Posted by: shannynmoore | October 9, 2008

The “White” House Taken Literally is Dangerous

I spent much of my early radio air time trying to “wake up” the citizenry of Anchorage. I was impatient, frustrated, chiding at times. On June 5th, the show topic was the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. On April 4, 1968, Kennedy was campaigning for the Democratic Nomination for President. He had just landed in Indianapolis, Indiana to speak to a large gathering of African Americans. Kennedy was advised by police not to speak. His security could not be guaranteed, and there was no way to know how the crowd, in an area considered ghetto, would react. When he walked out onto the platform, he realized the upbeat audience didn’t know of Martin Luther King’s death. The moment he took the crowd around a corner with knowledge of a changed American Landscape, he stopped campaigning. He became a leader. Two months later Kennedy was shot and killed.

Listening to his speech, during an on air discussion, I realized Americans had good reason to be “unplugged.” In a five year span, President John F. Kennedy, Malcom X, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Robert F. Kennedy were all publicly executed. Their voices encouraged power of the people, demanded the best of Americans, and acknowledged years of racial injustice. A collective post traumatic stress disorder seized the political consciousness of Americans, the Vietnam War raged on, and a catatonic cloud descended.

Four years ago, I watched the Democratic National Convention, and for the first time saw Barack Obama. I called my mother and eight year old daughter in to watch him. My daughter said, “He sounds like a president” and walked back out to play. My mother said, “I hope no one shoots him.” I know exactly where she was when JFK was killed. Anyone alive then can tell you how they found out. The political passion so many young people now feel, they remember. The anxiety they feel in this election is quietly talked about, but not very loudly.

The McCain camp have made a pivotal decision to attack on a personal level. Most of the pundits are talking about how xenophobic and racially charged statements affect votes. Sarah Palin continues to infer Democrat Barack Obama is “palling around with terrorists” and doesn’t see the U.S. like other Americans. She emphasizes, “He’s pallin’ around with terrorists who would target their own country!” Barack Hussein Obama is repeated over and over at McCain rallies and even on local Anchorage right wing talk shows. They are trying to invoke a terrorist fear in voters. It is a dangerous and unfounded connection. Supporters in the crowd have responded with “Kill him” and “Terrorist.” Those charges have been tacitly endorsed by both John McCain and Sarah Palin. During the debate last night, McCain was too much of a coward to repeat Palin’s racially tinged attacks while on the same stage as Obama.

This is not only damaging the McCain-Palin campaign, it is eroding hard fought ground America has already covered. We have come a long way in terms of race, and yet we have only begun to move forward. We all lose when the Republican ticket sacrifices racial gains in an attempt to win the White House. This is not the change voters seek. This is fearful fodder for dangerous radicals.



  1. The McCain/Palin campaign is stoking the racism fire. The republican Joe Sixpack main-streeters are out in force determined not to allow a black, muslim (what the radicals call him) in the WH.

    The economy is going to really hurt people, and they are going to lash out, irrationally. Joe needs someone to blame, and we see that Obama, low-income, and minorities are going to bear the brunt of the blame. We see the republican pundits blaming low-income and minorities across the board.

    Sarah Palin accepts her role as attack woman easily, without conscience. But, she has the most to lose. Will she take responsibility for her role to incite violence afterwards?

    We have seen the way McCain accepts responsibility; he apologizes and moves on until the next time; apologizes, moves on; never learning a thing.

    Domestic terrorists are a brewing, and McCain and Sarah Palin are stirring the cauldron, with the annointing of Muthee. This witch-hunt is SCARY.

  2. I so totally agree. When I heard the other day the shouts from the crowd “terrorist” and McCain reacts but doesn’t stop and rebuke them just keeps on with his speech I was shocked. Then when Palin was speaking and I heard “kill him” I thought I must have misunderstood, so I rewound and played it back, 3 or 4 times. By then I was in tears. My fears are like your Mom, Shannyn and I know we aren’t alone. I have heard several people say they are afraid some harm may come, and for a sitting US Senator to be fanning the flames of hatred like he is, to not speak out against it, instead to go on Fox News and promote it, on Hannity of all places, (a more hate mongering program I can’t imagine, unless it would be O’Reilly) is beyone the pale.
    And as Dennis says, McCain has always just said oh I am sorry, then runs on and does it again. Just as he did when he was in the Navy and crashed 3 planes, just as he did when he cheated on his wife, just as he did in the Keating scandal, just as he does now with this. Every day one of his staffers, not him comes out with a statement that says we don’t condone and then goes on and it happens again. But, will he have the guts to look Barack in the eyes next week and say anything to him at the final debate?? I hope Barack will confront him with it. I think he should. Time will tell.

  3. Imagine my humiliation that a lot of that Palin garbage were from her recent visits to my part of the state. It’s so embarrassing. Barack is doing so well in this very Republican part of the state that they are going around and working up these crowds like a dog fight. I’ve never seen anything like it. People leave and they have a look on their faces that is beyond disturbing. I have been to many Obama events and NOTHING like that is implied muchless “preached” from the stage.

    It has created a lot of mischief around here too. All of a sudden cars are “tagged” when they have Obama/Biden stickers on them, yard signs are stolen, etc.

    The strategy of dangling raw meat in front of packs of wild dogs is dangerous. I’ve pretty much discounted this bullshit up until now…but watching some of these people around here now has me just a little nervous.

    Did Palin act like this when she ran for Mayor or Governor? If so, how on earth was she ever elected???

    On another subject, I read a lot of “The First Dudes” statement today…he is not a heck of a lot brighter than she is. I also read that a report on “Troopergate” was due out that true? Palin is now referring to it as “Tasergate”…huh?

    I know that you told me once that you’ve known her for a while and covered her politics. I’m just really curious if this person that the rest of us have had dropped on us like an atom bomb is the same person that you’ve seen over the years?

    Last thing…aren’t her kids in public school? Is the Alaskan public schools on a different calendar than we are? Why are those kids with her all the time and not in school? I see the teenage daughter (14 yr old?) with her on the trail all the time. What’s the deal?

    Thanks for letting me ramble on….I love reading your posts.

  4. Hi Shannyn, I know I sent you this once already, but I have to keep trying to get my message out. I spent yesterday & today sending this letter to Govonors, Senators & House Rep of both parties. Sarah Palin is so immoral. If you can help me send this letter to newspapers up there that would be great. Here is my message…………….I call upon you today on an issue that is of great concern to me. It’s an issue where party, Democrat or Republican makes no difference. It’s an issue that reflects character and honor. There is a woman out there running for VP and instead of giving campaign speeches in the traditional way she is in fact encouraging race riots and putting ideas out there that killing an honorable man trying to get elected our next President is ok. This can only be a person not part of the 60’s when John & Bobby Kennedy and Dr. King had to die to help our nation knock down these barriers or too uninformed of the passion the young voters at that time were feeling to understand what we were trying to accomplish back then. In this election I feel that same passion from our young voters. In Sarah’s Palin’s case I say it’s both. This message has to get out not only to Republicans, not only Democrats, but to all US citizens, so they fully understand what kind of a person who could very well be our next President. This is very serious and very, very sad. This is the very thing that puts ideas in the minds of people that are not stable. This is not how people of our county campaign for public office, especially the first and second spot. While Govonor Palin may not be breaking any laws there is a moral issue I feel is being committed. I am sure that if everyone comes together on this issue we as a nation can generate a message to stop this dangerous type of campaigning. It is obvious that Sarah Palin was too young to part of history in the 60’s when we fought so passionately to stop things like racism. We fought hard to take walls down and Sarah Palin does not have the right to encourage people to take them down. Thanks for listening. Marilyn from Welaka, Florida

  5. i clipped this from the comments section of halcro’s blog. it applies to your words above equally well. this is constructive criticism, dear heart — you’re doing an awesome job, as usual.

    “Great site – I learned about it from a huff post article. Just this helpful note: many writers use ‘inferred’ and ‘implied’ interchangeably. They do not mean the same thing. Imply means to suggest or insinuate, whereas infer means to deduce something. The one who implies SENDS a message; the one who infers RECEIVES a message. Example: He implied that it would be risky to try again. She inferred from his comments that he didn’t want her to try again.”

  6. I read a comment earlier today that stated these rallies are like the ’20’s in Europe when the Jews were scapegoated for the post WWI economic troubles. Your words help me to better clarify the fear I feel, and the scapegoating that is happening, and why it will be years before this independent ever votes Republican again.

  7. After watching several “rallies” by McCain and Palin, I am scared, sad, angry, disappointed.

    Palin whips up the hate wackos, the ones who bomb planned parenthood clinics, etc.

    Palin has the audacity to talk about Obama not being truthful and hopes to hell that Troopergate doesn’t make it down to the lower 48.

    McCain is an old, angry man making his last desperate attempt at the White House.

    Palin is an uneducated, sociopath, overly ambitious individual who will stop at nothing to become “someone” and will stomp down anyone who gets in her way.

    The Palins are an embarassment and downright dangerous individuals who should be tossed out of office.

  8. I just wanted to say that I agree totally with all of the above posts. The hate that McCain and Palin are stirring up scares the heck out of me. It only takes one wacko ……………..

  9. I am from Arizona too and have alway disliked McCain. He is a waste as a Senator.
    Loved all your posts and love this blog. I would go insane if I did not know that Alaska was working for the truth.
    Looks like Gov Palin will get a white-wash in Troopergate. I cannot deal with that. I am not going to be able to cope with this decision. How can she keep getting away with all her manipulations??
    The campaign they are running is similar to a Natzi Rally and very dangerous. True, why aren’t those children in school? Her education policies in her own family are terrifying. And Todd Palin is a “Wusp”, I don’t care how many snow machine races he wins. He runs around chasing her skirt. The whole episodes are appalling!. I have ranted enough. Love all you do and I’ll pray that all of this goes away.

    Keep up your excellent work.

  10. Of all the terrible things that John McCain and Sarah Palin have done it is this: inciting this hatred. I am very glad Alaskans do not have this experience, but I grew up in Chicago in the 1960s and 1970s. My parents were not expressly racist. I really don’t think they understood the society we grew up taught us to fear. White people lived in different neighborhoods than black people. We were sent to Catholic school because we were told the education was better, but in reality bussing just started in Chicago and my parents were frightened. When Harold Washington, the first African American mayor of Chicago won the Democratic primary, flocks of my neighbors, life long blue collar Democrats,all of a sudden became Republicans. Thankfully Harold Washington succeeded and our city started to heal.

    I would have stayed in Chicago my whole life, if it had mountains. I did not. I moved to Alaska at just about the time Barack Obama moved to Chicago. He came to neighborhoods, like my childhood neigborhood, and offered people, primarily white people, hope after factories closed. Racism was continuing to heal in my city because of people like Barack and an older generation who actually started to learn the error of their ways.

    When Barack Obama spoke at the DNC in 2004, I saw my brother. When he won the Democratic Nomination, I cried tears of joy for the triumph of our country. We saw a true leader, irrespective of race.

    Now, I listen to this disgusting code racism coming from the mouth of my State’s Governor and I want to scream. She is spewing the ugliness of America, an ugliness I thought as a country, we were working to vanquish.

    Every Alaskan should be up in arms for her outrageous conduct. It must stop. Not tomorrow, but this second. They also need to call back their hate speech in a public forum and instruct their audience not to take them seriously. If anything happens to Barack Obama because of the mob mentality the Republican party is inciting, McCain and Palin will be the only ones responsible, I suggest criminally responsible.

  11. Too many bad memories. This thread brought me to tears. WE CAN’T GO THERE AGAIN!

    America MUST stand up for right and VOTE-

    YES WE CAN!!!!!

  12. Like your mother I can tell you exactly where I was and how I felt. I am a 64 white Independent granny and will also tell you that there have only been 2 times I have cast a vote FOR a candidate – RFK and Obama. All other votes have been AGAINST and it felt so good to have the feeling of being FOR someone this year.

    I shudder when I listen to Palin and how the crowd of crazies are reacting. My first thought was of RFK. I cannot believe that the secret service have allowed these people to continue….I would think that people would be arrested, questioned, and sequestered until 1/20/09.

    Is this Palin’s personality? Is this the same Palin that is known in Alaska or just a ‘mouth piece’ for McCain? How involved has she and her First Dude been with the AIP?

  13. I just read A Sousley post referencing McCain/Palin interview on Hannity and it brought to mind just how serious it can be when people are allowed to insite anger in the masses.

    I live in the Knoxville, TN area. A few months back we were sadden when a man, during a children’s program, walked into a Unitarian Church – shot gun in hand – and began shooting. 3 dead and others in the hospital. Reason the shooter gave police? “The Unitarian church accepts gays into their congregation, they have liberal values, and too many support Obama”.

    In the home of the shooter the police found books throughout the house written by Hannity, O’Riley, Limbaugh, and other radical neocons. During the interregation it was a constant regurgitation of what is said on the ‘right’s’ talk shows and Fox news channels.

    First hand experience has shown me that a crazy can take a life in a second.

  14. I was upset and ranting because I read the McCain/Palin campaign report of Troopergate. They called it the Legislature Report? I thought it was the real report, and I cannot tolerate them giving it a white-wash and blameing Halcro. I will calm down now and wait until tomorrow. Our losses with such great leaders is still painful, and this country still needs healing. Barack Obama will help to mend the world, and give America a better face.
    Thank you for your article.

  15. I remember the day JFK was killed. My dad came to school to get us, in the middle of the day. My dad took that whole week off work to watch the TV coverage, including the funeral. It was the only time I ever saw my dad during the work-week in my entire childhood. I was in first grade that year. Caroline Kennedy is a year and a half younger than me.

    Sarah Palin is too dumb to realize what she’s doing, fanning the flames of hatred in this country. She’s too young to remember John-John saluting his dad at the funeral. She’s too young to remember what high hopes we all had for JFK and for all of us, as a nation. She doesn’t realize that Obama is the JFK of this generation, because America hasn’t had such a shining star in so long. So she’s dancing with them what brung her, and she’s got the wingnuts all fired up.

    I believe it’s against the law to incite riot. Is the Secret Service going to give her a pass on that? Are we?

  16. Your post and the comments are right on. I live is a part of Washington DC that was ravaged by the riots after MLK’s assassination and is only now–40 years later–recovering. I don’t really think that’s likely again, but Palin/McCain’s roiling of these putrid waters has put a knot of real fear in my gut.

    Since the 80’s, the Republicans’ appeal has been based on bigotry, ignorance, and fear, but the race-baiting has never been quite this blatant. If, as seems likely now, Palin/McCain lose, then the resentments within the racist underbelly of the country will only grow, and it has now been legitimized by the McCain campaign’s rhetoric. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of Tim McVeighs, Terry Nicholses, and James Ear Rays out there.

    I keep wondering when the national news organizations are going to grow a pair and call this for what it is: not “personal attacks” but hate mongering.

  17. Ironic to read these thoughts .. thoughts I believed I dispelled at the time I feared not to hope.
    I awoke in tears this morning from a dream. In that dream (don’t ask me why) but in that dream Sarah Palin was licking the blood from her hands.
    I’m truly fearful.

  18. Conservatives have been fueling the fires of racism and classism for over 20 years now on the AM dial. They have raised their minions to be their devotedly angry, hateful and fearful followers. Who knows how far they will go when their emotional buttons are repeatedly pushed at a feverish pitch.

    It occurred to me the other morning – if you pull out the word “Liberal” out of most any conservative talking head statement, and put in a derogatory racial term, the sentiment of the statement is quite similar to all the old stereotypes older Americans used to openly hear about people of color: Lazy, dumb, Godless, scary and waiting for the next government handout. Disturbingly, all us liberals, progressives, environmentalists ect. , have become the new “OK to hate” group in America.

    Some of these Conservatives really scare me. Who knew America was filled with so many godforsaken socialists? Come on now?!?! Lots of negative emotion and scant intellect. Did you hear the disjointed rambling of the madmen who stood up at McCain’s recent townhall? Their thoughts and ideas were so hopscotch with bits and pieces of “talking points” flowing out in a discombobulated mess, and still the crowds cheered them on! “We want more of your mindless angry babbling!” “Bring it on!”


  19. “I have a dream, where men are not judged by the color of their skin but the content of their character”, wow that was a powerful speech. Apparently in this country still, skin color still outranks character. Senator Obama embodies all that is good of RJK and DR.King, he is a true combination of both of their ideals, hope for the common worker and and seeing our great country beyond race. He is the first man to run for the office in my lifetime that has not come from money or power and that makes the rich and powerful afraid. McCain married a rich woman after dumping his disfigured wife (that’s family values) and Palin is being found out to be a remorseless power hungry liar. McCain says in his townhall meeting, Obama is a decent man and noone should be afraid of him as president, yet his campaign ads refer to him as a “terrorist and yes you should be afraid, very afraid of him”. McCain’s credibility is gone, he is either senile or just doesn’t care what his campaign says because he wants to win at all costs. He is pandering to the skinheads, racists and the god, guns and antigays of this country. Funny though he is neither religious or cares about “family values” that his base spouts. I say be afraid, very afraid of him and palin for she truely believes she is on a mission from god!!!

  20. America must decide just as they did in 1932. Fascism was averted in this country in that year, just barely, with the election of FDR. Remember Hitler came into power that same year, he assumed power because Germans were starving and the likes of the British financial elites and their Wall Street allies such W’s grand daddy Prescott Bush The Union bank on whose board of governors Prescott sat, shot off a check for $300,000 to bolster a flagging NAZI campaign.

    So here we are again folks; a global financial collapse, record job losses, millions losing their homes, pensions evaporating, etc. And yes people can get very nasty. But assassinations of major political figures are not the work of crazed lone gunmen, though they might well pull the trigger. These are decisions made at the level of governments or other international institutions at the level of a government. But the only reason it works is because we let it. I am a baby boomer, I know. I can tell you exactly where I was the morning JFK was murdered by these bastards, what I was doing, the type and brand of radio I heard about it on, just like Shannyn’s mom. That induced a long dream like state so I cannot remember the same details about the assassinations of Bobby, Martin or Malcolm X. It was a reign of terror, they are the terrorists.

    The big difference today as opposed to 1932 is that Obama is not FDR. My hope is that Obama wins the election, plucks up the courage to say “FDR” and the American People stand behind him. It’s really up to us folks, otherwise don’t fool your selves; the international financial oligarchy will find a way to get to Obama; one way or the other.

  21. After reading all of these posts I realize there are a lot of other people all over the country who feel just as I do. This past week I have been so sad and angy and agitated every time I see the news show footage of the McCain/Palin rallies. It is like watching a klan rally without the white hoods. My God how are we still in this mess in 2008! I just cry when I think that something could happen to Senator Obama because of this racist rhetoric that is stirred up by Palin. I am also a baby boomer and was 4 years old when JFK was shot. My mom and I were at a department store and people came running in the doors saying Kennedy had been shot! Everyone was in a panic and my mom was crying and grabbed me and ran to the car. It was an awful time and Caroline and John John were kids close to my age. I was scared because at 4 you don’t understand how parents can die. It was a very early vivid memory that has been with me my whole life and I do not want to see another great leader be assassinated by some fringe nut job that has been riled up by the likes of Palin, McCain, Limbaugh, Hannity et al. God save the U.S.A ! I want a true statesman that has our country’s best interest at heart and can turn things around after the last disastrous 8 years we have had to endure. I believe Obama is that statesman. God protect him and keep him from harm.

  22. Thanks for all your work Alaskans to expose Palin’s duplicity and lies.
    I agree with others here, she is inciting racist fearmongering and whipping up the nutcase neocons just like a Klan rally. She disgusts me and has set women back decades with her lies and her inability to even form a coherent sentence. We are with you down here in the lower 48 and will support you in booting her OUT of the Governor’s office for being a lying power hungry hypocrite.
    If she does by some disaster end up VP, we are all in for a world of hurt.
    Thank you ALL for fighting for truth and speaking truth to power.

    a california girl

  23. […] Barack Obama is 'palling around with terrorists' and doesn’t see the U.S. like other Americans," Moore wrote. "(Palin) emphasizes, 'He’s pallin’ around with terrorists who would target their own country!' […]

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