Posted by: shannynmoore | October 13, 2008

A Letter to Alaskans

Dear Alaska,

It’s been a roller coaster of a fall…or should I say Autumn. Maybe it just feels like a fall. We’ve all been catapulted up to the stars, and now I wonder what the re-entry is going to feel like. Where will we land?

Remember how it used to be? You could get on a plane, lay by a pool, stand in line for a concert…pretty soon you would hear “Wow, really? Alaska? What’s that like? Cold?” What I love about being born and raised here is now mocked on national TV. Growing up on a brown bear refuge; catching my first silver on a dolly rod; stranded in rural West Cook Inlet with life threatening appendicitis, being flown through a raging storm for emergency surgery by a pilot who happened to be a real maverick; learning, first hand, the amazing adverse adventures of the great pioneers of this Great Land, have all mutated into a Jerry Springer meets Northern Exposure episode. Alaska had a mystique that inspired books and movies. It’s over, “my friends.” Now, all people will want to know is if you read newspapers, eat moose burgers and own a snowmachine. The truth for many of us is “yes.” I’m making moose chili for a debate night gathering of my friends on Wednesday night. My mantra has been if you don’t Ski-Doo, you Ski-Don’t. If you don’t live here, you’re probably laughing. Our lives have been turned into a punch line. I want to scream, “I didn’t vote for her! I read! I travel! I’m not that mean!”

Let’s be honest. We have grown fat on pork. I haven’t complained. I like bacon. But things on the horizon are looking a bit vegan. Ted Stevens has brought it home in buckets, but it looks like he’s going to have a few eyes on him should he make it into the next session. Don Young secured money for a bridge or two to nowhere, and wanted to name one of them after himself. After his Coconut Road fiasco, still being investigated by Congress, I think they are going to make sure he doesn’t even get a coconut, much less a road. So where does that get us? John McPalin is looking rather flaccid in the polls. His big display of “Maverickness” is his promise to make America “pork free.” Wow, how’s that gonna work for Alaska? Other option: O’Bama, O’Berkowitz and O’Begich! How much help do you think the returning Governor Palin is going to get from a Democrat President, House and Senate?

Stop playing tiddlywinks and start playing chess. Where will Alaska stand with an Obama presidency? Where will we stand with a cranky Sarah Palin? After the nastiness of this election, how will those in power take care of Alaska’s needs? What do we deserve as Alaskans? Do we have to wait for another 1964 Earthquake to get attention? Or another oil spill? We all know the truth about our Governor’s abuse of power. We now know more about the Palins than we ever should know about any of our neighbors. Her reality deficit issues are becoming more apparent by the day. I’m asking you, what should we do?

PS. If you aren’t an Alaskan, it’s OK. We need to hear from you!



  1. Make a RECALL Palin website with a DONATION mechanism and see how many Americans will gladly help you finance it. I don’t think you will have any problem getting however much money you will need to get her out of office from people all over the world.

  2. Having learned most of what I knew about Alaska from “Northern Exposure,” and “Mystery, Alaska,” An unexpected bonus from the focus on Palin was that it forced me to do two things: learn more about the state and it’s culture, and read Shannyn’s blog.

    What I discovered was a much more vibrant and sophisticated state than I had imagined. I have to admit to some curiousity about the mooseburger thing. Having grown up eating venison that seemed like a reasonable diet.

    One observation: yesterday Palin was wearing a polar bear pin while speaking in Richmond. (I had been tempted to attend but succesfully fought the feeling.) Given her ambivalence about global warming I wasn’t sure if it was irony or something else.

    Keep up the fight to keep Alaska beautiful and progressive.

  3. What happens next depends on what Alaskans do next.

    Do we continue to demonstrate to the world the kind of ethical fortitude that made sure the Branchflower report was released to the public?

    Do we demand a recall or special election Sarah Palin simply for being a national embarrassment?

    Do we start exhibiting the kind of self reliance that Alaskans were famous for before we became soaked in oil?

    I am betting we do all of that.

    This state was forged by people who sat on their asses waiting for a handout. This state was cut form the wilderness by the toughest, most independent, eclectic people any one could imagine.

    They flew small planes, held together with duct tape, over thousands of miles of terrain that was almost completely inhospitable. They lived in tiny cabins with no running water, Visquine windows, and a tiny pot belly stove hat only heated about a four foot area. They hunted their food, made their own roads, and would not take a dime from the Government.

    So what is going to happen is that the people who came up here to get that fat PFD check are going to leave, and what will remain will be the TRUE Alaskans that used to make me proud to call this place my home.

    Personally I welcome the change.

  4. I think Palin has demonstrated that she is running her own personal agenda of advancing her career and lining her own pockets, and that she is not representing Alaskans, “Joe 6-pack,” or anyone who does not bring her more money or power.

    We’ve only uncovered the tip of the iceberg of Palin’s lies in her greedy pursuit of this path. She is clearly comfortable with lying, blaming, spinning, endangering others and saying whatever she needs to for personal gain. With a bit more diligence and digging, I’d expect to uncover many more outright lies, ethics violations, special favors, instances of embezzlement and false accusations of people standing in her path.

    Now that this pattern has become visible, I would be extremely disappointed in Alaskans and their legislature if they did NOT attempt to right the situation. Investigate. Impeach. Recall.

    Show us who you really are.

    Do it before you are sold up the river by the people who are supposed represent your interests, but clearly do not have the capacity to represent anybody but themselves.


    P.S. Shannyn, Great blog! Great work!

  5. I don’t think you have any reason to worry about an Obama White Offce and Alaska – Obama doesn’t even let his crowd boo when McCain’s name is said. He is a calm and rational man, and there is no way any one could hold Alaskans responsible for Palin.

    I can’t speak for everyone – but I can tell you that me, my family, and everyone I talk to supports and respects Alaska – we want to preserve the wildlife and the awsesome land that is there. You hold in your hands one of the natural treasures we all hold dear to heart and for that we are truly grateful.

    After learning more about Alaska and getting know some of the residents (through their blogs) I want to visit more then ever.

    As far as what to do next – I agree with Taylor – go for a RECALL. I’ll be first inline to offer a donation and I’m sure many others would too.

    Reach out to Rachael Maddow and\or Keith Olbermann to get your message out – email newspapers and who ever will listen to let the world know about the recall efforts.

    A recall probably could not be done in time for election – but the fact that one was under way could help save all of us from the unthinkable.

    Alaska’s image has not been tainted by Palin – if anything our respect for your free spirit, tenaciousness, and quest for the truth makes us all respect Alaskan citizens even more.

    Know that you have this New Jersey girl’s support and respect. If there is anything I can do to help for whatever you decided to do, just let me know.

  6. Good post. One edit suggestion, though. In paragraph six, first line, I think you meant to say, “This state was NOT forged by people who….”

  7. Palin, who claims to be a reformer is simply “more of the same” in Alaska politics. I would suggest she is much worse. The people of Alaska have an answer in “Troopergate” and we now know that Palin violated the ethics statute and abused her power. In my book that is pretty serious for someone who proclaims to be “the clean up kid”.
    Now it appear there may be issues with regard to who actually built her house and whether or not favors were involved, sounding similar to the Ted Stevens scenerio.
    In addition Alaskans have lingering questions as to whether or not Palin lied and faked her pregnancy.
    The people of Alaska have a RIGHT to know the truth and need to demand answers. In my book this goes directly to the question of integrity. What kind of a person would do these things? That is the question Alaskans need to ask themselves and if they want that person representing them in government.

  8. Well, since you asked, a couple of ideas come to mind:

    1. Take control of the government. Demand that the legislature impeach Gov. Palin. Vote out Sen. Stevens and Rep. Young. They are all corrupt hacks. Replace all of them with people who will make the case for Alaska on the merits. Continue to watch them closely, and if they don’t work for the benefits of Alaskans, vote them out and try again. That’s how the system is supposed to work. The Legislature’s Troopergate investigation has shown that there are plenty of smart, capable politicians in Alaska — in both parties — who are truly dedicated to public service, so I’m optimistic about the state’s future representation.

    2. Instead of just doling out checks, which from the outside looks a lot like politicians passing out bribes to voters, why not use the permanent fund for the benefit of future generations? After all, isn’t the objective of the fund to set aside money for use when the oil runs out? How about investing at least some of the fund money, along with the proceeds from the oil taxes, in the state’s infrastructure and development projects, rather than depending solely on federal handouts. Most of us in the lower 48 aren’t going to object to matching that sort of investment and it’ll go a long way to realizing Gryphen’s admirable objective of getting folks off their asses. Not only that, but the continuing financial crisis and coming recession mean that the federal government is going to have to invest in a variety of projects to prevent economic collapse, so matching money should continue to be available for worthwhile projects. Use that wisely and more will follow, even after the recovery.

    3. Keep blogging. The one undeniably good thing to come of out the Palin fiasco is that the country has discovered the marvelous collection of Alaska blogs and the talented people who write them.

    Finally, one sure way to bug those of us who subscribe to the “other option” is to use the noun instead of the adjective form of our party’s name, i.e., “from a Democrat president, house and senate?” We Democrats are proud members of the Democratic Party and we have never appreciated the Lee Atwater/Karl Rove tactic of denigrating the proud name of the party of Jefferson.

  9. Oh Shannyn….no fear. Its not Alaska that is being laughed at…its Palin.

    I live very close to Churchill Manitoba, so I can tell you I live with similar beauty in terms of people..animals and beautiful outdoors.

    Palin will return to Alaska. I dont know if you have enough to impeach her…but if not, let her ride out her term and then elect someone else. Someone like and Andrew Halcro or a Shannyn Moore. Bottom line…Palin has to go.

    Can you answer something for me. The branchflower report states she is guilty of abusing the public trust. She says it cleared her. How does this play in Alaska…and will anyone dare to confront her on it. Its obvious she is not going to appear on any news show for an indepth interview.

    Thanks for your hard work

    Thompson MB Canada

  10. I agree with Gryphen : recall, special election, impeachment proceedings, encourage Monegan to drag her to court for harassment. Something has to be done pronto while she is still Governor (before the election) and while there is still time to throw another stick into the wheel of the election. And fast while it is still in the minds of the electorate. The McPalins are acting like there is nothing wrong, like nothing happened, and we all know how short the American population’s collective memory is…. Out of sight, out of mind.

    I think that all of you right-minded (!) Alaskans have been doing a hell of a job getting the truth out there to us outside of your beautiful state. You seem to be able to spread a message and organize yourselves really fast. So you know, we are counting on you!!

  11. Shannyn – Please announce the name of the Recall Sarah Palin activity so I can properly write the check I want to send your way. Who do I write the check to, and what is the address that I can send it to? Then, let me know when the “recall” website is up and running so I can contribute that way also. Thanks!

  12. The time I spent in Alaska was a positive one. My youngest son was born in Anchorage. People of Alaska are strong. They have what most people in the lower 48 only dream of. I was beginning to feel that the Alaska I knew was gone, taken over by the oil industry. When I left there they were selling Alaska Oil to China.

    I am in California now and the recall of Gov Davis took less then 6 months. This was a Special recall/election.So we ended up with the Boob n Grabber. Granted that wasn’t much of a change but we made our statement.

    With all that Alasans have done to save us from a V.P. one heartbeat away from a 72 year old heartbeat you saved us from being embarrassed for years to come.

    I must say that Alaska has always empacted my family. We know that today might be tough, but the rewards are great for the work that is accomplished.

    Enough rambling from an old goat. You have our support Shannyn. I will always remember this election as being the one our Country came together.

    Highest regards,

  13. I’m with the Obama campaign in Wasilly. I will mention this movement and your site tonight at our meeting tonight. If we could drain the swamp this coming year, Alaskans could do so much better with our beautiful state.

    Let’s take some of our oil revenues and invest in solar and wind energy. I wonder how many people in urban areas could live off the grid for half a year with all the summer sun we receive? Think of all the new green jobs that could be created if we didn’t have so many oily politicians running our state. Think of the natural renewable resources that would be responsibly managed. More than any other year I can remember, we have now have hope and the opportunity to set things right. Let’s all stay active folks.

  14. As painful as the Palin experience has been for all with a progressive bent, and especially to Alaskans, the one positive of her selection as running mate to John McCain is the intense scrutiny of her ethics and character so early in her political career. Had she been able to stay and fester in Alaska for her entire term and possibly a second, think of the damage she could have done. Because of the last two months, with so much about her coming to light, her power and effectiveness on both a local and national stage has been severely reduced. If she is able to withstand or by-pass a recall, she is still crippled…and that is good for you in Alaska, as well as us here in the lower 48. Thank you Alaskan Progressives for standing up for the people of your state. You are an inspiration!

  15. You people are so very sad and ignorant. All of a sudden the people of Alaska “hate” Gov Palin when she has had the highest ratings for a Gov throughout the country.

    The reason I think your pathetic is the fact that Trooper Gate is a non issue. But yet you see zero problem with Obama paying 800,00 dollars to a organization that is being investigated for voter fraud in ten states. And what about his lawsuit? Are you even curious as to wonder why he could end it by just providing his birth certificate? Contributions from third world countries? Ties to a domestic terrorist?

    Nah. You dont care about those things, you rather talk about “Trooper Gate”. The blog owner will get donations from everywhere and I must say its a wonderful scam to get more donations for the Obama campaign.

    But dont worry. I intend to write a very special blog post for individuals such as yourself who are grasping straws. We vote on the top of the ticket not the bottom.


  16. I’m from the lower 48 and all for the recall….with the donation link.
    and Totally agree with Lady Rose:

    Alaska’s image has not been tainted by Palin – if anything our respect for your free spirit, tenaciousness, and quest for the truth makes us all respect Alaskan citizens even more.

  17. Soldier4Hillary…your complete ignorance is revealed in your FoxNoise Post. Educate yourself. ACORN Voter Fraud is a right wing scam. It doesn’t exist. In fact, Bush fired US Attorneys in multiple states because they investigated supposed ACORN Voter Fraud and came up empty handed. Yes, ACORN turns in ALL registration cards. The reports of false names are true-REPORTED BY ACORN! Voter fraud doesn’t happen unless someone tries to vote as Mickey Mouse or Tony Romo. It won’t happen.

    The only terrorist is the McCain Palin campaign. They are whipping up angry white KKK crowds into a racist fury. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start burning crosses at their rallies. Both Palin AND McCain have ties to a notorius convicted terrorist: G GORDON LIDDY! If all you got is Obama’s birth certificate….that’s pathetic. McCain was born in Panama…Get a life…My friend…

  18. Hi Shannyn, I am the listener who sent you and Jon Elliott the compliment last night. You both made history with your not giving up and getting to the truth on Troopergate. I can not believe Sarah Palin can stand before the nation and lie and say she has been vindicated. For 8 years we have listened to lies from Bush & Cheney. They did it in ways that it could have been taken as truth, but Sarah Palin lies knowing the entire nation know she is lying. She is a disgrace, how can she call herself an American. If I had young children I would have a hard time right now teaching them right from wrong, that lying is bad when there’s a woman out there running for VP who is clearly lying. It makes me wonder how she raised her own children. We seem to have a lot of information about one of her children, what about the rest. Keep doing what you’re doing. As you said, truth is not partisan. Marilyn from Florida

  19. I want you to know that if people are laughing at Palin and appalled by her, they are not laughing at Alaskans and not appalled by you.

    We admire what you folks are doing. It’s a shame you feel so dragged through the mud and upended by your governor. But we know she’s responsible for that, not the citizens. And we’re grateful that you are leading the way here for the restoration of the Rule of Law in our nation.

    When this is all over, Alaskans will actually be much better known and appreciated. I guarantee that. Thanks for your patriotism.

  20. I think the first thing we need to do is get you back on the radio. Once the voters in this country send Palin back to Wasilla, the voters of this state send Don back to Fort Yukon, and the jury in Washington DC sends Uncle Ted to the nearest federal pen, we Alaskans have some work to do. And we need a strong voice on the air to get it done, something we haven’t had in far too long now.

    I am not sure there is enough in the Branchflower report to impeach, but recall could be just as good. The R’s are so fractured right now it would be a great chance to get a D elected to really bring back some integrity to the office and the state.

    I think that there is a lot of energy in the state against these people, and it would be a shame if we let it go away on Nov 5th.

  21. I say start a petition to get her recalled…she is a lying slimebag cut from the same cloth as Murkowski and Stevens. I am not an Alaskan, but as an American, a mother, and a woman, I am embarassed by her…how must we look to the world by saying this was one of the four best and brightest we have to determine the fate of our country?

    By reading your blogs it has opened my eyes to what being a true Alaskan means, and Sarah is not it.

    I personally would donate whatever I could to help fund a recall/impeachment effort.

  22. I have actually been very impressed by the people of Alaska and by the professionalism of officials of the state who have been thrown into a horrible and no doubt totally unexpected mess. I can’t imagine being on that legislative committee or on the personnel board (who I understand are appointed by the Gov, but who are volunteers. They get to wade into this mess without even being compensated for it) with the eyes not just of the country, but now the world on you as you just try to do your job. It has been a horrible time for you all, but several people of enormous integrity and bravery have emerged. Palin’s penchant for vindictiveness is worrisome if she should end up with the power of the Veep’s office behind her, but given the reaction of the people of Alaska to Trooergate, I have no doubt they will not let her get away with much.

  23. I think it would be best to let SarahCuda come back and finish out her term. I’m sure she has some more “abuses of power” in mind to try. I’m also sure Alaskans are tiring of being the most corrupt state in the Union. Maybe the Valdez spill can’t be cleaned up completely but your statehouse and Federal level officials surely can be.

    Come on Alaska, I’m rootin’ for you!

    Look at the dumbass Texas sent to Washington! You’re going to be spared all that added embarrassment.

    That will be one more thing you can hold over Texas (the second biggest state).

  24. Make sure someone tells the truth about the parentage of little Trig. Make Dr. Kathy Baldwin-Johnson state the truth of his birth. I’ll bet after that comes out, Tina Fey will not be the only one who does not want to play Sarah Palin. I’ll bet Sarah Palin will have a hard time showing her face as Sarah Palin. What she put her teenage daughter through on a national stage just shows that a narcissist as a mother is not a good combination. She needs to be discredited so we do not see more of her on the national political stage. Redeem yourselves Alaska!

  25. Saracuda will return as a ‘Lame Duck’ governor only 2 short years into her tenure. The only support coming from the only ‘real’ partisans (the 5 remaining legislators who filed suit against TG and Palin herself. Demonizing ones former allies is a long standing Palin ‘strategy’ (Lyda Green, Hollis French, Les Gara…)

    She will attempt a run at Lisa Murkowski’s senate seat and lose. Though some of my money is on a Palin WH run in 2012. Her conscience knows no bounds.

    Over the last 6 weeks, Alaskans have learned that she and her cabinet will lie to her legisla-TORS, lie to Alaskans, lie under God, lie under anyone who will get her ahead in her deranged view of America.

    I watched my neighbor remove his McCain/Palin yard sign and bumper sticker on Saturday. No doubt he watched Palin lie to his face on etoo many times.

  26. Gryphen your response really resonated with me (apart from the typo where you forgot to put in a NOT — but I understood what you meant to say).

    I was born & raised in AK and have spent 35 of my 40 years here.

    Alaska pre-PFD was a much better place. And the “energy rebate” checks this year just really pi$$ed me off! I don’t know how many dozens of people I told that money should have been spent on other real projects that had long-term positive energy value, or just left in the account for a rainy day! Guess what, our rainy day came just a couple of weeks after everyone got those checks in the form of an economic crash that meant the account lost billions of dollars!

    Oil will not last forever, nor will that savings account.

    First step that Alaskans need to take: Bombard the legislators to ensure that this ethics violation issue is not forgotten nor swept under the rug! They reconvene in January, let the emails fly from your fingertips to them!

    Second step: No more PFDs!!!! The pork gravy train is gone forever, Alaskans, so let’s come up with ways to invest the savings in Alaska in ways that will survive the test of time (memo: snowmobiles & big-screen tvs do not last forver).

    By the way, I remember fondly summers in Talkeetna at our cabin, didn’t need the wood stove in the summer, so much more pleasant, took baths in the visqueen bath house w/old tub, had an outhouse, etc… Many years of frozen pipes in the winters. And hockey moms back then were too busy keeping warm — as games were ALL outside in temps often under 0 — to be pitbulls! We were so cold! Newsflash everyone: Sarah Palin is NOT a real Alaskan by my definition! Real Alaskans love Alaska and show it in meaningful ways, particularly by honoring the beauty & resources of Alaska, oil NOT INCLUDED!

  27. *pinch me* It’s like xmas morning today with all the awesome news – McCain’s transition chief is tied to lobbyists who worked for Saddam; tons of truth coming about about Palin – the AIP coverage on CNN, and also a huge list of her unethical conduct for years while in office including thousands of dollars worth of gifts (links in my post on my blog)

    Almost time for a big Truth Celebration Party! 🙂

    With all the information coming out about Palin there should be no problem getting her out of office.

  28. The people of our State must do what the legislature can not yet do.

    Start the recall process; it is (so far anyway) our right to petition.

    There just are not that many active conservative theorist and far right wing operatives left in Alaska to keep the petition from shedding the bad seed.

    Look at the bright side. Sara Palin has singlehandedly flushed out into the open

    Let the chips fall where they may.

  29. You are asking a really valid question….and you are right that this one pathetic woman has soiled the image all of us had of Alaska, that being said, the Alaskans for Truth holding rallies and blogging and speaking up with such wisdom and conviction showed us the REAL Alaska….and it is true that Sarah is NO Maggie of Northern Exposure..she trys to paint herself as cute and the “Hockey Mom”…..but really we all saw her for what she is, a right wing trained neoconal princess…and Troopergate showed us something else…

    That she is NOT good enough to be your Guv….she does not respect her own people, her own employees, or her state, enough to tell the Truth…much less respect the Truth…how could any of you trust her after this ? You deserve better….

    Her Credibility to lead your state is beyond repair..and learning that she has used her Husband to “rule” and harrass , says that she thinks nothing of mis-using her status, and her family….and this situation will now only worsen as she has said that she has done Nothing wrong…..there is no contrition there and no concern for her state or her position…she is deluded…..drunken with power( perhaps narccistic?? )

    I agree with Number One Commenter- Set up a site….for Recall ( to start) and set it up to get donations..

    But I think the following options are on the table after how she has conducted herself- esp . this week…
    (1) Recall
    (2) Censure
    (3) Impeach…

    Us the folks down under- the lower48….we support you all and are very proud of you….However you all proceed we will continue to offer our support and help…in any way we can….

  30. excuse me please I hit the enter button too soon.

    Palin has single-handedly flushed out into the open what might be the most dangerous of threats that could come from the enemy within.

  31. I feel terrible that good people in Alaska have been given a black eye by Sarah and her brood. Keep in mind there are many in the lower 48 that know there are great people there. Every state has it’s idiots. I guess it’s just that Alaska really doesn’t get much press…until now.

    Hopefully when the nation sends her back to you you will be able to recall her. That would be a great idea. Alaska deserves better than Sarah Palin and the first stalker Todd.

    You all might want to start using some of that check you receive every year to do some things that benefit all of Alaska because I have a feeling the pork is not going to be coming your way as it did before.

    Take heart , while many see Sarah as defect on the beautiful face of Alaska…it’s something that can be healed.


  32. She is not fit to serve Alaskans in any capacity. Therapy is needed for her and her family, wow, what a bunch of misfits. Recall her. Do your great state a favor. Good luck.

  33. I’ll repeat something I posted over at Mudflats re Stevens emails, but it’s relevant for this thread:

    A more serious note for the decent citizens of AK (I’ve only visited once, but really enjoyed it):

    a) AK gets substantially more money from the Federal government than it sends. The last numbers I’ve seen were from 2001, but I believe the general idea is still true.
    That year, AK had ~5th best ratio of (received)/sent:

    b) Some of us live in states that get less back than we pay, and in CA’s case, in effect, all by ourselves we contribute about 20% of the extra money that goes to AK.

    c) Right now, the *overpowering* impression is that despite having many decent citizens, AK is visibly led by politicians who are great at earmarks for dumb projects, and whose houses get built/improved by construction buddies who are the recipients of our tax money… and that there is endemic corruption up there that is newly in people’s attention. This may or may not be fair, but people wonder about SP’s house and the Governor’s Mansion, and Uncle Ted’s place…

    d) We’re all in for some difficult economic times, and I’m not sure how keen most of the contributing states will be for subsidizing AK.

    e) Hence, it would behoove decent Alaskans to be *quite* visibly seen to be sweeping corruption out in this election…

    and that’s not just Sarah.
    I’ll also add: AK uses about 4-5X the energy/capita of states like CA or NY. Some of that is climate, some is the huge size of AK for the population, but some seems to be not paying attention.

    Some places (like CA, where I am) are running as fast as we can to build an energy infrastructure that will work for people’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren, i.e., say in 2100, when there’s very little oil/gas left. Peak Oil is already in the bumpy plateau at the top, and world production will very likely start slipping in the next decade. AK at least maybe able to have some longer than most places, although it also needs to sell some.

    We think we know how to build a 22nd-century economy/infrastructure (for CA, some might apply elsewhere, some might not):

    – all-out increases in efficiency of everything, including especially buildings- of course, it never freezes where most CA folks live, which makes it easier than in AK.

    – solar, wind, geothermal, hydro for all electricity

    – PHEV/BEV for cars and light trucks, electrified railroads

    – modest amount of biofuels, algae diesel? maybe solar->hydrogen (that’s further out, if ever) for any transport we can’t electrify, like Class 8 trucks, and as range-extenders in PHEVs. Maybe Venter or the algae wizards will do something good enough to save some non-military aviation.

    Petroleum isn’t going away over night, or even over-decade, but it’s energy *capital*, not energy *income*, and it might be a nice idea to *invest* some of it while it lasts, not just spend it, especially in a huge state with a rough climate.

    Some states (not just CA) have long-term visions for what each might look post-petroleum. I hope somebody in AK is thinking hard about it.

  34. A lot of us down here in the 48 are on your side. Some have visited, others (including myself) have worked in AK (Bristol Bay, Cook Inlet, Kodiak, Southeastern, Chignik.)

    We know the beauty, hardships and tremendous promise; even if we don’t turn a spade of dirt, learn how to repair a gill or seine net, or driven a frozen road on the north slope.

    I know some folks see elk and see a trophy, others see meat hung and aged. I see something that reminds me of why AK reminds me of my ancestral Scotland.

    You can walk for days and see no one, then turn the corner and a see smoke pouring from a cabin on windswept tundra.

    I met and knew first hand men who were a part of the “10,000 Mile War” and talked to survivors of the cataclysm which was the Good Friday earthquake.

    I think I can grasp the pain your experiencing through my own experience here in Washington State where the salmon are gone and the old growth nearly so. Where I became so tired of seeing ‘Proposed Land Use’ signs on every empty wooded lot that I moved eighty miles north of Seattle where deer and bear and coyote routinely enjoy the solitude of my land (hopefully in the foreknowledge that the only thing I will shoot at them is a D300 Nikon.)

    Living on the slopes of an active strato volcano has its risks as Mt. St. Helens demonstrated.

    If I couldn’t live here and I wasn’t ready to move to the Highlands, I’d live in AK (and I don’t need to know how to dress a moose.)

    Best advice I can give you I give to my crew, keep a weather eye on the horizon, know how much water under your keel and stay out of the bight.

    Fair winds, following seas

  35. we need to get serious in addressing environmental and climate change issues. they will trump everything else. soon! we’re on the front lines. we should be taking a cue from iceland. we could be international leaders in developing sustainable alternatives. it sounds cliche but that’s really what it’s all about, from this day forward.

  36. I vote that you have Tina Fey be your governor for the rest of the term. Meanwhile, Sarah can go guest host on SNL and 30 Rock.

  37. Wow, I always thought Alaska was one neat state before Sarah came along. I must admit that “interviews” with patrons of your local bars suggests a rather racist attitude. But I still expect that is a minority view. I think we are more than willing to return you up there to proper status as the most beautiful state, but please do something with that woman when she returns. She is so utterly embarassing on so many levels. Her wrongheadedness on just about every social issue, coupled with her excruciating lack of interest in world and national affairs is simply stunning. She seems to want to be powerful without bothering to do any work. Please kick her behind out, and then we can talk! LOL.

  38. I’m from Arkansas, as soon as you get the donation website set up to impeach SP I’m in.

  39. You aren’t seriously suggesting that those of us in the lower 48 think the Governor is typical of of Alaskans? I grew up in Buffalo NY, a city full of good people electing bad government. I’m sure it’s true of a lot of other places as well.

    Maybe Alaska SHOULD be receiving “pork” from the federal government from time to time. That other bridge, the one across the Cook inlet – a reasonable project IMHO. Anchorage really have the tax base to get that built themselves?

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