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I am reposting this story with videos from others. It is still one of the most telling stories of how SP would rule.
Can you imagine having to pay for the CSI (crime scene investigation-fingerprinting, photography, etc) if your home was robbed? What if a bill came for the breathalyzer tests if you’d been hit by a drunk driver? When Sarah Palin was mayor, the city of Wasilla had the most egregious policy against victims of rape in the state of Alaska, possibly the entire country. The rape kit, a set of items used by medical personnel for gathering and preserving physical evidence following a sexual assault, was charged to the victim. (note: step 6)

I sat with a rape victim during the “harvesting of evidence”. Mascara smeared eyes stared blankly out from a cave of shame. “We’ve got swimmers,” announced the forensic tech in the lab next door. My friend didn’t look surprised. In her 60’s, she was still asked if she felt the need for emergency contraception. Surviving the process would have only been compounded and made worse with an itemized bill; victimized twice courtesy of Sarah Palin and the city of Wasilla.

Much can be learned about the Palin Administration’s family values from reviewing their spending priorities. Former Chief of Police Irl Stambaugh included forensic rape kits (up to $1,200 per kit) in his budget requests. He was fired by Palin in 1997. In her termination letter, Palin wrote, “…I do not feel I have your full support in my efforts to govern the city of Wasilla. Therefore I intend to terminate your employment. . . ” Staumbaugh headed the police department since it was created in 1993. Before that, he served 22 years with the Anchorage Police Department rising to the rank of captain. Sarah Palin hired Charlie Fannon as the new Wasilla Chief of Police and said it was one of her best decisions as mayor. Fannon eliminated the forensic rape kits from the budget. Though the number of rapes weren’t reported, Fannon claimed it would save Wasilla taxpayers $5,000 to $14,000 a year.

When Eric Croft, a Democrat Legislator from Anchorage, learned of Wasilla’s policy, he drafted HB 270, which Governor Tony Knowles signed into law. The new law made it illegal for any law enforcement agency to bill victims or victims’ insurance companies for the costs of examinations to collect evidence of a sexual assault or determine if a sexual assault actually occurred. Upon signing the law, Governor Knowles said, “We would never bill the victim of a burglary for the cost of gathering evidence, nor should we bill rape victims just because the crime scene happens to be their bodies.”

Wasilla Police Chief Fannon protested the new law stating it would require the city and communities to come up with more funds to cover the costs of the forensic exams. Really? Are the true costs of sexual assault and forcible rape in a community only measured and reflected in the dollars spent on the forensic rape kit?

Alaska has the nation’s highest per-capita rate of forcible rape. A disproportionate number of rape and sexual assault victims are Native Alaskan women. Alaska Native people in Anchorage were 9.7 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than others living in the city between 2000 and 2003. Alaska crime statistics never seemed to make a “Northern Exposure” episode. But this isn’t about statistics-real lives were affected by Palin’s regressive policies. One thing Alaska can’t seem to export is the fundamental information around a woman’s rights. Alaska “liberalized” abortion laws before Roe v. Wade. Our dirty secret had to do with a woman’s right to be safe from rapists. This right to choose was not only threatened, but abolished with Sarah Palin’s archaic policy as Mayor of Wasilla. The rape kit included emergency contraception. To be sure, emergency contraception is not, nor does it cause an abortion. In fact, ec prevents pregnancy and therefore reduces abortions.

Under Palin’s Administration, “Life Begins at Rape” for women unable to pay for their forensic evidence gathering. Justice is served to women who can afford it and denied for those who can’t. I live in Alaska-the wealthiest of the 50 states! Forcing rape victims to pay for their own forensic rape kits is something one would expect to find in a fundamentalist country overseas. I have outrage fatigue. I can’t decide which facet of this policy is more upsetting. Is it the denial of justice for the poor? Is it the punishment of women who had been raped? Is it the political policies of a woman so entrenched in the “Pro-Life” movement she would deny justice to a victim? This is not a “Pro-Life” policy. This is a “Pro-Rapist” policy, and forced pregnancy policy.

It should be noted Joe Biden introduced legislation to fund rape kits to women in America. John McCain voted against it.

When Sarah Palin was elected Alaska’s first female governor, I hoped these issues would be addressed as part of her “historic” platform. When Amnesty International published their study on rape statistics and Alaskan women, the response was pathetic. The now dismissed Commissioner of Public Safety, Walt Monegan, acknowledged the lack of law enforcement in Alaska as part of the problem. Since that time, Walt Monegan has been fired and $2.5 million dollars threatened from the budget for State Troopers. John Cyr is executive director of the Public Safety Employees Association, and has been very critical of the Palin administration’s commitment to keep Alaskan’s safer.

Under the Palin Administration, a law was passed that specifically deals with rapists. I am not making this up. It is now illegal for Alaskans to buy or sell the “Rapist No. 1” doll. Oh, you haven’t heard of it? It’s an “action figure” from Quentin Tarantino‘s film “Grindhouse.” Yes, really. So now if you’re raped, you can take comfort in knowing Alaska outlawed an action figure.

For all the Alaskans who have taken the charge to protect fellow citizens from predators, this was A GIANT WASTE OF TIME. It’s embarrassing to write this. Who in the hell has been prosecuted for this “outrageous” purchase. Did she think people in Alaska with the propensity to rape women were suddenly dissuaded because they couldn’t buy a movie action figure?

If Alaska’s sexual assault statistics were true for the rest of the country, rape would be considered an epidemic and the National Guard would be called up. As Mayor and Governor, Sarah Palin has made justice illusive to criminals and forensics a commodity that victims must purchase. Meanwhile, rape prevention sits on the backburner. Being a rape victim isn’t necessary for outrage. You don’t need ovaries to protect the physical sanctity of fellow citizens. Life does not begin at rape, it just gets harder.

Please take time to read the fantastic work of Jacob Alperin-Sheriff. He spent a great deal of time researching this story. My thanks to Eric Croft, author of HB 270, who explained all the reasons he did so.

****UPDATE***** It has been reported here that Sarah Palin that Mayor Sarah Palin spent $50,000 on remodeling her city mayor’s office. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN 4 YEARS WORTH OF FUNDING THE RAPE KITS NEEDED IN HER CITY. So let’s see, ugly wallpaper won over funding justice. Sick.



  1. You are an uinformed left wing Kool Aid drinker.

    Search the facts before you spread your lies.
    Sarah Palin is an intelligent, educated, LOELY woman who has it going on –
    More experienced than BO the socialist.
    Post a picture of yourself-
    my guess is that you are an UN F-able feminist les.
    ****************NOTE FROM SHANNYN*********************
    look at the pictures of me under “about Shannyn Moore”.
    I assure you, when it comes to you, I am “UN F-able.”

  2. More from Sarah Palin. -:)

  3. Alec!
    You are a complete smug dumbass! If you think Sarah Palin is INTELLLIGENT, you obviously haven’t listened to the woman speak. Going to 5 colleges isn’t indicative of being EDUCATED. LOELY? I think you must have meant LOWLY…I agree with you there-Palin’s about as low as one can go. She does have it going on…providing the thieving Republicans don’t steal the election again, Sarah will be back in Alaska…and she will be busy getting it on with one investigation after another followed by an impeachment or a recall.

    Calling Obama a socialist because he wants to raise taxes on the top income earners by 3% is pure Republican Talking Points Folly…We’ll go from 36% to 39%…was Ronald Reagan a socialist? How about Nixon? What about Dwight D Eisenhower? By your sheeple standards they are all bigger socialists than BO. Reagan’s top marginal tax rate was 50%! Nixon’s was 70%! Eisenhower’s was 91%!!! Who’s the socialist now, ASSHOLE?

    You Republicans are all a bunch of misguided lying sheeple. All of you FRAUDS just like Sarah “Grifter” Palin and Joe the Lying Plumber. Isn’t it pitiful in a tragic ironic comedic sense that these dumb asshole Republicans continue to mention Joe the Plumber? He is a piece of fiction-just like Sarah. Let’s see…He isn’t a licensed plumber. He doesn’t make anywhere close to $250K-he makes $42,000. He isn’t buying his boss’s business-that was news to his boss! AND…the business doesn’t make over $200,000 a year…Joe the Lying wannabe Plumber would BENEFIT with BO’s Better than Reagan Tax Plan. Another example of Stupid Republican Pet Sheeple Tricks; voting against their own best interest.

    As for Shannyn…I know her and she is one beautiful woman. Republican pea brains like yourself could only dream of a girl like Shannyn. Good Riddance Alec the Moron.

  4. I think this was the first thing I ever read on your blog, when I was first researching this story.

    Thank you for reposting it. It should not be forgotten for a minute.

  5. whew, good god that’s a lot to digest, shannon, honey, please, get an editor.

  6. Thank-you again for this post it is so revealing!

    Thank-you to Sean for his come back to alec!

    BTW- JTP has an outstanding lien for unpaid taxes currently in effect. JTP’s boss is also unlicensed. The National Plumbers and Pipefitters Union has endorsed Obama!


    OBAMA/BIDEN 2008

  7. Alec: “You are an uinformed left wing Kool Aid drinker.”

    Oh my…Alec, did you mean “uniformed” or “uninformed?” Because if we’re supposed to get uniforms I’m really irritated because mine never came and I’m pretty sure I filled out all the paperwork.

    If you mean “uninformed,” well, you’re entitled to your opinion, but if you think your opinion truly has merit you should present it in a way that will be persuasive.

    Or if you want to just make trouble…shoo.

  8. Alec: Where have all the intelligent men gone in this election year. “I’m voting for Palin, ’cause she’s a babe!” Looks like you are just another typical “Joe Six Pack” kinda guy. You think with your “little” lower brain you pack in your jeans. You are probably not from Alaska – and if you are, pity us. If you know how to read, then get informed on your Republican candidates and become a responsible voter. Read the Anchorage Daily News. Read other websites about Palin. You might stumble on one that supports her, however, there are many that do not.

    As for Shannyn: This story has to be told and re-told. Women have to stand up for their rights and for what they believe in. Intelligent women, who can see through Palin’s BS, will vote for Obama. However, there are those women who don’t think for themselves, who will probably vote for Palin, or forget to vote all together.

  9. […] Moore has a repeat article on: "LIFE BEGINS AT RAPE: Ask Sarah Palin."  It’s an article that is a must read, especially for women […]

  10. GREAT article, may I have permission to repost it on my blog?

  11. @ Alec

    “Search the facts before you spread your lies.”.

    Duh. You read so well. The blog article is full of facts. I know you can’t help yourself – after listening to Rush you just have to find something to hate and tear apart. Get a hobby, you’ll live longer. Wait, is that a good thing?

    We are taking back our blogosphere and our state politics, so deal with it. Or choke on it.

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