Posted by: shannynmoore | October 1, 2008


I’ve had it. Let me type slowly… GET THE F*%# OUT OF MY STATE! I didn’t vote for John McCain. I didn’t vote for Sarah Palin. I have called her my governor for almost two years. I have supported her when I thought it was best for Alaska, and criticized her when it wasn’t. ENOUGH! The McCain campaign is running and ruining Alaska. The “truthiness seminars” led by former news model Meg Stapleton and the New York based US Attorney Ed O’Callahan are reminiscent of a bad Saturday Night Live skit. Thousands of Alaskans have stood in solidarity on several occasions calling for truth, yet the lies just keep coming.

Several weeks ago, five Republican lawmakers filed a lawsuit in state court to stop the investigation known as “Troopergate.” They charged the investigation was partisan. Well if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black. Republicans Mike Kelly, Wes Keller, Bob Lynn, Fred Dyson and Tom Wagoner are absolute partisan tools for the McCain/Palin campaign. The allegation that Democratic Senators Hollis French, Bill Wielechowski, and Kim Elton were able to talk the 8 Republican committee members into unanimously voting for an investigation because they knew Governor Palin would be chosen as the VP nominee is pathetic.

The last time Alaska was a “Blue State” was during the Ice Age. The 2008 Democratic caucus in Anchorage grew by nearly 1700%. Three quarters of attendees caucused for Barack Obama. It was below zero, rush hour, stand still traffic, packed in a small school. People parked by the road up to two miles away and ran to have a voice in the process. I stood on a lunchroom table in the gym, wearing a blue hardhat, signing hundreds of voter registrations. This trend was reflected throughout the state. With redistricting coming up in 2010, Ted Stevens indicted, Don Young under investigation, the coat tails of Barack Obama seemed like a reasonable place for the Democratic leadership. They would have been crazy not to. The five Republicans who have filed to halt the investigation have not only endorsed the McCain/Palin ticket, Representative Bob Lynn WAS A DELEGATE TO THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE!!! (See photo. How’s that for a partisan endorsement.)

So here I sit, the eve of the “lawsuit” and get an email. It happens. This one is different. A press release from TEXAS:

Liberty Legal Institute

For Information Contact:

Jennifer Grisham 972-423-3131 ext. 102 Cell: 254-640-1583



October 1, 2008

Hearing Tomorrow in Lawsuit Against

Council Investigating Gov. Palin

Legislators Seek to Stop “Rogue”Investigation

WHAT: Hearing scheduled for tomorrow morning to decide whether a temporary restraining order will be issued in the now-consolidated lawsuits, one brought by five Alaska legislators and the other lawsuit by Alaska Attorney General Talis Colberg against the key investigators into Gov. Palin’s dismissal of former Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Public Safety Walt Monegan. Witnesses will be called by all parties at the hearing, which will be held in the courtroom of Judge Peter A. Michalski.

“We’re glad to finally have our day in court,” said Kevin Clarkson, Esq., of Brena, Bell, & Clarkson and lead counsel in the case. “The Alaska Constitution was passed at a time when the abuse of legislative investigations was fresh on the minds of the delegates, and we don’t allow the type of misconduct that is being perpetrated here by a few individuals for their own personal purposes.”

WHO: Attorneys for the legislators and the Attorney General. Additionally, a number of witnesses will be called, including Sen. Hollis French, Sen. Kim Elton, and Stephen Branchflower who will be cross-examined.

Kelly Shackelford, chief counsel of Liberty Legal Institute and co-counsel in the case, “It’s about time some of these rogue ‘investigators’ have to face the law. Abusing their office for political purposes is wrong.”

WHEN: 9:30 a.m., Tomorrow, October 2

WHERE: Judge Peter A. Michalski’s Courtroom

Courtroom 502, Nesbett Courthouse


W. 4th Avenue

Anchorage, Alaska

Kevin Clarkson of Brena, Bell, & Clarkson is an expert in state and federal civil legislation in constitutional issues.

Liberty Legal Institute is a legal organization committed to protecting First Amendment rights and preventing government abuse of power, including a recent federal court victory against the Texas Legislature. For more information, visit our website at

ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? No, I’m not. Kelly Shackelford, is chief counsel of Liberty Legal Institute and co-counsel in this case. HAS HE PASSED THE ALASKA BAR EXAM? He lives in Texas. How dare he say “It’s about time some of these rogue ‘investigators’ have to face the law. Abusing their office for political purposes is wrong.” He doesn’t live here, he doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. (He could get uncomfortable if he’s ever placing fence posts.) He doesn’t know that Alaska has benefited greatly with the bipartisan support Palin’s policies garnered. He doesn’t know these three Senators negotiated great gains in jobs and security by giving Palin support that her own party denied her. He doesn’t know THAT ALASKANS WILL SUFFER FROM THE POLITICAL SHRAPNEL HIS ILK ARE SPEWING. Oh, but he thinks he knows. Watch his youtube presentation and try not to throw up in your mouth. This guy couldn’t bait his own halibut hook, and now he’s taking over Alaska?

Who are these “People” running my state? Who would dare go to another state, and try to affect a “State Matter”? What would they have to gain? So, I do what you do, I googled. Here is part of what I found

LLI describes themselves as, “a 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in 1997 to protect religious freedoms and First Amendment rights for individuals, groups and churches.” This self-description is from the front page of their website. The site also quickly makes clear that the First Amendment Rights they defend are those of the religious right. The banner of one page proudly displays this quote, “Group is the flip side to ACLU. [sic]” – Dallas Morning News

A quick click on the “Cases” tab reveals 14 cases under the headline of “Recent Cases”. Briefly looking through the summaries, 11 are plainly related to religion. In the other three cases a connection to religion is unclear. One has to do with a high school student’s political tee shirt, one has to do with a political contribution and one has to do with the wording on a town monument. All case were based in Texas.

The question the list raises is what interest does this firm have in the firing of a Police Commissioner in Alaska? Nothing in their past or in their charter shows an interest in such cases. They have no offices outside the state of Texas and work only pro bono cases related to civil liberties.

Enter the Arlington Group.

LLI is a member of the 75-member “Arlington Group”, a Washington-based, religious-right consortium which seeks to influence government policy on issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage. The Arlington group was founded in 2002 through the joint effort of powerful members of the religious right including Jerry Falwell, James Dobson, Chuck Colson, D. James Kennedy, Gary Bauer and Rod Parsley.

The groups first director was James Dobson. Although very influential then and now, the Arlington Group famously stubbed it’s toe when they threatened, in 2005, to oppose President George W. Bush’s Social Security Reforms if he did not come out strongly against same-sex marriage. The media was angered and the compliance of the Bush administration failed to stem the tide of same-sex marriage legislation.

The Arlington Group effectively limits its self to what its members agree on. Pooled resources go toward the election and appointment of judges with anti-abortion and anti-same-sex marriage records. The group does discuss the possibility of getting behind a particular candidate, but it is not necessary that they agree. They are very effectively tied into a couple of very narrowly defined issues with which all members totally agree. The election of politicians is basically a means to the end of those politicians appointing judges who share their agenda.”

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhh, now it all makes sense.

And then I found another connection. The Free Market Foundation is a South African, libertarian think tank founded in 1975 to promote the principles of limited government, economic freedom and individual liberty. It is part of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation network. For the love of God and all that is Holy, Alaska has been taken hostage by Corporate Christians.

The LLI is not in Alaska to bring justice. Their mission is an unholy alliance. A shotgun wedding; marrying the Church (THEIRS) and State (MINE). If you didn’t pick up Sarah Palin’s anointed position in her church; the references her followers make to “Queen Esther” in the Bible, well, it hasn’t been subtle. Here is your neon sign, the support and meddling of PARTISAN, wrong-wing, hit men.

I’m going to the court room tomorrow to watch the Republican partisan circus. If I see Mr. Shackleford, you bet I’m going to tell him to GET THE F*%# OUT OF MY STATE!


  1. Excellent investigative reporting, Shannyn. Great interview on Fagen today too. I’m gonna have to cut that guy a little slack… very little.

  2. Shannyn,

    Good Luck. Throw the bums out.

    Shackelford is on a mission from god. Since their last messiahs, Huckabee and Fred Thompson sank while walking on water, they’re willing to throw their social-conservative agenda out the window for Palin.

    When she was first announced, James Dobson declared that “I believe Sarah Palin is God’s answer [to our prayers]”, a point echoed by Kelly Shackelford.

    Shackelford & Free Market Foundation is the Texas Affiliate of James Dobson’s Focus on Family.

    Great article in
    The Nation, Palin’s Party, by Michelle Goldberg, September 24, 2008

  3. OMG! I can’t believe this! Thanks so much for keeping an eye and ear on all of this for us.

    Now the big question….why couldn’t all this crap happen in the dark of winter when we all need a little excitement?

  4. good god, shannyn, you guys have a serious crisis on your hands up there… i know that the majority of the country is sorry that palin got chosen as the veep candidate, but clearly, no one has more reason to be sorry than alaskans, tho for different reasons. i wish you luck and moxy when going up against these wingnuts; make us proud (and get video so we can LOL with you, heehee)!!!

  5. Good work Shannyn! Hope to see you answering questions on this from MSM – maybe Rachel Maddow?

  6. Wow…I had no idea that the situation had developed this way. (We’re still preoccupied with the VP debate and the events in Alaska have slipped down a notch in the public eye, I think. Or it may just be me.)

    I live in Virginia, home of the Arlington Group, Liberty and Regent Universities, and Pat Robertson. Don’t hate me; imagine my embarrassment. All are quite happy to tell us how we should be living our lives, who we should vote for, and how we should worship. Frankly, they’re a pain in the ass but are slowly starting to recede in influence as Virginia evolves from Red to Blue. Oops. Shouldn’t have said “evolves.” Should have used “intelligent design” somehow.

    Hang in there Shannyn. You’re a pioneer. Unfortunately, that often means arrows in your back, but it will get better.

  7. I’ve added a link to your website on my blog. Your message must get out to as many people as possible.

    Keep on truckin’ sistah!

  8. Thank you for the good work which you are doing, Shannyn. I have been listening to you on Air America faithfully and it is so good to know that there are many fine Alaskans such as you.

    Anyway, please put this October 1st entry of yours into The Daily Kos. Diaries entered into it which are “recommended” sometimes make it into msm and your story should definitely be told by msm. They are pathetic, aren’t they? Anyway, we progressives need to just keep pushing against the evil agenda and lies of the neo-cons and that group includes the Christianists.

    Keep up the good work!


  9. I’ve been thinking about you guys up in Alaska. I don’t understand how lawyers can descend on a state, and interfere with a state matter. It makes it look like this is much worse than firing someone for personal reasons. More and more the ‘rule of law’ means nothing in this country for the well connected. This is so scary. If it can happen there, it can happen anywhere. Good luck to you all.

  10. Hey Shannyn, relax. You are stressing out. I saw your photo stream on Flickr and you looked so cute in your little hat. I am actually thinking maybe this case extends out to when Obama takes over and we progressives have control of the Fed and we can do some prosecutin’. Cuz in the court of public opinion, few DAs could have done as well as Katie Couric.

    Speakin’ of prosecutin’, while I was watching the debate tonight, I could not help but wonder: How the hell did Alaskans wind up with the same stupid Andy Griffith accents as people in Alabama and Mississipi half a continent away?

    Hit me an email back 😉

  11. Here in DC we know how you feel. Every yokel congressman thinks he/she has a god-given right to screw with our local political business just because they can. And they do. And we resent it, but can’t do anything about it because we have no congressional representation.

    So, please, please, please don’t inflict the Divine Sarah on us too. Take her back to Alaska and do with her what you will. An indictment would be nice.

    Love your blog–it gives a real insight into what goes on in Alaska and is a great antidote to the authorized GOP version. I just added a link in my blog, hoping that others will take a look.

  12. Shannyn…
    Fabulous post! As a displaced Alaskan, I’ve been waiting for someone to jump up & down and start screaming bloody murder about the Republican campaign henchmen establishing themselves as the “defacto source” for filtering all things having to do with Alaskan government for the past 20 months. You said exactly what I’ve been ranting about down here in Washington state. Send your post to the Obama campaign headquarters with an invite for him to add Alaska to his campaign schedule. What could be more perfect than Alaska going Blue this year. Everyone should serve Baked Alaska on election night as indication of what Sarah will face upon her return! WaHoo!

  13. Shannyn-
    With your efforts on the Palin-LLI(Christian conspiritors)-Alaskan takeover I vote you’ve won the ‘Molly Ivins Journalism Award’ hands down!

  14. Shannyn-
    P.S. on LLI…
    If you haven’t read Molly Ivins ‘Bushwacked’ or her earlier one- ‘Shrub’ they are both primers on the mindset of waco Texan legislators, preachers and other self appointed busy-bodies. Must be something in their water….

  15. We’re not hearing about any of this in the lower 48! Have you shared your story with the MSM? I saw your interview on Olbermann, but why aren’t CNN, ABC, CBS picking this story up? Or at least the New York Times.

  16. Great post and excellent detective work.

    About Shackelford’s appearance in the case, I think this is how it works:

    There’s a legal process called “pro hac vice” (pro hawk veechay) that allows attorneys to appear in out of state cases. An attorney who is in good standing with the Alaskan State Bar Association agrees to be the lead counsel and the out of state attorney agrees to be a co-counsel.

    There’s a bit more to this process, but it’s not unusual.

    I was wondering about the “Free Market Foundation” corporate-Christianist connection you discovered.

    Is it possible that this is/was one of those front corporate organizations lobbying against imposing sanctions on South Africa because of apartheid?
    I recall that Pat Robertson was adamantly against sanctions–and years later it was exposed that he is heavily invested in diamond mining in Africa.

    Obviously Shackelford’s and LLI’s interest in this case has NOTHING to do whatsoever with religious liberty, or religious persecution, but it has EVERYTHING to do with protecting the political fortunes of a supposed Christian who is a republican officeholder who has been exposed abusing the power of her office.

    Which raises another question: Is the LLI’s appearace in the case a violation of their purpoted 501(c)(3) stated organizational purposes? How is their appearance in this case a defense of RELIGIOUS liberty?

    Methinks the IRS should take a close look here.

  17. Hi Shannyn – I’ve been thinking a lot about Walt Monegan lately. I want to show him that there are many Alaskans out here that appreciate and support him. How would I go about hosting a dinner somewhere in his honor? Do you think that is something he would be interested in? Email me with your thoughts if you have time.

    Keep up the good work, girlfriend!

  18. Nice work. Came across your blog doing research. Found it very informative. Keep it up.

  19. Finnish your research. Do your math. Compare donations. Add all questionable donations to McCain, since getting into politics. Then + add up all of Obamas’ (including his wifes’ at her work)/only in the few years he’s been in politics. = no comparison. Why are you so afraid for Alaska? If it is an outsider, after all that you have said that the republicans have taken over, you should be praying for an outsider to come in. If Palin was soooooooooo stupid then why was she able to accomplish so much for Alaska in the short time she was there? Unless the support you had been giving her was for things that would have hurt Alaska on purpose. I don’t perceive you to do such things. By the way, I am a christian. I have never expected anyone to be a certain way. It was only non-christians that gave me a hard time. My whole life was rough because of people that had no respect for a nice person like me to be able to be happy in what I believe. That couldn’t happen. I was a pk but my family loved everybody. We never put anyone down. It was just the opposite of what you are claiming. Even when people like you hurt me, I still cared about you and would have done almost anything for you. Yet all I hear is that people like me push myself on you. Farther than the truth. The Bible teaches just the opposite. I have been searching, from day one, to see what I could find against Palin and McCain. I looked up the witch hunter, and been keeping up with what has been going on in Wasilla. I check everything I can on as many people that I can. I only want to vote for the best. Who will be the best for you and me. I have spent hours and hours searching. I am glad you found this, I’ve read it four times. I still haven’t found the truth about Dr. Keyes response to his daughter. I refuse fear tactics and anything that is unfounded. As far as economics, healthcare, and foreign affairs, I have listened to both totally, even what they don’t tell us. McCain is on top. Can’t say he was my first pick. I am more independent. Don’t understand why people are still paralleling Palin and Obama. Or McCain to Bush. Please, study open-mindedly. Not just for my sake, not just for your sake, but for our generations to come. The truth is, I don’t go to church anywhere. The first time I heard Obama(primaries), he scared me to death. He reminded me of a preacher. I wanted to say right a way, he’s out. But I have tried to get over that. Still, when I hear him, lump in my throat. This is not a put down of Obama, but I think Michelle does better at speaking than he does. I was also against, Palin right a way because of her kids and baby. But then I saw the closeness and unity of Obamas family and knew they would be ok. Also saw how strong Palin was and see such hyperness and energy that she would have no problem. And that their family unit was tight. So< I hope you can see that I have tried to be open minded. I am not doing all this study to be onesided.
    Biden just always seems mad to me. This kind of feeling doesn’t seem to have a fit anywhere.
    (Was also afraid of Palin, because she was known for going to church. So I really research this so I knew she could think on her own.) I don’t like puppets. McCain is not a puppet of anyone. He doesn’t fit in with the Rep. or Dem. . Don’t like the false fear about him being the same old, same old. I do fear Obama being the same old, same old. Like I said, I have studied these and others. Would appreciate any input on any of them. We can’t afford to be blind sided. Keep your heads high. We are still living in a great country. Sorry, this was sooooooooo long. Please, don’t get mad. Just telling you what is on my heart. Truly, concerned-

  20. @Lori: you are a freak. You are just the type of person who gives us Christians a bad name. Go study your Bible more and then maybe you will be convicted and finally see the TRUTH!

    @blog author: Okay, I’m reading this post after the Palin Investigation Report was issued and I have to say, you did an excellent job exposing this for what it was. You couldn’t have nailed it any better. Excellent!

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