Posted by: shannynmoore | October 22, 2008

Define Yourself American

Since Michele Bachmann’s demands for an investigation of patriotism on Chris Mathews’ show, Hardball, we have seen a backlash. “Thanks, But No Thanks” on the McCarthy-esque rhetoric. Learn about and donate to Bachman’s opponent, Elywin Tinkleberg, here:  Weeks of negative campaigning and attempts to “Un-Americanize” some of our citizens, have me wondering how we define ourselves. Here is an answer from Iranian Americans. What is your answer, what makes you American?


  1. Being a true American, to me, is the opposite of what Palin and McCain are saying and doing. If they cared at all about our country, they would not be trying to divide it.
    Sort of a related note – in one of our local newspapers – the East Valley Tribune – published in Mesa Arizona – there was an article about the McCain/Palin’s “role model” Joe the Plumber. It was reported that in 2000 he (Joe) had his driver’s license suspended. He had been stopped for failure to stop at a red light and failure to provide proof of insurance. He still owes the Mesa Municipal Court over $700.00.
    Wow – the “Mavericks” sure know how to pick the real American Joe, don’t they? Maybe they can pay his fine. If Joe is their example of a “True American” – God help us all.

  2. I sent Tinklenberg a small donation as soon as I saw Michele Bachmann’s tirade on the web.
    Since then Tinklenberg’s has gained over $1 mill, the DNC has added a mill and the GOP has pulled their ads supporting her. It is good to see such a turn around in such a short period of time, she was on Mathews only last Fri.


  3. This touched my heart. Thanks for posting it, Shanny.

  4. This is truly beautiful and should be seen by all Americans, especially by those Iran-Axis-of-Evil never-talk-to-Iran Republicans.

  5. How beautiful. That’s really all I can say.

  6. Let’s see…what makes me American…

    Latino mother, whitebread father, Costa Rican stepmother, African-American brother in law, German-American wife, lesbian niece, Jewish nephew-by-marriage, mortgage, 3 dogs, 2 cars, and a partridge in a pear tree.

    In other words, I’m part of a family so diverse we could be a sitcom.

  7. I think nikonicus summed it up. How many of us have leveraged into the American dream?
    Every party will seek to separate us,as Americans, in an attempt to get us to identify with their goals.
    Americans must realize that we are a unique and powerful democracy.
    The country that welcomed my ancestors has not changed. Read history; read our history. The plot has not changed. only the actors.
    Do not forget that our founding fathers set in place a mechanism for every citizen to have a voice.
    Our greatest challenge. as a nation, is not the rest of the planet. It is our apathy.

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