Posted by: shannynmoore | October 25, 2008

Real America

Real America Bleeds.
Real America Laughs.
Real America Grieves.
Real America Celebrates.
Real America hit me between the eyes today.
I ran into a friend of mine from Homer. He was having a tough time just saying hello. He had found a lifelong mutual friend of ours drowned, pinned under water and mud by his four wheeler. It was just a few days ago. He was on his way to his grandfather’s homestead to watch the world series. It was his grandfather’s birthday. Shane was thirty nine, married with children.
I wonder why we don’t treat each other better. I suppose if we realized how fragile we are, we’d hold on too tight, and never get anything done. So I’m driving a few hundred miles to a Real American memorial service. One of those with Real American tears. Just like every other service occuring across the country.
My Pop explained the mathematics were wrong when it comes to emotion. When you share joy it multiplies, when you share grief it is divided.



  1. Thank-you for being one and loving other real Americans.
    My deepest sympathy to all of Shane’s family and friends.

  2. I am very sorry Shannyn.

    I hope you find enough people with whom to share your grief that it reduces some of your pain.

    Thirty-nine is so young, too young.

    ************Note from Shannyn******************
    Thanks Gryph. I’m really going to try to help divide, more than my own. Shane’s grandmother was my piano
    teacher my entire life, and an amazing mentor to me. Burying a child or grandchild goes against nature.

  3. I don’t really know you, but wanted to add my condolences.

    May you and his family find some comfort in your shared grief.

  4. Shannyn–My condolences. And your Pop is a wise man.

  5. Am I Real or Fake America?

    I served in Vietnam (volunteered), Mom died when I was nine, Dad died when I was 20(in Vietnam), been married three times, last wife and me together 30 years plus, raised three kids,oldest murdered 5 years ago (with NO resolution),worked 10 years for the railroad, 11 years as construction manager,went back got a degree when I was forty, and taught special needs kids the last 10 years, have been unemployed since January 25,2008, My home is now worth 45% less than it was 6 months ago (screwed by Countrywide), I really want to know if I’m real america or fake.

    I’ve been listening to the politicians my entire life telling me what is right and wrong, what is real and not real about myself and others just trying to get through life.

    I have come to the realization that the only fake (unamerican activity) comes from the demi-gods (politicians) who preach this division BS.

    In my eyes I see Palin as just another demi-god, along with McCain preaching the same word I’ve heard my entire life. I fear the other side is no better!

  6. Shannyn,

    We are with you in deepest sympathy. Your friends are many and hope the pain spreads out to the many who are thinking of you and your friend’s family. Take care.

  7. i’ve been thinking lots and writing a bit about the death of my parents. but it’s at least a natural expectation. it isn’t natural for parents and grandparents to survive past the children.
    bummer, shannyn.

  8. The loss of one is usually felt by more than anyone expects.
    Treat every conversation with a friend as if it the last time you will talk to them.
    To often that is the reality of our lives.
    My condolences to the family and friends.

  9. Hey girl let me know if you need anything! I love you!

  10. Your Pop is very wise when it comes to emotion. Sage advice for sure.

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