Posted by: shannynmoore | November 3, 2008

Obama’s Loss…RNC’s Sickness

Barack Obama’s grandmother has passed. Very sad.

The RNC has filed a complaint against Obama for using campaign funds to travel to Hawaii to visit her.





  1. Damn, just 1-2 more days to see her grandson elected.

    The RNC is close to the grave also and this just kind of proves it.

  2. My heart is hurting for him. I just spoke to one of the GOTV people, they had no idea it had happened. We cried together, then it just made her job more important.
    So far I haven’t heard a word from anyone in the McCain camp about any condolences or anything, but then really didn’t expect any either. What low lifes they are.

  3. Just a bit ago a statement was released from McCain saying he was sorry about the loss. Only took him 7 hours.

  4. Boy howdy! That RNC is sure one classy organization. Hey! I’ll double-down on my campaign contribution towards reimbursing the DNC for the expense. Not because I think it’s a valid arguement, but just to shut those f-ers up. IF a number of Obama supporters got that going, that’d sure make the Republicans look like what they are – assholes.

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