really* represent alaska to the rest of us.

    also, i noticed that there was an anti-palin march held recently… do you have a youtube channel? if not, why not? i think those of us in the lower 48 need to see what it’s like there. or i would, anyway, LOL.

  9. keep up the good work. I bookmarked your site and fwd’d to friends.

  10. Well you certainly nailed it “Paul”.

    We are all just shaking in our boots here in Alaska at the Tina Fey spectacle wearing bogey-woman that is Sarah Palin. (You know those glasses allow her to see Russia from her house, damn strong prescription there.)

    And by the way NOBODY is “pro-abortion”. We are pro-choice get the terminology right. Call us silly but the idea of a woman having to give birth to her rapists child, or face the prospect of finding some sleazy back alley butcher to take away her pain, is simply something that we don’t want to see return as the only option for victims of sexual abuse.

    I know in your eyes that makes us the devil but so be it.

  11. I was very interested in you and your site after watching you on with Keith last night. I am a blogger wantabe.. lol!!! anyhow, feel free to read my stuff. not as detailed as your and most my opinion. but, we are two of a kind. your luck I’ve been married almost 30 years, cause not only are you smart but beautifully sexy on top of it. lol… Peace on Earth,

  12. We thoroughly enjoyed your tongue in cheek response on Olbermann last night. I was squealing in laughter falling out of my chair! This is all too weird for me, your commentaries make it all more survivable.

  13. I was worried about Palin’s religious views before I knew about the the pastor as witchhunter.

    Palin beleives that Jews are going to Hell because they don’t believe in Jesus. She belongs to a church where the pastor could invite a “Jew” for Jesus as guest speaker. You can’t be Jewish and accept Jesus as your savior. If you are trying to convert Jews you are trying to reduce the number of Jews. Ultimately there wouldn’t be a single Jew left on the planet.

    Palind also beleives that Israel plays a role in the endtimes. She supports Israel because she believes that Jews must convert for the Second Coming to happen. A Jewish state with no Jews would be the result.

  14. Good job on Countdown (and in the blog).

    Thanks for all your work.

  15. We were thrilled to see you on Countdown well done!

  16. Your going to have to make a better case than that “Gryph”. Abortion in the case of rape accounts for such a small percentage of the total abortions performed in this country that your case is very weak. Believe me when I say that rapists, along with child molesters, would be treated with too much respect if they were to be fed through a wood chipper. However, is killing a child, to, as you put it, “take away her pain” the answer. We’re not talking about taking a couple of Advil or Tylenol, we’re talking about taking the life of an innocent, defenseless child.

  17. Paul and Gryph…

    Abortion is a matter of metaphysics. Metaphysics belongs to religion and there is a separation of church and state in this country. I have visited several other countries in Asia, and the attitude towards abortion is completely different than that of your basic American Christian.

    I don’t like abortion. I would prefer that my daughter never have one. But I don’t have to right to make that decision for every woman in the country. Nor does anyone else.

    God gave us free will. He also gave it to everyone else. Allow them to use it.

  18. No we are usually not talking about taking the life of an “innocent, defenseless child”. In most cases we are talking about ending the existence of an “innocent, defenseless cluster of cells”. It is only the least scientifically aware and most those informed solely by faith who make the whole “life begins at conception” argument.

    And your point about rape victims representing only a small number of terminated pregnancies in this country is valid, but don’t forget that Sarah is on record as saying that she would not give any special consideration to those victims.

    And if the pro-life people would at least accept the idea of sexual education being taught in the public schools we may find ourselves able to have a more reasonable, intellectual discussion. But simply saying “don’t have sex, and if you do you MUST have the baby” is sort of creating a moral mobious strip from which there is no escape.

    Reducing the number of abortions in this country is a goal shared by both sides of the issue. The difference is that my side would like to teach young people how NOT to get pregnant, and the other side just wants to set a moral standard and then use pregnancy as a method of punishing them for not achieving it. (And yes for a young girl too immature to consider how her actions will affect the rest of her life, teen pregnancy can definitely seem like punishment.)

    I am the product of a teen pregnancy and I can speak first hand as to how much of a struggle it is for a young mother to make a living and care for her children when she is still just a child herself.

  19. Shannyn – you are quite attractive, intelligent, and articulate. I had been planning to start a movement in the Lower 48 to sell Alaska to Canada, or maybe back to Russia, or possibly even Japan or China, for $10 trillion. That would allow us to pay off our $10 trillion national debt, plus make sure that little (in the only measure that counts – population), remote, frozen Alaska is never, ever able again to send another potential civilization-ending catastrophe like Sarah Palin to the national political scene. Based on Palin, the risks of maintaining ownership of Alaska have become too great for us real Americans. I think at $500 per barrel x 20 billion barrels of oil, someone would bite and get themselves leveraged up to buy that ice cube of a sh*t hole. Yes, the asking price of $10 trillion is a 5X premium on current oil prices, but Alaska also has some moose to offer plus I have forecasted on my own blog that oil will eventually go up to $300, especially if McCain and Palin were to win. Anyway, thanks to you, I will hold off on the “Sell Alaska Back” idea…for now.

  20. I just heard about you a short time ago while listening to AM950 here in Minneapolis. Glad I did.
    I appreciate your candid remarks. As a Christian clergyman I find the religious right very scary. The biggest point is they don’t follow the scriptures and yet people follow them. Abortion and homosexuality aren’t mentioned in scriptures but has become the rallying cry of fundamentalists. Between the womanizer Mc Cain who dumped his first wife because she was in a serious auto accident and the Palin showgirl the Republican party is putting on quite a show. Dating a woman who is not your wife while you are still married is mentioned in scriptures. So are liars. But that doesn’t seem to bother those religious right fundamentalists who have bewitched the Republican Party. Who are the real witches?

  21. You kicked some serious moose-butt on KO’s show last night…I am a new fan!

  22. Today I visited the Wasilla AOG church web site and see that Bishop Muthee is visiting and presenting even as I write this.

    Although WAOG’s site has an entry in which they subtly distance themselves from Palin and remain publicly neutral, I don’t see any public statement about the controversy over Bishop Muthee.

    I’m looking forward to reading more about this.


  23. There you are again! I just so excited when I see you because I know my voice is being carried on through you.

    I don’t even think she has a line between church and state.

    Thanks for being so awesome. 🙂

  24. Shannyn, if you interview any candidates ask them if they would consider placing their hand on a copy of the constitution instead of a religious document. And if they say they wouldn’t ask them if they’re serious about their oath to uphold the constitution.

  25. Shannyn! OMG! You were absolutely fabulous on Countdown…you were so relaxed and funny without sounding forced. Your comment about Palin believing Alaska will be a rapture refuge and that hundreds of thousands will seek refuge…if they aren’t heading this way anyway because they now know about the big dividend!

    But you saved your best for last…paraphrasing, “If McCain-Palin get in, we’ll move from waterboarding to just throwing suspects in a pond to see if they float!!!” I am still laughing about that. But the scary thing is….IT’S TRUE!!!!

    Thanks and good luck!

  26. “selling rapture insurance”

    You have such a great comical delivery. I bet having a couple beers with you at the local pub is hillarious.

    I wish you much success.

  27. It looks like you have a lot of new “fans”, including me.

    Have you considered running for vice president? Or even president? It’d be nice to see someone with a brain in office!

    Thanks again, and please keep up the good work.

  28. haha congrats on the new celeberty exposure, Shannyn!

  29. I’ve been listening to you almost every night for the last couple of weeks on Jon Elliott’s show…on the way home from work. I just love the show. And you were great on Keith O. You’re giving us a window in on some very scary things happening up there that just reveals even more what is happening to our country. You are gutsy! Please keep it up.

  30. For a country so hung up on voting for a good-looking woman thank God we have Shannyn for them to look at too.

    You go girl!

  31. Late to this party, I had missed you on KO. I just wanted to say that you did a very nice job in the interview. I am a lower 48er from MN, who is not falling for the hockey mom in wolf-hunter’s clothing.

  32. How can we thank you enough? As former Alaskans for 25+ years, we thought we’d seen it all, but the thought of Sarah Palin as VP scares the hell out of us. Your poise, humor, and mastery of the facts about this right-wing nut case challenge rational adults with evidence too bizarre, and well documented, to ignore. Your wit is refreshing, and you are not reading from a teleprompter! Hopefully, with your continued behind the scenes reporting, the nation will realize how closely Sarah Palin resembles Dick Cheney, and we won’t be doomed to 4 more years.

  33. you rock, shannyn. very well done.

  34. You knocked it out of the park! Way to go! (Love the sweater) :0)

  35. Thank you for bringing this frightening news to MSNBC and Keith Olbermann. It is only fair that Palin’s church background be investigated. Why haven’t more networks made an issue of this?

    We all know that if it were Obama’s pastor linked to ‘witch hunting’, the sky would be falling down on his campaign but since it is Palin’s pastor it is “all kosher”.

    Go to for more talk on her pastor.

  36. Do defamers and idoits abound in Alaska? You seem so anxious to castigate Sarah Palin. Are you with out sin? Don’t condemn Evangelicals for the few churches that do not know the redemption and love of Jesus Christ. Bless them for their mission works world wide. This man is not Sarah Palin’s pastor. What do you think kept John McCain alive for 6 years of brutality? It was his faith in God and his love of America. Now he is serving his country again but you leftist think he is not. Get a life.

  37. Very curious how you can rip apart people on national tv and not even have the facts right?
    I believe the governer might have been giving credit to God and not the Pastor for praying her into governership. In respsonse to what Jim said this isn’t even her pastor. So for people to rip into evangelicals because of they’re bold public stand for their faith is ridiculous.

    ****************NOTE FROM SHANNYN***********************************************
    Sarah Palin gave huge credit to Rev. Muthee for his bold and powerful prayers helping her become Governor. She did that
    in June of this year. He is a visiting pastor to the church that embraces him so much he was there again last week. My problem
    is not about Sarah’s faith, my problem is her record of separating church and state. My faith is important to me, as it is to all
    of the candidates running in this election. It is completely with in the bounds of being a responsible voter to know as much as
    you can about the candidates. Jeremiah Wrights speeches were part of the vetting of Obama. Can you imagine if these tapes
    of a Kenyan “witch hunter” laying hands on and praying for victory were of Obama and not Palin?
    God Bless.

  38. Shannyn,

    It never ever will cease to amaze, and sadden me, that people such as you, are attacked for standing up for what the rest of use know as the truth. From here in the lower 48, you are our northern star. You Alaskans are pretty damn awesome.

  39. I’m a generation older than Sarah Palin and a life-long Alaskan…life-member of the Pioneers of Alaska because that was important to my father (30 years ago, before he died in the Pioneer Home…) Quick Alaska history lesson: I was out of the state (though always home for summers) for graduate school during the 80’s, after having lived through the pipeline boom that brought us all the Oklahoman and Texan oil field workers with their right wing politics and fundamentalist religion. During the pipeline period many Alaskans sported bumper stickers stating “Happiness is..a Texan going south with an Oklahoman under each arm.” (I realize there are many good folks in both states; some of my best friends are…but oil field workers don’t generally represent the creme de la creme of any society…) In those days, Alaskans were real libertarians; they covered the spectrum in personal beliefs, but didn’t inflict them on anyone else (as Mrs. Astor famously said,”as long as they don’t do it in the street and scare the horses,”); people’s private beliefs and behavior were considered their own business. When I returned, I felt as if the Visigoths had sacked Rome; too may of those folks had stayed and taken over the state. I would have no problem with their personal beliefs and agendas if they weren’t so eager to inflict them on the rest of us in the name of morality. Among other things, they’ve truly wrecked Alaska’s once -excellent school system.

    Over time (25 plus years) the people in power became increasingly corrupt…doesn’t seem to matter which party; there was a time when Alaska had more registered Independents than adherents of either major party…and arrogant, to the point that the electorate got fed up and threw them out. Sarah Palin was a fresh face about whom not much was known except that she was challenging the old war horses within her own party (it’s been pretty hard to be a Democrat for nearly 30 years, despite Tony Knowles). Many people from both parties (or Independents) voted for her, thinking, as the rest of the country now does, that she was a breath of fresh air. It has taken 18 months (Troopergate, despite the fact that most of Alaska thinks the guy should have been fired, the abuse of power issue was a concern well before her VP nomination), her initial and later reversed reaction to the inquiry, and all that has resulted from the recent media focus on her, to have many (the biggest rally since statehood, when I was 13) of her electorate out protesting in the streets. The recent, and national, corruption of Alaskan politics is not something most of us are proud of, and she does the state no honor with her ill-advised candidacy. But make no mistake, she is being under-estimated in the national press after being lionized…she is very smart, ambitious, and ruthless. She got a passport only because Canada and Mexico began requiring one for travel to or through them, and she has had little interest or awareness beyond Alaska’s borders because that encompassed the scope of her ambitions until recently, but she is neither a wilting flower nor a fool, and those who take her to be one may be badly miscalculating…

  40. Your frequent visits to Jon Elliott’s show are very welcomed. I am glad that I heard about you through him. I got to meet Jon this past summer, which was a great honor.

    I heard you speaking on Friday about the death threats you and others have received for being brave enough to speak out against this menace named Palin. I commend you. I applaud you for having the courage to be a real journalist. I want you to know that people just like me think you are a courageous woman, and I am proud to know that I share a country with you.

    I fear for my country, as I know many people do. I exercise what few rights I have left, including voting. Things have come to such a pass that I wonder if I will ever see these horrible, disgusting people who have taken over America finally meet justice. It is people exactly like Palin that drove me away from religion, and christianity in particular. I no longer believe any of it, and I’m glad. If being a christian means subverting the Constitution, stealing, lying, cheating, murdering, and imprisoning innocent people, as well as torturing—then christianity is evil.

    Once again, thank you for your work. You are greatly appreciated. Take care.

  41. Thank you. Intelligence, perspective, a touch of understated humor, such a refreshing relief in a crazy time.

    People have been speculating about McCain dumping Palin, but should be speculating about Palin dumping him, once she sees that the VP slot on this ticket is a bridge to nowhere, a phrase that will forever be associated with her.

    Let me toss out the suggestion that if the Republicans’ poll numbers decline a bit more, Palin may suddenly realize that she has been seduced by a liar, a womanizer, an adulterer and a gambler (who is pro-choice to boot), and denounce McCain as a tool of Satan, thereby resurrecting her own political career.

    Playing the role of principled “maverick” repelled by McCain will do a lot more for her political career than resigning to be home with her children. She’s ambitious, and neither loyalty nor gratitude will keep her from responding to the call of the Holy Spirit to become the heaven-to-earth missile that drops McCain like a muddled moose.

  42. […] when her witch hunting, governor-anointing pastor, Pastor Muthee, was exposed, were the fault of people who hate […]

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