Posted by: shannynmoore | October 10, 2008

Branchflower Davidians

I’m starting to feel like a Branchflower Davidian; searching for the truth to avoid doomsday-hopeful it will be delivered via Steven Branchflower’s $100,000 report due today, October 10. I am guessing Mr. Branchflower is dotting ‘i’s and crossing ‘t’s tonight. When he accepted the job from the bipartisan Legislative Council, I think he took it seriously, but assumed he’d get some late summer fishing in. The state’s approval of $100,000 to look into Governor Sarah Palin’s abuse of power allegations hardly seems enough to have the weight of the investigation and the eyes of the world on your shoulders.

I read through the written subpoena statements of Todd Palin. His answers were washed with lawyer soap; no Joe 6-Pack Snowmachiner talks like that, unless they are in possession of a JD. Governor Palin’s “Truth Squad” put out their findings today-a day ahead of Mr. Branchflower’s due date. Surprise! Nothing to see, everything is fine, move along! What seemed like a standard inquiry last summer has changed as much as the weather. Palin’s self report card came out today as if it were the real deal. They even titled it, “Analysis of the Legislative Council Investigation of Walt Monegan’s Reassignment.” They are attempting to steal the news. The Official Troopergate report will be released tomorrow…maybe. There is a chance the legislative council will suppress it and seal their findings. Partisan Republicans, legally propped up by the likes of James Dobson’s Liberty Legal Institute, have cried fowl on this investigation. The only chance they have in shielding Sarah Palin and the American electorate from the truth is to seal Mr. Branchflower’s report and vote to release it after the election.

I have been gracious to tourists over the years. I love showing Alaska off and live in a place that still takes my breath. I have been less than hospitable to the recent wave of “McCain Storm Troopers.” It makes me miss the old Alaska bumper sticker, “If We Call It Tourist Season, Can We Shoot ‘Em?” It looks like we may have a Democratic House, Senate and President after November 4th. How welcoming will we be when a Democratic Attorney General comes into Alaska to investigate obstruction of justice? How can legislators, who vote to suppress the final report, paid for by all Alaskans, whine about partisanship? The truth has no party. What do you think, Alaska? Do we demand to see the investigation or wait? Since We The People gave the legislative council the authority to investigate, do we have to respect their vote to cover it up?

Must read.



  1. The people of Alaska are showing us in the lower 48 how to deal with those who would suppress information necessary to a functioning democracy. Your judicial branch has integrity and honor; I hope your legislative branch has the same and votes to release this report to the voting public.

  2. I find this interesting that America is looking to Alaska to show the way. To be Independent is to know Independence, I am hoping that Alaska will open the doors of freedom and unleash the truth. We have beeen needing this for a long long time. The last 30 years have really dumbed down America.

    You in Alaska have been just far enough away that the impact has been minimal.

    My heart yerns for the truth in these situations, I always knew that in Alaska people were up front and honest. The truth will set you free. So today is the day.

    Will they decide for the people or for the cronies?
    I feel the true Alaskan will come out and hand out the truth. We are adults we can handle the truth!

    Thank you Shannyn for being there and telling the truth. The Country needs more Shannyns in this world.

    Highest of Regards,
    Mudslide Pike

  3. Thank you again for all you do, as well as Linda Kemmell and others. Demand to have the Investigation released. Very tricky of them to say, Legislature Report,, to fool us.
    Without all your great work for the truth, we in the lower 48 would be very depressed. We see that the Gov.’s office is manipulationg and devious, and that you are trying to correct it, is a breath of fresh air. The Gov. office is the same as Bush/Cheney, and take advantage of Alaskans.
    Alaska deserves better to protect your beautiful state.
    Thank You

  4. oh lord, i am praying that they will release the report… this, more than anything, is something that we NEED to hear before november 4th. keep us posted, please! 🙂

  5. I am sitting here, holding my breath , waiting to see the Report ( the REAL One..) We are proud of all your efforts up there, especially the Bloggers and the Alaskans for Truth….If the Report is Suppressed in the End it Will look MUCH worse, if it is released she ( and McCoot’s people ) will raise such a stink- and that will look bad too- so they LOSE both ways…I will keep checking back…at Watergate Summer we are rooting for you all and thank you for being brave and speaking out….

  6. Can someone explain why 3 legislators couldn’t be there? Seems odd to me. Also, why are their votes ‘no’ if they don’t show? Are they trying to duck the issue?

  7. Governor Palin’s “personnel board” put out their findings today-a day ahead of Mr. Branchflower’s due date. Surprise! Nothing to see, everything is fine, move along!

    Did I miss something? The McCain/Palin campaign put out their own version of their analysis a day ahead of Branchflower’s report but that was clearly self-serving, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. As far as I know, the Personnel Board has made no public announcements and is still many weeks away from any conclusions and hasn’t interviewed either the ‘first dude’ or the ‘first dudette’.

    I personally am wondering how everyone is gonna feel when Wooten decides he can cash in on his lottery winnings and sue the state and the ‘first dude/dudette’ for their obvious defamation and machinations that put into play the full weight of the state government against him.

  8. Mucho thanks for your courage to continue to speak and seek the truth!

    And here’s to the truth coming through in advance of the 4th of November…

    Go Shannyn!

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