Posted by: shannynmoore | October 14, 2008

Wasilla Project “Sarah’s Church & State”

I was able to spend some time with the “Wasilla Project” film crew. Amazing Americans who were on a quest for truth. The Anne Kilkenny interview is great, and puts a face to “The Letter.” Enjoy.



  1. friggin awesome!

  2. Excellent video! It raises important issues and poses interesting questions in a quietly understated way, making it all the more provocative.

    Pailin’s popularity continues to flame out and I just haven’t heard the kind of enthusiasm for her here in VA that she generated even a few weeks ago. Her call to Rush Limbaugh in which she stated she had “nothing to lose” by attacking Obama was both chilling and revealing. She has a lot to lose. The election, for example.

    I just finished a post in which I suggest that the noun and verb “pailin” be adopted into everyday language…

    Thanks for sharing, Shannyn.

  3. I just keep thinking, WHY did Sarah Palin take the hatefilled-attack-dog route? She could have effectively used her gender, charm, and outsiderness.

    There is something deeply disturbing her and about her. She had been good at politics and steering media to her advantage. She has a supportive family and friends in high places.

    But, instead of being the grounded, religious, mainstreet hockey-mom, she leads the charge for hatred and bigotry.

    Something made her snap, and a scortched-earth is her mechanism for easing the pain. Maybe, some day we’ll know what set her off, but she obviously needs some professional help.

  4. As a woman we need talented women to unite us and lead us all. It is a no win situation for us to have such a talented woman speaker as Palin who does not represent all. Palin’s “new” speeches are hate fueled. In this history of this country we can point out others who have been talented and have the ability to rally a base but have chosen the wrong path and led their followers into destruction.

  5. Hey Lee Homer: “…have such a talented woman speaker as Palin…”

    WHAT? Talented? Have you heard her speak? How much talent do you need to read a teleprompter? True talent is the ability to think on your feet; to answer questions honestly while demonstrating the ability to string a couple of sentences together. Palin has FAILED in that regard! She rarely answered questions as governor and she hasn’t answered any follow up questions as Republican VP Nominee. All she does is recite talking points. PERIOD! She is not talented. She is charmed. It’s different. She has a knack for being in the right place at the right time.

  6. I have a problem reconciling Palin’s view on abortion and her treatment of her body/baby during her 5th pregnancy. Exercising/dieting to such extreme that no one recognizes that she’s pregnant until she discloses at 7 months. At around 8 months, flying from Alaska to Seattle to Houston and back. With ambionic fluid leaking and with an exceptional pregnancy (age 44, down syndrome), Palin passes up excellent medical facilities only to arrive at Wasilla’s hospital that doesn’t serve high risk births.

    Did she want to leave this baby in God’s hands?

    Forgive me if I’m out of line here. I had my daughter when I was 42. My doctor prescribed exercise, but all flying was out. Precaution was the name of the game. But then I’m not Alaskan. Does that matter?

  7. What an amazing view. Pristine jumps to mind. Swiftly followed by cold. Thank you for sharing the image. I’d love to see any more you care to post.

    Palin is an adept mimic. She mimics effective politicians and leaders. It is not in her. It is affected.

    What does seem to be in her leaks out tellingly, as in a speech given during the last 24 hours addressing McCain’s where she refers to the current economic crisis as our “time of testing.” This is a hallmark Evangelical phrase. Palin’s world view is irrevocably shaped by her religious views. And they are neither tolerant nor passive.

    Enjoyed the video.

  8. Thank-you for this video!

  9. I keep thinking about the visuals in this video with beautiful Ann, s pagan princess in a natural cotton hippie tie die out in the orchard harvesting the fruit of the land, in juxtaposition to the film footage of Sarah Palin dressed up sharp in her designer clothes cutting the red ribbon for the opening of the new Super Walmart in Wasilla with the pastor who blessed the opening and all who passed through their doors.

    Thanks for keeping it real in the Valley, Ann.

  10. There’s a new one out titled: “Sarah Palin: Fiscal Conservative?”

  11. Great video!

    How can this be distributed, especially in swing states where there are groups of voters who would be concerned about the political dangers of apocalyptic thinking in the White House?

    When SP talks about Putin “rearing his head” that’s also out of the updated end times scenario the fundamentalists adapt from Revelation/Apocalypse.

    God’s will, Sarah knows, is to drill; she’s privy to His plan.

    At end of days the good Lord pays – or is that Taliban?

    “Pray away the gay” – her church says today. Alaska’s a “refuge state.”

    When Judgment comes, her raptured chums throng Nome’s pearly gate.

    (from “The Nomination of Sarah P.”)

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