Posted by: shannynmoore | November 3, 2008

Somebody lied…Monegan or Palin?

On election eve, something seemed smelly when a press conference was called this afternoon.  Governor Sarah Palin, who was already found guilty of abusing her power by the Alaska Legislative Council, was found  not guilty of abusing her power by the her own Alaska Personnel Board.

The report, detailing the handling of Palin’s firing of public safety commissioner Walt Monegan, was released this afternoon by Anchorage attorney Timothy Petumenos.  Petumenos was hired by the Alaska Personnel Board as an independent investigator.

The Alaska Legislative Council released independent investigator Steve Branchflower’s report on October 10.  That report found that Governor Palin abused her office and violated state ethics laws by allowing her husband and other staffers to pressure the public safety commissioner to fire Alaska State Trooper  Mike Wooten.  He had been through a nasty divorce from Palin’s sister.

She fired the commissioner but denies it had anything to do with the trooper.  Palin claimed the report “vindicates” her. She said that the investigation found “no unlawful or unethical behavior on my part.”

The report detailed Monegan’s firing as well as a separate complaint from Anchorage activist Andree McLeod.  That complaint alleged that state hiring practices were circumvented for a Palin supporter.

The three-member board met earlier this afternoon behind closed doors.

She fired the commissioner but denied it had anything to do with the trooper.  Basically Mr. Petumenos interviewed Sarah Palin, she denied any conversation with Walt Monegan.  Both were under oath in their statements.  One of them lied.  So, he had no evidence.  He also stated there was no financial gain in the quest to fire Mr. Wooten, so it couldn’t be considered an ethics violation.   Really? 



  1. Her lips moved didn’t they?? That woman doesn’t know the truth. She has lied ever since she appeared on the scene as far as I can tell. I wasn’t surprised when I saw what this report said, it was almost exactly what I figured it would be, this was what she wanted. That’s why she wanted it done this way and why she tried to get the other investigation stopped. I still think you all need to try to get her recalled or impeached due to the 1st bipartisian report. This one is worthless far as I am concerned. But that is just my opinion.

  2. She is just as corrupt as the boys. She gets away with it because she is packaged differently. Sorry, this woman is in a position where she is clearly above her competency level.

  3. Worse than Frank Murkowski! The only difference between Frank Murkowski and Sarah Palin, other then lipstick, is Frank never said he was open and transparent…and Sarah is MORE CORRUPT! IMPEACH!

  4. It’s enough to gag a maggot.

    I want to know how much was paid to Petumenos(I will not grace him with the Mr.) by the Alaska Personnel Board.

  5. We know that financial gain is not the only criteria for an ethics violation, and if Petumenos lays claim to that theory, then he is guilty as well.

  6. How does the woman keep getting away with her unethical actions? I know that I am just an idealist and of course much goes on in government which is unethical but it boggles my mind when it comes to Palin. She is really a piece of work. I read an article about mental health in regard to her yesterday and among the 5 diagnosis offered regarding her, I would say that she has a narcissistic personality disorder. Anyway, Shannyn, have you read the latest coming out about her spending spree? Check out . Very interesting!

  7. Hey residents of Alaska, Now that the “Queen of Lies” has returned to your state, the state of Alaska….keep her there!!!!!! She has made a laughing stock of herself,the residents of Alaska, and she has humiliated the GOP, RNC and the nation to the rest of the world.

    Find a large chunk of arctic tundra and bury her–never to be found or heard again!!!! Before you do this, please allow the RNC auditor and lawyer to recover the $150,000+ clothes you purchased illegally! You may want to do a state audit to see how much she must return to the state as well.

    Sarah Palin is a threat to the national security of the United States of America…Save Us!!!

  8. I second the opinion for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. She may be clever enough to work the system, but ordinary rules of behavior apply to everyone but herself. I never saw such a jaw-dropping interview as the one she gave after the Branchflower report was released. She has the moral compass of a three year old, who while holding the cookie in their hand, will tell you the dog ate the cookie.

    You all up there in Alaska, please do everything you can to keep this women away from power. Thank you.

  9. If the legislature just “moves on” without resolving Troopergate they not only enable, but actually endorse unethical behavior.

    Palin is a narcissist and she is a humilated narcissist, full of rage and she will take it out on her “enemies” i.e. legislators that either said something negative about her or who don’t “plau nice” with her anymore.

    Narcissist create “no-win” situations. To enable her to continue in unethical behavior not only makes all Alaskans her “victims” but encourages her to be even more disrespectful of her power.

    To threaten her power is deadly, but the only way to survive a narcissist is to move out of their reach, which we cannot do, or remove their power.


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