Posted by: shannynmoore | October 23, 2008

Why I LOVE Paul Hipp!

Paul provided music for the Cusack film, War Inc. Now go buy it, show it to your friends, and VOTE.

You can donate to the Tinklenberg campaign HERE!



  1. Thank-you Shannyn; you rock!

  2. Grab the WAR INC soundtrack off of i-Tunes. Hipp is brilliant!

  3. I love it Shannyn!

    Great job, as usual.

  4. Rock on Shann, you be awesome and Hannah loves you!

  5. As a proud Obama-supporting-sick-and-tired-of-this-neocon-crap Minnesotan, thank you for finding this and posting it. It promptly went up on my blog and my facebook! I’ve been following Ms. Bachman since she derided the homosexual community here and made them all out to be pedofiles and monsters. She has to go, and I am happy that she probably will go now!

  6. Anyone know if Hipp is hip on making a Palin track? I’ll donate funds to the cause…

  7. What a hoot!

    I’d give it an 8…it has a good beat and you can dance to it… 🙂

  8. This is great Shannyn…I sent him 20 bucks this morning.
    From AK with love


  9. I played in Paul hipps 1st band “No Regrets” in Warminster PA 1978-But I could never bring myself to vote for Obama. Sorry I am out of the Army on 70% disability If you knew what I knew the end is near if he is elected.

  10. John Ward…thanks for your service. If you knew what I knew, you would know that John McCain is another “war” president…just like Bush. McCain mocked bombing Iran, “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran…” McCain wants to be in Iraq “50 years…maybe 100. Maybe 1,000!”

    You remind me of the working class folks in red america, always voting against their own best interests. Or, more recently Joe the Plumber. Joe isn’t his real name. He isn’t a licensed plumber. He’s not buying his boss’s business-he’s not qualified. He only makes $42,000-NOT $250,000 a year and would BENEFIT from Obama’s tax plan. Oh…and he owes back taxes. Joe is a fraud-just like Palin and McCain.

    So…if you like the preemption policy, and you like wars of choice, and you like a commander-in-chief that puts his troops in harms way without cause and without body armour…John McCain is your man.

    I just wish you knew what I know…

    PS…Lest you forget and since you’re a musician…the birthplace of Jazz drowned while George W Bush celebrated John McCain’s birthday with him back in 2005.

  11. Hi Sean, Great comment!!!!!!! The fact of the matter is, My family runs a company in S Jersey that under the Obama tax plan will force us to lay off 7 or more of our iron workers 4 are black. We will do this so the company can survive and we keep a certain margin of profitility. Sean: Iam not trying t push anyone down anyones throat but, We have not been attacked since 9-11 and sadly i am totally convinced a war on our soil is in the works. The worst would be if some nut takes out Obama then, It would be cival…..JW

  12. Why is Obama appointing all of the washington insiders? WHERE IS THE CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!! Rahm Emanuel are you f’n kidding. The position of president is nothing more than puppetry, The president will do what big biz allows him to do or, The lobbyist will allow. Russia will try to weigh Obama’s testicular fortitude very soon if he fails it is good bye to mama earth…….That would be the ultimate CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I can see Russia getting closer because the communist Obama is etting them close to our shores.ARM YOURSELF AMERICA.

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