Posted by: shannynmoore | October 10, 2008

Legislative Council Votes to Release Steven Branchflower’s Report!

Unanimous Vote! The Branchflower Report will be released to the public.

The website is Meeting in progress.

Streaming audio here

More to follow…


“Finding #1. Page 8. For the reasons explained in section IV of this report, I find that Governor Palin abused her power by violating Alaska Statute 39.52.110(a) of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act.”

more to follow…



  1. Yes, but….darn it all. It could have been better. I guess we just have to take what we get. Any idea what the full legilature will do if and when she comes back and they meet in Jan.??
    Is a censure at the least in order maybe??

  2. Couple of things,

    I read the first part of the report on adn. Branchflower included NO information from the sleazy seven who didn’t respond on time to their subpeonas, all of whom were in her adminstration and would be forced to tell the truth under oath, so there could be much more coming. Also, the emails are not included in this, so there is another possible goldmine of info.

    Does anyone know who the members of the Personnel Board are and who appointed them?

    I’m hearing conflicting information about whether or not she has been found guilty of an actual crime. Do any of you Alaska folk know if the “violation of the public trust” constitutes the violation of a law? (BTW, that is a GREAT law you guys have up there if it is one).

  3. This is a start, Abuse of Power. She should be recalled. They are using Alaska, for a nice cushy, pd. job. Todd Palin is an enabler,wusp.

    Really Proud of Alaska, and all you truth seekers.

  4. they found her simultaneously guilty and not-guilty… guilty of ethics violations, but not enough to warrant criminal/civil investigation.

    it seems to me that she will prob come out, apologize w/ a wink and a smile, and get a teensy slap on the wrist… who knows, tho. i guess we prob won’t know anything til monday really.

  5. @Jane: Agreed. This is a start and an important stake in the coffin of the McCain/Palin ticket.

    In today’s soundbite society, headlines of ‘Palin Abused her Power’ will stomp an already clotheslined campaign.

  6. According to the McCain campaign, she acted within her rights and the “partisan” legislative council has no authority and she looks forward to working with the personel board.

  7. @kayce,

    Nope. No apology, according to the creative statement by the McCain campaign blaming “Obama supporters” for all of this. I think you have to have the capacity for shame in order to apologize. Clearly she doesn’t.

  8. All kinds of great news tonight –
    Palin is guilty of abusing her power
    McCain has to backpedal (as little as possible) in response to his “flock” on Sen. Obama being a traitor, muslim etc.
    Fox news is flailing around trying to blame Palin’s decision on Obama.
    Fox news is flailing around trying to blame the Acorn “scandal” on Obama.
    I’m waiting for them to blame Obama on global warning – or did they do that last week??
    The party’s at my house this weekend!!

  9. There’s a new Wasilla Project video out:

  10. It is a step in the right direction for our friends in Alaska. Your courage, dedication, and hard work is an inspiration to reclaim our democracy for America.

    Good Luck to Mr.Monegan. What a class act, and what courage through such trying times in the man’s career. He exemplifies true Alaskan grit.

  11. History tells us that it’s the little things that lead to momentous outcomes. Who knew that a “third rate burglary” at a Washington hotel would result in the first presidential resignation in history?

    I’m not an Alasakan so I can’t gauge the likelihood of this being the beginning of the end for Palin there, but it’s one more dope slap on the forehead of the McPalin campaign.

    The beauty queen’s tiara is looking pretty tarnished right now.

  12. I am disappointed , not in the report, but of the fact that nothing will be done.

    I find it hard to believe that in 2008 we do nothing to the politicians but smack their fingers.
    And then let them continue to govern us.

    I am sorry, but it sure says very little about either how dumb we are to be fooled in the first place, or even dumber to let them just walk.

    What a sad, sad country this has become, that we hold actors more accountable then those who hold our lives in their hands.

  13. Looks like the Real Mavericks are still in Alaska investigating and finding Abuse of Power and Ethics violations against those in power.

    Who is this fraud running around down here spewing hate and inciting violence?

  14. Now come on all of you. The result in this report is a big fat zero. She obviously did fail to act aggressively enough to stop her husband. Frank Bailey should quit. Other than that, there is nothing actionable there.

    What a waste of time and money. Did you save the blue dress Shannyn? Maybe you can save some Todd spawn and sue like Monica…

  15. Have you amazingly brave Alaskans thought that now is the time to start that recall – by the end of this presidential election, there may be no Alaskan government left to save.

    *the amateurism and cronyism of her brief administration hardly leaves Palin sitting pretty. … TIME Mag

    *Palin and her family billed the state $3,022 for the cost of attending Christian gatherings exclusively, including visits to the Assembly of God here and to the congregation they attend in Juneau, according to expense reports reviewed by the AP.… Garance Burke

    *vendettas, fired officials who crossed her … blurred the line between government and personal grievance, according to a review of public records…New York Times

  16. I’ve heard character defined as what you do when nobody is looking. By that definition the Palins’ characters fall way short.

    Meanwhile, Palin’s popularity in the Lower 48 continues to shrink. She was booed at the Flyers’ game where she threw out the puck.

    Stay tuned…


    This shows me how afraid she wasn’t of Wooten…it is on her Wasilla letterhead as Mayor.

    I think the divorce and family issues started it all and she took it into her office…wrong thing to do.

    That is abuse.

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