Posted by: shannynmoore | November 3, 2008


OK, Alaska, who is buying this load of crap?



  1. Wow, she is sooo FOS!

  2. I did not know that “ignorant airhead” was an actual “race”.

    So I guess she and Pamela Anderson, and Elizabeth Hasselback, all face the same kind of discrimination.

    How sad for them.

  3. What a despicable position for her to take! She has somehow, by proximity to Todd, experienced prejudice?!?!???!

    I call bullshit.

  4. Excuse me…what?! I….wow. I really don’t know how she’s thinking she’ll fare back home…really. And NO! We’re all full for GOP washed up politi-stars here in AZ…so she can’t come live here. Sorry, Alaska. I mean, I feel for ya. I do. But I don’t want her!

  5. How is being Native Alaskan a discrimination point to Sarah when Todd gets to use the governors office to carry out personal agendas?

  6. “The Constitution preaches” WTF? Sarah’s an empty headed blow hard throwing out discombobulated clips and phrases to try and sound intelligent. NOT working.

    She’s got all the key phrases memorized but can’t put them together in any kind of coherent or truly inspirational message. What a phony. She is finished.

  7. It’s called baffle em with bullshit!

  8. Anyone else notice how strangely uncomfortable and unconnected with this potential voter Palin seemed? Ugh, what a horrible campaign moment of hypocrisy and utter dishonesty.

  9. I bet that the Palin family has lived something since the acknowledgement of Todd’s bloodline.

    Remember, this IS Alaska, where some of the most honored pioneers are known to be racists amounst the Native community.

    Remember it is NOT PC anymore to voice your disgust for Alaska Natives. Unless your posting incognito on some blog.

    Look I’m no Palin supporter. Not at all. However the day Sarah announced Todd’s heritage, I wondered how long it would take for the racists to start their ilk on the Palin family.

    I’m am sure Sarah has “lived it” and it probably was some form of racism.

    Ya know, amongst the Native community in the Mat Su Valley, we knew Whooten couldn’t stand Alaska Natives. We knew this before he was married to Sarah’s sister. Although the Palins issue with Whooten didn’t involve race, some of us were not suprised to hear he was a bad cop.

  10. @Mae…please. Sarah Palin has not known racism. Give us a break. Neither has Todd…

    Todd has certainly not even attempted to work on behalf of native rights in it appears he is only native when he thinks it will HELP his wife…not HURT her. I am so sick of all the justifying of the garbage that comes out of Palins mouth. That man she was talking to asked her a very good question…yet once again she gave a word salad that had absolutely no meaning.

  11. naw, the Palins have not known racism…. duh… but when she comes back to Alaska, she sure will…

    Look just because I’m not out there slaming every friggin inch that Palin does, means that I’m justifing the garbage coming out of Palin’s mouth? Oh laurie, I’m not a Palin supporter. Do I need to spell it out again?

    What I am spelling out is, Alaska is one sicko racist state and now that Todd’s bloodline is exposed, he is gonna experience what most Alaska Natives have been living with for a long fucking time…

    I’m so sick of people dumbing down the racism that occurs against Alaska Natives here … And you Laurie, sound like one of those folks.

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