Posted by: shannynmoore | October 12, 2008

The Oscar goes to: Meg Stapleton…The Medal of Bravery: Les Gara

For weeks the question on the lips of locals has been “What happened to Meg?” Having an outside gunslinger like Ed O’Callahan stromtroup Alaska on behalf of the McPalin ticket was offensive, but expected. Meg has lived here long enough to know the smear of the right is wrong. Representative Les Gara, never afraid to fight for the rights of disadvantaged, disabled, disenfranchised Alaskans, or those in Darfur. He is a champion. I watched this video with him late Friday night, and toasted his speaking truth to Meg.

Don’t miss part 2…it’s rich!


  1. Meg is a Bridge to Nowhere.

  2. I do not like her.

  3. Do you think it is scary how both Meg and Sarah don’t blink when they lie? Maybe they are sociopaths!
    They seem to lack a conscience.

  4. Oooooh! You got the unedited version. Niiiice. I saw the segment on the news but it wasn’t near this juicy 🙂

  5. I think she tied her lasso to the wrong maverick, which by the way is an orphaned calf.

  6. Gara is a joke. All he wants is for Meg to appologize. If she can portray what really happened, and it did, despite the fact that Palin did “abuse her power, ” An appology isn’t needed.

    When are people going to grow a pair and understand that people can say bad things about you. Not everyone has to “like” you.

    Watchout Branchflower, you better seperate your feelings from what is really going on. Emotions get in the way of reality.


  7. this is precisely the reason I have lost respect for our Governor. Up until McCain picked her, I had the utmost respect and now she is little more than a lapdog who desires to make history no matter what the cost. How sad for someone who could have been Alaska’s greatest.

  8. I used to like Sarah too, for a republican politician. I thought she was a refreshing return to civility between the parties. I had hope for her return to ethics brand of republicanism.

    Now, I see that she was just measuring the political atmosphere and playing both sides. What a different Sarah we all saw at the RNC! We saw her true colors in that she will do and say most anything to ascend to higher ranks of power.

    She’s like a candy coated turd. All charm and charisma on the outside with dark pungent center.

  9. Meg kicked his you-know-what. Good job. Les Gara does not give a hoot about republicans, he is an Obamabot who believes in wealth redistribution.

  10. Watch the guy in the black coat in the background. he almost left, but stayed a few more seconds until Meg actually accused Branchflower of his “connection” to Hollis French, that sent him on his way, shaking his head and mouthing something.

  11. i guess meg stapleton didn’t realize what she was doing until michael carey pointed it out for her at the very end.

    to me, ADN articles gave the impression that steve branchflower was a democrat and did not realize the good prosecutor is a republican until viewing these two clips.

  12. Walt Monegan deserves a huge apology from this administration. But unfortunately will instead get a huge financial settlement instead …at our taxpayer expense.

    I used to be a Palinbot but have completely lost respect.

  13. Meg is a paid employee of McPalin, of course she will not apologize. She will spout talking points until the money runs out. It’s always about the money. Good try Les, I’ve been wanting to chew Meg out for awhile.

  14. How can anyone…even a democrat…stand to listen to Les Gara? He is obnoxious and totally lying. It’s not an insult to say Monegan was insubordinate!! That is what he was DOING!! Being insubordinate to the Governor, his BOSS. And what the H does Monegan’s father have to do with saying that Monegan was insubordinate? Unbelievable display of deceitful argument on Gara’s part.

  15. Meg, you ARE a liar.

  16. Problem is is that we as Alaskan’s were completely duped into paying for this ridiculous 100K so called investigation only to get a partial report lacking a lot of information from key witnesses, a finding based on subjective opinion and the end result of dividing the state in many ways, 100K spent/wasted, and no further action.

    Gara is against anyone from McCain Palin campaign refuting and challenging his opinion of Monegan/Branchflower/French. Everyone from Anchorage knows of their ties.

    Why should anyone apologize for attacking any of them? So guys like Gara will use that against the person who apologized to spin their own hype.

    Let’s face it, there are folks in our own families we may not see eye to eye with, but what happens when a perceived outsider takes issue with them?
    We often defend them vehemently. That’s precisely the case here. Gara took issue that an outsider attacked other Alaskan’s.

    It really doesn’t matter what anyone’s political affiliation is here folks. When you become friends with someone do you first qualify that friendship by asking their party affiliation?

    Who cares what party Branchflower is? That is moot. He and his wife do in fact have significant ties with Walt Monegan and the ethics committee knew this when they hired him.

  17. […] The Oscar goes to: Meg Stapleton…The Medal of Bravery: Les Gara For weeks the question on the lips of locals has been “What happened to Meg?” Having an outside gunslinger […] […]

  18. I think McCaliens took over Megs body. I thought she worked from the GOP in AK campaign not the Gov herself. Les Gara is a fabulous man to have requested an apology, too bad he never got her to admit any wrong.

  19. How absurd to repeatedly bring up Monegan’s military service. And doubly irrelevant to bring up his dad’s service.


  21. What a lying hoser. I guess you can’t have a soul if you work for Rethuglicans, it gets in the way of your immoral theft, corruption, and abuse of power. This chick is a perfect example of the kind of monster who can lie with a pasted on smile while they sharpen their claws to stab the back of whoever gets in the way of their powerlust and greed.

  22. I’m so dismayed that the whole thing has worked out like this. It’s one thing to debate whether or not Palin should’ve fired Moneghan, but that’s not the point. Neither is it whether Branchflower had any ties with French, Moneghan, or even Santa Claus. If people would take their heads out from the Republirocks out there and actually read the report…it’s startling.

    If the interviews detailed in the report contain a shred of truth…and notice that Palin hasn’t debated that at all…then she did, in fact, unethically, abuse her power and position as Governor. It’s not an opinion; it’s a fact as defined by ethics law. C’mon, folks…quit beating around the proverbial bush and read the facts.

  23. VOTE!
    Did Palin abuse her power?

    3 on line news polls

  24. Steelhorse said, above, “Problem is is that we as Alaskan’s were completely duped into paying for this ridiculous 100K so called investigation only to get a partial report lacking a lot of information from key witnesses, a finding based on subjective opinion and the end result of dividing the state in many ways, 100K spent/wasted, and no further action.”

    steelhorse, if you weren’t paying attention, the reason you have a complaint about the quality of the investigation is because sarah palin and john mccain did everything they could to derail it. you didn’t notice?

    you weren’t listening pre-august 29 when sarah palin publicly stated that she encouraged the investigation?

    what could possibly upended an investigation that was begun with the approval of all sides?

    couldn’t possibly have anything to do with sarah palin’s political ambitions, could it?

  25. p.s. thanks for the video.

    les gara did well in sticking to his original question of meg stapleton — “are you going to apologize.”

    it would have been nice to hear him slap ms. stapleton around with the simple fact that sarah palin was found to have committed a violation of ethics. but all in all, he did well — watching her twist painfully around the simple pivot of her inability to apologize.

  26. Who knew Alaska was such a hot bed. I am going to re-plan my next vacation to visit the state to see what I come across while walking on the sidewalk. It sure beats buying The Star at the local grocery every week. But I have to wonder now, what is Meg Stapleton going to do when the Palins [as it seems the First Dude can use her office quite a bit] will be coming back to Alaska on 11/05/08 looking for work?

  27. If she is guilty or not it does look bad for her to fire an executive after asking him to fire one of his troopers. A trooper that use to be a member of the family. It is also bad for her husband to be involved in this at all. She is the elected official not him. I don’t think we need a report to know this. In the end…we paid for a report and probably will have to pay Walt because he was fired. Guilty or not!

  28. Meg says she is speaking for Sarah…guess someone has to as she sure can not speak for herself.

    How can she say mainstream media is treating her badly and yell sexism when she won’t even talk to them.

    I find her a coward and her ends justify her means, she lies and believes what she says.
    I don’t feel that McCain has put any words into that foul mouth, not after hearing and reading the things she said as Mayor and now Governor.

    She needs to go back to Alaska and answer to all the people who put their lives into her hands.
    How can you possibly trust someone who has no clue of her own wrong doings?

    Obama/Biden ’08

  29. Meg is an idiot and as someone said above a psycho. She doesn’t have an original thought in her head and will speak talking points until she turns blue.

    Just a gimpse into Palin’s administration and the Mccain campaign, true weasels!!

  30. http://www.palinfight****.com/palin/
    What say you now about all of this CRAP??

    I say it’s Meg Staple-tounge’s version of porn. I altered the site because I won’t send people to the site. It’s everywhere.
    UGH. Ok, just a few more days….yes, we can!

  31. […] she was accompanied by her fellow Alaskan pit bull in high heels, Meg Stapleton, who headed up the GOP hit squad in Alaska last fall when Palin was on the campaign trail with John McCain; and a couple of elder […]

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