Posted by: shannynmoore | October 7, 2008

Palin: Pallin’ With Hypocrisy

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) has been locked away for years. Living in Alaska and being a steward of ANWR is like having a beautiful young daughter. She’s a virgin now, and you want her to stay pristine as long as possible. However, when the day comes, you want it to be with someone who knows about romance, safety, commitment and respect; not some frat guy at a party. The majority of Alaskans would go along with the opening of ANWR if it weren’t drilled by a proven environmental rapist like EXXON. Last spring, there was a buzz running through local talk radio shows. The renewed desire to drill ANWR had overtaken Alaska like an adolescent 13 year old boy with a new Victoria Secret Catalog. Arctic Power, a private lobbying company, hired by the State of Alaska to lobby congress to open ANWR for oil drilling, was ready to hire a spokesman.

I wondered how their initial meeting had gone. “Hey, Alaska, let’s have a party! Hannibal Lecter will be the chef, Jim Jones will pour drinks, and G. Gordon Liddy will promote the opening of ANWR!” Where do I RSVP? Arctic Power, who was awarded $120,000 in state funds, thought the ambassador to reach across the aisle was Watergate conspirator and talk radio host, G. Gordon Liddy. The hook would be a live G-Man broadcast from Alaska. With boots on the ground, he could testify how barren and ripe for drilling ANWR was.

Alaska is rich with political scandal: The infamous Bridges to Nowhere, Congressman Don Young’s Coconut Road, Senator Ted Stevens’ chalet upgrades, Senator Lisa Murkowski’s friends and family land deal and former legislators sitting in federal penitentiaries for selling their votes, give us a not-so-savory reputation. We have enough political convicts, no need to import a notorious felon to be spokesman for opening ANWR. According to Governor Sarah Palin’s former staff member Larry Persily, the Governor thought it was a good idea and planned to make an appearance on G.Gordon Liddy’s program. When suggested that a Watergate operative may not be a smart choice, Arctic Power co-chair, Mike Navarre, suggested most people didn’t know of Liddy’s background and his role in President Nixon’s administration and demise.

Letters to newspapers came pouring in, as did phone calls to the Governor’s office. “I think it’s terrible. If Alaska wants to put the best face on things it’s probably best to not hire felons,” Senator Kim Elton said.

Sarah Palin attacking Barack Obama’s relationship with William Ayers is ironic. She’s playing a pit bull, but it’s not the Palin we know. The Palin we know wouldn’t have known who William Ayers was.

“Our opponent is someone who sees America as imperfect enough to pal around with terrorists who targeted their own country,” Palin told a rally of about 10,000 gathered at a tennis stadium in Carson, California. “Our opponent…is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect, imperfect enough, that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country,” she said on the same day in Englewood, Colorado. Palin is referring to William Ayers. There are obvious controversies around the activist career of Bill Ayers, but the connections to Obama are peripheral. Bill Ayers has never been arrested, he turned himself into authorities and he never went to jail. He is professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and has fought hard for education reform in his community. According to Palin’s qualifications of “pallin’ around”, John McCain and G. Gordon Liddy are practically blood brothers. McCain and Liddy have been longtime friends and McCain has publicly stated “I’m proud of you, I’m proud of your family.” He went on to say, “It’s always a pleasure for me to come on your program, Gordon, and congratulations on your continued success and adherence to the principles and philosophies that keep our nation great.” After the last eight years, I don’t hold the same regard for presidential operatives covering up crimes of the administration they work for. Liddy has contributed money to McCain’s campaign and held several fund raisers in his home.

Mike Navarre was right in his assumption Alaskans wouldn’t remember who G. Gordon Liddy was. Maybe Sarah Palin was one of those. She funded the lobbyist group who dreamed it up, and was willing to be on the G-Man’s radio show. Did Palin know Liddy was convicted of conspiracy, burglary, wiretapping, contempt of court and contempt of Congress? Did Palin know Liddy was willing to kill a janitor and a journalist as part of the Watergate cover-up? Did Palin know Liddy admitted plotting to firebomb the Brookings Institution? What about the plan to kidnap protesters at the 1972 Republican National Convention? Did Palin not know Liddy served a more than four years in prison? Or did Sarah Palin, like John McCain, celebrate and consider Liddy’s terrorist activities to be “principles and philosophies that keep our nation great?” It is an interesting and relevant footnote; In the late 1960s when Bill Ayers was involved with the Weatherman protesting a bloody, never-ending war that killed 58,000 Americans, he was in his early 20s; In the early 1970s when G. Gordon Liddy was involved in his criminal activities, he was in his early 40s. Maybe Sarah Palin’s excuse is she was only eight years old when the G-Man was plotting his terrorist acts.

Does any of this sound familiar?



  1. Thank you Shannyn for tying this together so well.
    I do remember G. Gordon Liddy, I was embarrassed then. I do not believe that criminals should profit from their criminal acts.
    I am tired of being embarrassed by pols that are supposed to represent me.

  2. Liddy is evidence that medication-resistant paranoia can be a good career builder.

    Palin, who can’t tell us what she reads, seems to not ANY grasp of history?. You’re right that her association with Liddy, as self-serving as it was, is far more disturbing than Obama’s fleeting contact with Ayers, who seems to have rehabilitated himself. In contrast, Liddy is unrepetant and proud of his sordid role in history. I think he’s read too many spy novels.

    As usual, well done, Shannyn! Now, would you please come down here, grab Sarah by the ear, and march her home? Thank you… 😉

  3. Dear Shannyn,I contact you today on an issue that is of great concern to me. It’s an issue where party, Democrat or Republican makes no difference. It’s an issue that reflects character and honor. There is a woman out there running for VP and instead of giving campaign speeches in the traditional way she is in fact encouraging race riots and putting ideas out there that killing an honorable man trying to get elected our next President is ok. This can only be a person not part of the 60’s when John & Bobby Kennedy and Dr. King had to die to help our nation knock down these barriers or too uninformed of the passion the young voters at that time were feeling to understand what we were trying to accomplish back then. In this election I feel that same passion from our young voters. In Sarah’s Palin’s case I say it’s both. This message has to get out not only to Republicans, not only Democrats, but to all US citizens, so they fully understand what kind of a person who could very well be our next President. This is very serious and very, very sad. This is the very thing that puts ideas in the minds of people that are not stable. This is not how people of our county campaign for public office, especially the first and second spot. While Govonor Palin may not be breaking any laws there is a moral issue I feel is being committed. I am sure as a public servant in high office you have the influence that can generate a message to stop this dangerous type of campaigning. I have sent this message out to newspapers all over the country, to govonors, senators and state reps. I listen to you every night on Jon Elliot/this is America. You are so brave. Thanks for listening. Marilyn from Welaka, Florid

  4. Marilyn from Florida, I urge you – TELL LOTS OF PEOPLE HOW YOU FEEL, then tell them to tell lots of people. This is scary stuff. This woman has no dignity and has the nerve to call herself Christian.

  5. I could never figure out why Al Franken likes to associate with G Liddy?

    All these Nixon crooks and associates have come back to drag us down once again: Cheney, Ailes, Rumsfield, Colson. Have we reached the bottom yet? Can we find a new set of individuals and ideologies to move America forward?

    Oh wait, Obama, Obiden, Obegich, and Oberkowitz 08!

  6. Another thoughtful and timely article! Well done, Shannyn!

  7. Thank-you for all your hard work; I wish it weren’t so necessary but I’m so glad you do it so well.
    Peace, love and good wishes to you always.

  8. Interesting that McCain has a relationship with Liddy

    and Palin wanted Liddy to be Alaska’s spokesman to cheerlead the rape of ANWR. Any other dots to connect there?

    As if Liddy isn’t disturbing enough, look who else Johnny’s been “pallin” with. This is beyond the pale.

  9. Send this website to 10 friends along with to 10 friends and so on and so on. I just got back from Denver and Seattle and they are so in the dark. Speak up Alaskans and Americans everywhere.

  10. Has anyone figured out how to view the comments section with the new Puck app at ADN? Sarah was getting hammered and I was loving it!

    Thanks for keeping us all informed with non corporate influenced information Shannyn.

  11. It’s great to see some informed journalism being widely read- I came across this article on Digg.

    I was appalled to hear Palin’s comments about Obama palling around with a known terrorist. What a reach!! They hardly know eachother!

    Thanks to Shannyn for addressing an issue that cuts to the heart of this political process and is turning a lot of people off to hateful campaigning.

  12. Liddy Sucks…
    (quyana for allowing me to write those two words… I’ve wanted to publically write that thought for years.)

  13. Thanks Shannon for a well written, well researched article.

    Something else of note…The Annenberg Foundation, one of the places that Obama and Ayres both worked on is a Republican ran organization, which endorsed John McCain for President this week. I thought that was funny. So by that since they brought them together and the relationship is tenous at best, can we then say that maybe Ayres and McCain are now paling around???? LOL
    Just a thought….lol

  14. Well, first, this article doesn’t seem to pull anything together. You’ve thrown a bunch of “virgin” strings out there but failed to tie any loose ends. So I did my own research about Gordon Liddy. One key difference between this man and Bill Ayers is that he wasn’t BOMBING our government buildings and KILLING Americans in the process. I also haven’t seen any pictures of him standing on the American flag lately.

    Here’s what reviewers on have to say about his autobiography for sale on

    “Candid…forthright…lucid…graphic…intelligent…mind-boggling…outrageous. Whatever else may be said of Mr. Liddy, he is a True Believer.”– Larry King, The New York Times Book Review

    “There is almost an embarrassment of riches in the book. His story rings true…It is credible. A hundred little facts and inferences convince me that he has been as honest as he could be.”– Bob Woodward, The Washington Post Book World

    “WILL is, I think, destined to become a classic; certainly it is one of the most engrossing and thoroughly honest self-revelations that I have ever read. This is one you’ve absolutely got to read.”– Denver Post
    — Review

    Amazon description:
    Since its first publication nearly twenty years ago, G. Gordon Liddy’s extraordinary autobiography has shocked, moved, and inspired millions of readers with its startlingly candid depiction of a man who is hero to some, villain to others, and fascinating to all. From his involvement in Watergate to his controversial radio program, Will explores the making of an American legend in vivid, intimate detail.

  15. Shannyn…

    Your writing is so wonderful..! Keep it up.

    I propose you do a counter-balance piece to the question of Who is Sarah Palin?..

    I am confident you’ll have loads of stuff to write, but more importantly, showing who she REALLY is may scare some Reds to turn Blue..


  16. oops.. i didn’t notice my Mudflats id ended up here.. should have.. missed it..

    For those who love what Shannyn has to say, visit to learn even more!

  17. A blog by a woman … how perfect..!

    here’s another woman’s viewpoint of Palin… :

    Article published Tuesday, October 7, 2008

    Betcha not all ‘down-home’ women love Sarah Palin


    I CAN honestly speak from the experience of a woman who is a wife and a mother who also has been a working mother for most of her married life.

    “Down home,” “Joe Six pack,” “hockey mom,” “gotcha,” “betcha,” “maverick” – what naive terms used by someone seeking second seat to the most powerful person in America. I cannot begin to describe how offensive I find Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

    Well, yes, I can. And I shall.

    First, she wants to present herself as being the consummate working mother to appeal to all women.

    This offends me in so many ways. When I decided to have children I opened my arms to my babies, regardless of health, as have all the women I know. That she did not abort or give away her son with Down syndrome tells me that she is not totally self-serving, but this does not make her special; it makes her a mother.

    But as a mother, I felt then and now that the first and most critical responsibility as a parent is to be there to raise that child, to make my family my priority. She understands all about special-needs children, and to some degree, so do I. The first rule of parenting is to be there. Mrs. Palin promotes herself as everyone’s ideal of a mother, yet she obviously cares more about her career than her family or she would not have dragged her children into the limelight, especially her pregnant daughter. She would have done what most mothers’ instincts would dictate: protect her family first and foremost.

    As governor of Alaska, she can do that. She can be home and be there for her children. As a political candidate for vice president, she and her husband are continually on the road. Who is there for that baby, and who is there helping her daughter through a deeply personal situation? The teenager is there, living in the public eye.

    Mrs. Palin keeps saying that her daughter is going to get married. Why? To protect whose image? The father is 18. They are just children. While I respect Barack Obama for saying that the family is off limits in the campaign, as a voter, it is not off limits to me.

    I was not a hockey mom. But I’ve been a baseball mom and a swimming mom and a theater mom and a band mom and working mom, as well as a wife. I also was a teacher and, afterward, ran two successful businesses, one a large child-care center, and the other a travel agency. None of the above would qualify me for political office.

    I will certainly give her credit. She was, let’s see, in parent-teacher organizations, so was I. She was a mayor of a small town. I come from a small town, and although I have never been in politics, I am well aware of how much power that position generates, especially when it is a part-time job. She was a business owner. I’m curious about what business she owned.

    Now my husband and I are one of millions of families of retirees who are worried about myriad things. We are deeply concerned about the cost of medical care. My husband and I have already lost a portion of what was his automotive pension package. Our investments are bottoming out. I live in fear that our teenage grandsons may end up going to war. I worry about my children being able to support their families and themselves.

    Under previous administrations, we have had the good fortune of traveling to many parts of the world and we have friends in Europe. With the experience of extensive travel and ongoing conversation with people from other countries, I guess in the context of international communication, this means I have more experience than Mrs. Palin.

    My degree is in education, hers in journalism. I suspect we are almost equals in our government preparation.

    As for her being governor of Alaska, I will give her the benefit of the doubt. She may be the best governor Alaska has ever had. So that’s where she should stay.

    People who are responding to her social conservativism must wake up and realize this self-described maverick’s hypocrisy. She can talk down to people and make them feel that she is just like their neighbor, not putting on airs, but her money is not where her “good-old girl” mouth is. She insults our intelligence with her “down home” rhetoric, but perhaps this is just her inability to communicate on a higher intellectual level.

    How can anyone begin to imagine Mrs. Palin dealing with Vladimir Putin and the Russian increase in aggression? Maybe she could float a note across the Bering Strait from Alaska, saying, “Now Mr. Putin, that’s not nice.”

    Why, considering the long history of nuclear situations, can she not be taught to pronounce “nuclear”? And all the “betchas” and “Joe Six-pack” idioms will certainly go a long way toward destroying any possibility of global acceptance of her intelligent leadership. We need a leader. We need a communicator.

    We must understand that although we are voting for president, there have been too many times when the vice president has needed to take over the job. And those people who fall back on the idea that we are voting only for a president are frighteningly naive. It is a serious package deal and both candidates are equally important.

    I like that she is gutsy, pretty, and presents herself well. She means well too – I think. But, electing her to a position that could result in her running a country at war, suffering the worst economic crisis since the Depression and the loss of respect from allies, and dealing with leaders of other countries is tantamount to going into an operating room and finding out that your surgeon just finished a two-month course in basic pre-med.

    She has been coached, but she cannot hide her naivete and lack of knowledge. When she doesn’t have an answer, she simply refuses to do so. She did this a number of times in the vice presidential debate.

    During the debate, Mrs. Palin scolded Joe Biden for looking to the past. Did she miss his important comment that “past is prologue?” When we disregard the past, we are doomed to repeat it.

    People must understand that if they vote for John McCain, they are voting for a ticket that could catapult an inexperienced, naive, “hockey mother” of five into the position of becoming this nation’s leader.

    Remember, too many people deemed the “good old boy” George Bush qualified to run this country, and look where that “down-home” guy got us.

    I just don’t get it.

    Rosanne Hemond, of Clinton Township, Michigan, is a former teacher and a concerned constituent.

  18. I apologize in advance but I could not find your contact. I will be grateful if you be kind enough to contact me

  19. again
    Liddy sucks…

    Thanks, it feels so good to write those two words, on a windy, blistery morning during sunrise in rural Alaska.

  20. Thanks for researching the interesting connections between Palin, Liddy, and McCain. I’ll definitely be sending people here to read about the hypocrisy you expose.
    I don’t know when I have ever witnessed such an extraordinary display of willful ignorance as I have this year, watching Republicans swallow Palin’s lies, dodges and platitudes.
    McCain should be ashamed of himself.

  21. great job, shannyn moore!

  22. I’m new to this blog. Apologize for asking this though, but to OP…
    Do you know if this can be true; ?
    it came off
    Thanks 🙂

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