Posted by: shannynmoore | October 6, 2008

Rape Kit…The Movie

Here is a short film some friends of mine put together on the Rape Kits. If you want more information about the back story, please see the “Life Begins at Rape…ask Mayor Palin” post.



  1. excellent effort! thanks for keeping up the good fight.

  2. awesome post. why she is not being hammered on this is beyond me.

  3. Love everything your are doing. We can all in America, thank you for your courage for speaking the truth. The McCain/Palin ticket is the one that is very dangerous, and without all Alaska speaking the truth, we would be in serious trouble.
    I hope after this election that Sarah Palin just goes back to being Mayor of Wasilla, or a “homemaker only”. She has enough children to take care of anyway.! I have never seen such egomania, and she is a danger to your state’s people too.
    Thank you , very much.

  4. Awesome vid! I hope after the election she comes back to Alaska, to face a trial about her abuse of power, another trial how she stole $50K from Wasilla citizens illegally to redecorate her office, A IRS audit, A recall/impeachment to end the political career of saracuda!!!

  5. Shocking! Very well made short film.

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