Posted by: shannynmoore | October 19, 2008

Patriotism has no Party

The stunning statements of General Colin Powell may begin healing some of the fears brought up in the current election.

I am including a picture showing what the General spoke of. Muslim-American headstone in Arlington.

This one ran in today’s NYT



  1. How eloquently spoken! He hit all the major speaking points. Thank you, thank you, Colin Powell!

  2. I *heart* Colin Powell.

  3. Colin Powell is my hero. What an eloquent man. I hope the “undecideds” were listening.

  4. Wow, this was an incredible post. I was torn between Nader and Obama, but your blog has solidified by decision to vote Obama.
    Thanks for all the Palin/Alaska insight.

  5. Colin Powell is just awesome and showed what “Country First” really means.

    The photo is powerful, thank you for including it.

  6. Well, I still remember that is was Powell at the UN meeting who convinced me that going into Iraq to look for WMD’s was in our immediate national interest.

    I find Powell was complicit in the invasion of Iraq and should have known he was being used and duped. He should have spoke out more against it too after he left the administration. He was practicing self preservation instead of doing what was right.

    That said, I am glad that he has endorsed Obama. I hope Obama appoints him to an advisory roll to help us exit Iraq. That would start to redeem Powell in my eyes.

    The Muslim tombstone is a powerful picture.

  7. Thank goodness for Colin Powell. He commands respect from everyone (except Limbaugh) and spoke eloquently and knowledgeably about the two campaigns. Obviously he has been following events from the sidelines and he was quite clear about what he didn’t like.

    For Limbaugh to say that his endorsement was only about race is not only offensive, it’s just plain stupid. To accuse Powell, of all people, of racism, emphasizes how out of touch and foolish Limbaugh really is.

    I honestly don’t know whether Powell knew or should have known that he was being lied to about Iraq. The Bush administration has some accomplished liars.

  8. I think Colin Powell did what he thought was true at the time even though he may have been conflicted about it inside. He had already signed on to support the Bush administration and probably believed that Bush and Cheney would not really lie about something so serious. Maybe his patriotic heart put blinders on his eyes and muted sounds of voices of caution in his ears.

    He still can’t totally admit how wrong it was to go into Iraq but at least he is honest enough to call out McCain’s campaign for what it is, “rabble rousing”. The right has already called his support of Obama a matter of race and probably would have done so earlier as well perhaps that is why he waited, but in the end apparently his mind and gut was so repulsed at the tactics used by McCain/Palin he had to take a stand for his own peace of mind.

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