Posted by: shannynmoore | September 24, 2008

PRESS RELEASE! Smack down to Storm Troopers!

Press Release
for immediate release


Palin cooperation ended with VP nomination

ANCHORAGE — Today a State Representative called on the Alaska State Troopers to look into possible criminal witness tampering in the state’s bi-partisan legislative Troopergate investigation. Since Gov. Sarah Palin was named to the McCain ticket on Aug. 29, the McCain campaign has sent campaign workers to Alaska to obstruct this investigation.

“Until McCain campaign staffers flew to Alaska to stop this investigation, the Governor and her staff agreed to comply with what we all know is a bi-partisan investigation. After Aug. 29 the campaign started working to block this investigation, and witnesses began joining that effort by ignoring their subpoenas and risking jail time. Something obviously changed the minds of these witnesses after Aug. 29th,” said Rep., Les Gara (D-Anchorage), a State Representative and Former Alaska Assistant Attorney General.

Alaska’s witness tampering statutes prohibit any person from “inducing” a witness to fail to comply with a subpoena. Almost daily, McCain staffers have called press conferences and made efforts to stonewall the legislative investigation. Prior to Aug. 29 no witness had stated they’d refuse to comply with the investigation, and the Governor in fact promised she and her staff would comply.

Last week three witnesses, Palin Administration Officials Ivy Frye and Randy Ruaro, and Palin’s husband Todd, refused to show up for legislative subpoenas. Also, Attorney General Talis Colberg, whose office had agreed that another seven state employees would comply with the investigation, changed position and said they wouldn’t. Those seven witnesses have been subpoenaed and are scheduled to appear Friday before the Senate and House Judiciary Committees.

McCain operatives have spun this as a partisan investigation. The facts show otherwise. Both Committees voted for the subpoenas last week. Six Republicans and four Democrats voted in favor, and only two Senate members voted no. The investigation was started this summer before Palin was named to the McCain ticket, by a unanimous vote of eight Republicans and four Democrats.

Please contact Rep. Les Gara with questions at (907) 250-0106.

The witness tampering statutes follow:

Alaska Statute 11.56.545 –

“(a)Tampering with a witness in the second degree: A person commits the crime of tampering with a witness in the second degree if the person knowingly induces or attempts to induce a witness to be absent from an official proceeding, other than a judicial proceeding, to which the witness has been summoned. (b) Tampering with a witness in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor. (Emphasis added).

AS 11.56.540 has similar elements, and is a felony.


Way to go! More on this soon. Les Gara, please know how much I appreciate you standing in truth, and not being afraid.



  1. Well…If we can’t take back our government on a national level, let’s send a message Alaska style to those DC McCain F*@ks who dare to test our collective mettle! GO TO JAIL! May Lyda Green call an emergency special session so we can arrest Todd Palin and the rest of those who chose to ignore their subpoenas. NOW! Let us not squander this once in a lifetime opportunity to shoot across the bow of the Bush Rove Machine. Not in our STATE! EVER! Get out and go back to live under the rock you crawled out from!!!

  2. This woman is my hero. You Alaskans are teaching the rest of us in the lower 48 a well needed lesson. take back our government. Good on you!

  3. Throw in some RICO conspiracy violations, and these people, including the staffers, could be facing some real jail time.

  4. Will this manure never end.

    Obviously a lot people need to spend some time cooling their heels in a concrete room.

    To hell with one across the bow, put one in the engine and stop this boat right now!

  5. This is awesome! Arrest “first dude” and everyone else now!!! Palin should be made to step down as VP candidate and Governor of Alaska, for failing to uphold state and federal laws. McCain should be with drawn as President candidate, since he too, has a hand in this now. Get rid of them all!

  6. Your reporting fills the media vacuum down here in the lower 48 – keep up the good work !

  7. Hang in there Les. I no longer live in your district, but still support and respect you.

    Thank you Shannyn for the news.

  8. I wonder what the penalties are for this? Hmmm…maybe Meg Stapleton should have thought through her decision to sell her soul to the devil.

  9. Thank you for your reporting, Shannyn


  10. it’s good to know that at least her aides can hold press conferences b/c clearly she can’t…

  11. Thank-you; you are all so beautiful!

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