Posted by: shannynmoore | September 23, 2008


Oh, my naughty little Liberals, Conservative, and Alaskans!!! Here’s your chance to grab your torches, pitchforks, signs, flags, and your dreams for the future. I have been prescribing Vitamin Democracy for several years, and this is a fantastic dose! Vitamin Democracy will make you sleep better, breathe easier, stand straighter, have more energy, and you’ll feel so good about freedom, you won’t need Viagra! Show up, Alaska!

It doesn’t matter to me why you don’t want Sarah Palin to be vice president. What ever your truth is…BRING IT ON. This is a compilation rally of many Alaskans, many ideas, many reasons to reject Palin. Your voice is welcome, needed, and respected. If you are from out of state, leave us a message, we need to hear from you!



  1. Truth. Now. Right now.



  3. I’ll be there.

  4. Wish I could go… 😦

  5. Alaskans! The “lower 48” and Hawaii are counting on you to speak truth to power!! I am so thrilled to see so many of the true patriots of your great state coming out in past protests against McCain and Palin. You guys rawwk!!

  6. Go Alaskans! Good for you! Remember that you’re not alone, we in the lower 48 are with you in spirit and paying attention, cheering your exploits on message boards all over. We’re even listening to your radio and reading your blogs. The spotlight is on you, so go for it! I’m reminded of the 1968 slogan, “The whole world is watching!”.

  7. See you there!

  8. I’ll be there.

  9. All the best to all Alaskans!


    Get your signs here:

    Let her talk to the media like EVERY other candidate must! McCain must stop treating her like a hothouse orchid – it’s sexist!

  11. I missed the first demonstration. No more!

  12. Wish I could be there with all of you. I hope it makes the national news so we can participate in our own way – let all of our voices be heard!

  13. Palin, with her refusal to adhere to the same laws as the rest of us, is very telling. She has shown that if given the power of Vice President of the United States, she and McCain would be no different than the Bush Administration.

    They believe they are above any of our laws. They spit on our Constitution and on us.

    If she’s this defiant now, how will she behave if voted into power?

    She has already shown that she will coerce, threaten and use her powers against anyone who apposes her. She will even sellout those who had be loyal to her in the past.

    She is not pressidential. She is female in body only, because her mind is like a dominating, entitlement seeking, abusive man with no regards to anyone or this country.

    She’s a very dangerous individual.

  14. Go go go go Alaska. The whole world is watching. The world can’t afford 4 more years of the bush doctrine.


    West Australia.

  15. Thank You Shannyn Moore for your excellent research into this scary VP candidate!
    We need YOU to keep educating Alaskans (not the pyscho Palinistas in Wasilla mind you) but the bulk of Alaskans to know what is wrong with Sarah Palin!

  16. This Sitkan fisherwoman is so proud of you guys! I wish that I could be there with you in person, but will be with you in spirit. Thank you all for standing up and showing the Lower 48 that no, Alaskans don’t all endorse Palin. Fingers crossed that the American people start to wake up.

  17. I have been reading your posts and the other stories on your website. You clowns sound like idiots.

  18. adrian, please put up a link to your [smart and serious] site.

  19. We’re going to have a block-party salmon fry here in Texas as a sign of solidarity with our Alaskan democracy fighters. On Saturday, we’re all Alaskans.

  20. I am reposting this on my blog so the lower 48 can participate in democracy.

    Here in Texas we once had a governor who went to Washington and promised an open government.He turned the lights out and ran us into the ground. We will not be fooled twice.

    Sept 27 should be a day of protest around the country to hold Palin accountable.

  21. hi folks,
    palin issues are nothing compared with washington dc area. Almost all local/state/federal
    politicians are corrupt, far worse than any “trooper gate”. Boy we cant even hold fannie/freddie executives accountable for destroying so many lives, far more than any trooper gate..Go after Chris Dodd and the gang, that’s the bigger fish.

  22. WOO HOO, ALASKA!!! This Oregonian is proud of you and stands with you in spirit. Shannyn, I’ve been listening to you on Jon Elliot; You AND your very cool state both have a new fan, despite your unfortunate governor.

  23. I like your style ! yes show the world , we are watching what Alaskans are made of – and your profound of love of democracy. Good on Ya !

    count on me to be holding my literal pitch fork in solidarity – virtually – here in New Mexico.

    check out our blog if you feel like it – we have a great clip on top – of the hockey mom who would be VP – in it – its called Planet McCain if any of you who care see it , its a youtube take it – lets make make the rounds. Its must see webtv. imho. Their own words are our best weapon to stop this madness.

    cause these people are on another planet.

    as John Lennon sang –

    Just gimme some truth, all i want is the truth”

    in solidarity – pptg

  24. I have to honestly say I can’t believe that this woman would be voted corner hooker, let alone mayor, then gov!

    Vapid, dumb-as-dirt, vicious and vindictive to boot! What was Alaska thinking?!

    I sincerely hope that you fine people are considering a recall/impeachment as soon as we send this hot mess back to you.

    I will think about you all on the 27th and hope that the crazies like that ugly little fat psychotic man (what’s his name? “Eddie”?) from that wack nut radio station stay in their cages that day, but at any rate my thoughts are with you and best of luck!

    “Be gone, witches (Eddie)! Make their way in the name of Jeeeeeeeeeezus! Hee hee hee heee…..”

    Shannyn, it is great to hear your regular updates o the Jon Elliott show. I have posted your blog on Digg.

  25. Has a recall petition started circulating yet? If so please let me know as I, along with several friends I know would be happy to sign it and circulate it.

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