Posted by: shannynmoore | October 15, 2008

Losing Civility

“I’ve got nothin’ to lose.” – Sarah Palin on Rush Limbaugh October 14, 2008


I agree. She has imploded on a national screen. When you hit bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up. As Governor, she has gone sideways on her promise to Alaskans. Her “open and transparent” mantra has been revealed to be secretive, vindictive and disingenuous. Indeed, Sarah Palin has nothing to lose.
We, as Americans, however, are in danger of losing all that we stand for. Since the excuse of 9/11, the Bush administration has all but stolen the Constitution. The Patriot Act, (Part I and Part II) viciously attacked and undermined the Bill of Rights-in particular the 4th Amendment which protects Americans from unusual searches and seizures. Bush’s Military Commissions Act of 2006 swiped away not just a “quaint” part of the document, but the foundation itself, Habeas Corpus. In addition, the MCA of 2006 legalized torture retroactive to 2001. The recent passage of the FISA Bill provided retroactive immunity for law breaking telecoms that illegally wiretapped Americans BEFORE 9/11 at the request of the Bush Administration. The FISA Bill further concentrated Executive branch power allowing companies to break the law so long as they had a permission slip from the president. As a result, we have officially gone from a country under the Rule of Law to one under the Rule of Men.

Sarah Palin has nothing to lose.

America does.

We are in danger of losing civility. Elections are competitive and sometimes downright nasty. It’s understood when all is said and done and the votes are counted and stolen, we mend fences and resolve to get along-even if our team loses. In recent years, personal attacks have become commonplace. Over decades, we have witnessed political campaigns morph from heated policy disagreements to outing damning personal skeletons in opponent’s closets. In four short years, we have moved from 3rd party Swift Boating to candidates themselves, like Sarah Palin and John McCain, openly and tacitly endorsing their campaign rally crowd’s call for murder! There are unspoken protocols that keep this ultimate competition for the most powerful office in the world civil. Those protocols have disappeared like the Bill of Rights under Bush. The coded xenophobic language is not that covert. McCain and Palin love to refer to Barack Obama by his full name. “Who is Barack Hussein Obama?” The only time someone’s middle name is used is when their mother is mad at them or they have committed some awful crime; John Wilkes Booth. Lee Harvey Oswald. John Wayne Gacy. But they relish Obama’s middle name, Hussein, because it is a Muslim name. And, an Arab Muslim could never be president because this is America. Only white Christian men can be president, right? At a McCain town hall campaign rally last week, a woman gave a singular voice to the rabid Republican mob. She said she didn’t trust Obama because he was an Arab. McCain grabbed the microphone, shook his head in disagreement and said, “No, ma’am, he’s a decent family man.” As if being an Arab and a decent family man are mutually exclusive. Dorothy, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore. Maybe we’re in 1960s Mississippi-the only thing missing are hooded white robes and KKK cross burnings. This ugly discourse forever threatens exactly what makes this country great-our diversity. It should be celebrated not demonized. John McCain crumples into a victim when confronted with his responsibility to put a stop to his supporter’s threats. Sarah Palin has nothing to lose, but continues to condone the violence with her silence. Together they are forging dangerous new ground. In the end, it is not the Republicans who will lose, or the Democrats. America will lose.



  1. Sorry, but by the time Sarah returns to Alaska she will have lost everything. After election-Recall. I think we will see the day when her livelihood is dependent on the gill net catch on Bristol Bay. This women is so narcisstic she can’t see the day of reckoning that will consume her and destroy her political life. Its already happening…….Lower 48 (Arizona)

  2. The Mkkkain/Pa*in Campaign is a biopsy of dying/dead Reagan Nightmare of trickledown. It deserves close scrutiny and analysis. I am heartened by the brilliance of the numerous bloggers across the internet, especially you guys in Alaska. Perhaps this economic disaster or something of this magnitude is part of that critical antidote to the poison. It does grab our attention.

    In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. – George Orwell

  3. Thank you for the even handed tenor of your reports. I only hope that the recall starts asap. This person does not deserve to hold any office. And Alaska, with its breath-taking beauty, needs the opportunity to re-invest in caring for its legacy.

  4. “I’ve got nothing to lose” is an interesting and revealing comment. It suggests that the election is about HER, not the country nor even her party. What happened to “Country First”?

    Frankly, that doesn’t surprise me. The more I read about Palin and hear her speak the more grandiose and entitled she appears to be.

    I am having fun imagining the reception that some Alaskans are preparing for her arrival after the election…

  5. We are indeed on the precipice of another civil war if we do not regain a firm grip to our sang froid and dignity. Appalling how polarize the country has becoming on every imaginable issue.


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