Posted by: shannynmoore | November 4, 2008

Did You Vote?

People are lined up out the door here in Anchorage. Need I mention, out the door is really cold. What are you seeing?

I’m on my way to sign wave with Begich and Berkowitz. How are you keeping from going nuts?

I just got home from the Obama headquarters. There were more than 50 Alaskans making phone calls to swing states. People were using their own cell phones when they ran out of land lines. In the last few days, Alaskans have called more than 100,000 people in swing states and asked them to vote for Obama. My calls went to Wisconsin. If you are going crazy with waiting, show up and help.

OK, now back to the radio.



  1. I voted this morning downtown at Inlet View (Anchorage). The line at 7:05 was about 30 deep. There was a definite buzz in this democratic stronghold. Go oBama, Begich, Berkowitz!!!

  2. In order to not go nuts, I am keeping away from major intersections where sign wavers seem to block my view.

    I like how the residents in Greece do their politiciking… for starters, politicial races and campaigning starts about three weeks before the voting day… Today, on this voting day, I am fed up with the past YEAR of politicking… (yeah, it is spelled wrong)…

  3. I went to bed early last night and avoided the internet at all costs.

    I voted at 7 am.

    I work in a school and cant get coverage so I AM going nuts!

  4. I’m going to vote tonight. I won’t be able to keep from going nuts because there will be no place on the ballot for me to vote for you, Shannyn! Thanks for the fierce commitment that you’ve demonstrated during this entire election cycle. You’ve educated and inspired thousands of us.

  5. I took the day off and am glued to the tv and the intertubes. Hanging out at the Mudflats chat room.

  6. Greetings my fellow Americans up in Alaska. From down here in California, I am a “Permanent Absentee Voter” – which is not when one tends not to be home on election day. I have marked my ballot and will hand deliver to the county registrar after work tonight.

    Good luck to us all.

  7. I voted about 11:30 AM in my small rural area. According to the judge she said there are about 3600 people registered to vote in this precinct. I was 1362. I was amazed. That is about 38% and we still had almost 7 hours to go. This is considered a bedroom community to Kansas City so lots of commuters still to vote here after work. No waiting, just steady. She said they told them to expect up to 85% turnout. That is just unprecedented. I have had 5 phonecalls, 2 from a recorded Barack, reminding me to vote, and a visit this morning. This is the ground game they have going for them. John McCain surely can’t have anything like that. I haven’t seen anyone walking around here to the neighbors like that anyway. I have also gotten I don’t know how many emails. Just wanted to share that with you all. Hoping to turn Missouri blue to SHOW Alaska the way….lol
    Don’t call us the SHOW ME state for nothing…lol

  8. I voted! YIPPEE! Polls are going to start closing soon. I’ve been thinking of you dear Alaskan bloggers all day…sort of a bittersweet day and I don’t know how I would have been able to survive this election marathon to the finish if it weren’t for you and your fellow bloggers for truth.

  9. I voted on my way to work this morning and it was emotional for me. Interesting. This election has had a major impact on my life, and what I am seeing tonight I know, all the stress was worth it and there is indeed hope and promise for our wonderful country. Ketchikan had a small rally last night, and I missed it!!!! No one called me. A group is gathering in town to celebrate our victory, but since I haven’t slept in what feels like months, I chose to stay home and take all of this in. Sometimes it is good to be alone for important things. Plus, I have all of YOU!

    Now we have to see how our dear Alaska goes. I’m still biting nails!

    God Bless Obama and keep him safe.

    Thank you for what you do Shannyn.

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