Posted by: shannynmoore | October 27, 2008


Another member of the “Corrupt Bastards Club” guilty. That was what they called themselves.

How does that work for Alaska? Vote Mark Begich. Somebody ask Sarah Palin who she is going to endorse? She did work for his 527 group.

I was at the Ted Stevens house in Girdwood when the FBI raided it. I wondered then what hoops they had to jump through to raid the home of the most senior seated Senator in US history. Now we know.

Any suggestions on what to do with the “Ted Stevens International Airport?”

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. THANKS FBI!



  1. It’s almost unbelievable. I thought he was going to get away with it.

    I think we need to have a Thank You FBI rally downtown this weekend.

    Corrupt Bastards International Airport has a nice ring to it. They could take the big bronze statue of Ted that they built or are building and put him in some nice shackles and an orange jumpsuit, along with Vic, Tom, Pete, Ben, Bill, Rick, Frank, and they could just leave some room when they put it up for the rest of the CBC members who are going to outed and locked up soon.

  2. My hubby and I have been referring to the airport as “Indicted Ted Stevens International Airport”.
    I think “Convicted Ted Stevens International Airport” can serve as an appropriate reminder to Stevens of what he has become and hopefully work as an impetus to what our state/politicians will strive to rise above in the future. So there.

  3. Shannyn, you and I had a conversation at the BearTooth many months ago where we discussed a party at the airport for when the crain comes and pulls the “Ted Stevens” off the fasade of the building. We had a good laugh and life went on. Now that Uncle Teddy is convicted…wow, I don’t think it’s truly sunk in yet. Holy smokes. Ted Stevens convicted!
    Sorry, I trailed off there for a sec…When’s the party?!?!
    I want to put my bid in now for the small “s”.
    Also, my suggestion for the new name…a person that will forever be admired and loved by all Alaskans and who’s name and legacy would be a perfect fit, atop the structre where millions of visitors first set foot in our wonderful state.
    Susan Butcher Anchorage International Airport

    Great blog Shannyn…please keep fighting!

  4. What is wrong with Alaska’s politicians?

  5. Wow. An airport named after a convicted felon. Huh. I mean, the McCain camp can’t say that about Ayers. There’s no “Ayers International Airport”. So, that’s sort of bonus for corrupt bastardly connections, right? That trumps all of the other political “oopsie!” turds? Now, can the same FBI raid the Palin’s to get records on the construction of their home? Boy howdy, wouldn’t it just be a hoot if Stevens decided to out Palin in order to lighten his sentence? Come right on out with some information re: her gimme’s from contractors. Shoot! That’d make one hell of an October Surprise! And teach her to throw those “good ole boys” under the bus.

  6. And another one bites the dust…Con Airport…

    The magic number of 60 edges ever closer. Imagine what can change if, between Obama and the Senate, we can slowly shift the Supremes toward a more progressive membership.

    Ahh, democracy. I love it.

  7. A question for you good people of Alaska: Is there even a prayer that he might actually still win this election?

    Of course, if he does win, the Senate would surely refuse to seat him…but then who would choose his replacement?

  8. Well watch out, it isn’t over. The RNC has gotten $5 million to help Steven’s and others get re-elected. So I am sure you will be seeing all kinds of ads and other stuff really soon. I couldn’t believe they are actually going to help him. But that’s what it said in the WaPo in the Fix.
    Even if he is convicted and files the appeal it will be at least 2 years before it will be done so he will be able to serve that long. They were talking that possibly if he steps down after the election then Sarah would have to request a special election to fill his seat and would probably run so she could set herself up for the White House better.
    I am telling you folks…you guys have got to get her recalled or impeached….lol. That way she is discredited and maybe put away for life.
    But first defeat Steven’s. Get Begich elected please. Thanks all….lol

  9. Marty-
    I would say that there is still a prayer. Not a good chance at all, but it isn’t completely out of the question.

    If he does win and is booted out of the Senate we would have a special election, a new rule after our last Gov appointed his daughter to his Senate seat.

  10. Congrats Alaska!!
    One more down!!

    AZ MOM – you just cracked me up.

    I used to be a second generation Los Angeles Native before relocating to Pennsylvania. I worked in the film business, so of course this quote made me sick because it is true.

    Some Hollywood Producers were talking about Palin’s ability to draw a crowd, the actual quote being,
    “The passion she has on each side, love and hate, makes television people say, ‘WOW, Imagine The Viewership’.”

    Maybe she will follow her new, or is it the original, dream of being in front of the cameras, and you guys don’t have to have her back. Ted can stay in jail, Sarah can tan naturally with her own daytime talk show in L.A., and maybe the people of Alaska can get their hands on some decent politicians.

    Shannyn, have you considered running for office lately?

  11. Yeah Shannyn…you should run for Lesil’s seat! When is she up for re-election? 2010?

    Go for it!

  12. The question was posited,”what is wrong with AK politics?”…I believe that SenTed had heard of a certain Diva/Rogue/Whack Job who would compel her raped and pregnant daughter to have the child,who fires anyone who defies her,who decorates a mayoral inner-sanctum multiple times whilst trying to charge rape victims $1200 for forensic kits,who would ban books or fire the librarian who would defy this Himmler-like dictate,who threatens our beloved Democracy by agreeing to run for V.P. knowing deep down in her soul that she should be institutionalized,who fired your public safety official who refused the “hit” as put out by Palin on her former brother-in-law-an action that resulted in an “abuse of power” charge,who is nothing more than a bad actress who forgets lines such as “the role of a V.P. is…” as late in the game as Oct 21 08,who uses Joe the phony as policy czar… the list goes on of how SenTed saw years ago that the largest,most embarassing debacle in AK political history was in the works as Palin The Reformer explodes globally for the horrible,corrupt phony that she is AND WHO THE HELL IN THE WORLD IS GOING TO REMEMBER A FREE CHAIR AND SOME LUMBER?From your ranks must come leaders who have seen Connell the boozy editor tell John Doe,whilst warning John of corruption, that John should be aware of and cognizant of the lessons of watchfulness taught by Washington,Jefferson, and Lincoln -‘lighthouses,John,lighthouses in a dark and foggy world’. Impeach Palin and get your wings back up above the wind,AK, for I love your state from having read “Ice Palace” and will not visit there until you have deposed the tyrant governor.

  13. in Krisis Kontortion and Kaos, the Common Law and Divine Right and Free the Silver Eagle! The Manifest of Revelations predicts the Gold Coins and only Konstant Kommunikation can save this Great, Great Land from Ruination! we’d have to be Insane to believe! Korporate ikonoklasts are stealing our Kandy!!

    sorry… i’m channeling one of our AIP alaska house candidates tonight…. hee.

  14. Was listening to some of the mouth diarrhea that is Anchorage talk radio today and heard several callers say that they are no longer voting for McCain/Palin because they “Stabbed Ted in the back.”

    As a Dem, it’s great to see the other party beating each other up while their ship sinks!

  15. Should as much as 30 % of the American electorate vote for the Republican presidential ticket then it stands to reason that we are in trouble.It has been said that perhaps 15 % of this nation’s adults are members of the “out there” category-the kind who listen to Ingraham,Hannity, and Limbaugh and actually believe what they say.Personally,I can listen to a station locally and 5 minutes in,you feel like you are being indoctrinated into the White Only Secesh States of America.The race-baiting and fear tactics{see Limbaugh comments re:Powell endorsement;Palin’s “real” America}are so obvious that it almost makes one wish for an Amendment to the Constitution stating that free speech be extended only to those who are sane. It boggles the mind to try and understand how someone can sit there with a straight face on Fix News and defend Palin-its nearly as ennervating a question as “who created God and how could He have always been?” Apparently,we are living in a parallel universe with a script by G. Orwell and only have to get really drunk,drop acid,and listen to the Doors “The End” 8,000 times and voila!-we will all see the light[and speak in tongues]. I, for one,am going to continue to fear God in my own way and seek to earn an invite to the green pastures upon my demise,hope that the coming generations of children throughout the world have access to libraries that do not ban books,and try to live a life that seeks to emulate the invitation of the Youngbloods song,i.e., ‘come on people now,smile on your brother,everybody come together and try to love one another right now’.America was not the country that comes to mind when I think of crazed fundamentalists until Palin burst upon the scene.Vote her into oblivion.

  16. one thing i think is very funny in all this is that in spite of all the money that was spent and the additional price of seven felony convictions, ted stevens’ “chalet” is butt ugly.

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