Posted by: shannynmoore | November 4, 2008


Thank God Almighty, WE’RE FREE AT LAST



  1. It couldn’t have been said better, sweets…

  2. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Halleluuuuujah!

  3. He and his wife have such class! We are blessed.

    And his youngest girl is cuter than Piper….

  4. Thanks Shannyn.

  5. Now our country can be what it always should have been and what it was truly meant to be.

    I am so proud of my fellow Ammericans!

    God Bless Obama, and keep him safe.

  6. Thank you…and all the wonderful Alaskan Blogs. You are the face of Alaska, thank goodness I found you all, otherwise all we had was the farce face of Sarah Palin to judge you by. She is NO assest to your state.
    God bless all of you.

  7. I called my mother in California and we cried together long-distance! My mom is 89 and remembers so much grief about the early part of this century – it’s just such a huge win for the human race!

    Now – about this Palin broad… please don’t stop writing about her – I’m in Australia and rely on you people for Alaska news

    GO OBAMA!!!

  8. I am so happy tonight! Wish Arizona would have gone blue but enough other states did.
    Your videos and blogs helped me keep the faith that we would prevail. I’m just sorry that Ms. Palin will have to go back to Alaska and you’ll have to put up with her.
    Please keep Obama safe.

  9. It’s a new day in America. I am not a religious man, but tonight I will pray to keep Obama safe.

  10. Ditto Baja

  11. Dear Ms. Shannyn Moore,

    I, an avid reader of your blog from far away Sydney, Australia and a visitor to your awesomely beautiful state once (all too briefly) in 2004, wish to thank you for your most excellent, thorough, thoughtful reporting which is not only analytical but is also never without humanism.

    I wish also, to thank you for so succintly stating in your post tonight what I and my family and many others all over the rest this country, your country and the rest of world are feeling tonight: gladness and relief at having been delivered from another term of Republicanism (of the sort it has /been?/ turned into, alas)!

    I am not American but I most certainly do feel as though I have been freed – I feel so full of relief, hope and nervous excitement that I can barely stop myself trembling with emotion! It is a momentous night for many of us even on the farthest shores from yours…

    However, here is to 4 years of vigilance and even more excellent investigative reporting such as yours!

    Yours sincerely,

  12. Thank you Shannyn for all you did to help us get to know the REAL Sarah Palin. I feel that you played an instrumental part in helping us elect Barack Obama for President.

    What a GREAT night!!!!

  13. Thank you shannyn for all the uplifting blogs and letting us in the lower 48 what sarah palin is all about!! You did play an important role in helping Obama to his victory. Without the knowledge you provided, no one would have come to know the real sarah. Tonight is a real historic one and Obama is our new president!!!!

  14. Our work in Alaska isn’t done. It looks like our RED neighbors will not acknowledge the facts of the politicians here, but continue to believe their lies. I just can’t wrap my brain around that! What is it? Guns, Oil, the PFD? What are they afraid of? I just can’t believe they want liars, and power abusers running this great state and on top of all that, politicians that will eventually destroy our beautiful and amazing Alaska! The majority are good people. I know them.

    Tell me we will go on to fight for what is right and make them understand!

    God Bless PRESIDENT OBAMA and keep him safe!

  15. Kathleen –
    This is going on everywhere – I am in PA and have had extreme right wing people come onto my blog and say the most bizarre things along the lines of “This election has broken America” and “You won, there is no Hope left – congratulations”.

    I am trying to respond to these in a civil and questioning manner, both on their blogs and mine, and I just do not get the mentality of those who feel this is the “death of America”.

    I feel like we are getting a second chance, a chance the country had when John F. Kennedy was President. That hope got cut short, I am praying that this time we will have 8 full years of a new direction, hope and joy for all of us.

    Someone recommended doing your best to stay off of and away from the far right at this point – it will just depress you. Just focus on Obama’s message and work within your community and your state to help things for the better. Together we can do this.

    Shannyn – I echo the sentiments above. I feel you have been a powerful force in shedding the light hard on Sarah Palin – you and Anne Kilkenney deserve a medal of bravery for being open and honest and giving the lower 48 the real glimpse behind the winking and grinning and “you betcha-ing”. You helped win this election, no doubt about it. Congratulations.

    Please watch yourself – from what I have come to understand, Palin is a vindictive woman, and now that her two months as a rock star has abruptly ended, you guys are going to have one angry pit bull hockey mom throwing some pretty hard pucks at whomever she feels did not support her.

    I hope you can get her out, or perhaps her ambition to be in front of the cameras will take her elsewhere. I am so sorry all of the good people in Alaska who had the courage to tell the truth about her have to deal with her coming back, angry and bitter.

    Hang in there, and as Lynn-in-Australia asked, please keep reporting. I, too, am counting on you to keep the rest of us appraised of how things are going for all of you up there.

    Good morning, new day.


  16. I heart America. Suddenly everything has changed and I’m so proud.

    I also agree that we need to keep track of Caribou Barbie; she’s not done yet.

  17. Even though the election is over. I will continue to read your blogs. Your thoughtful eloquent blogs are a pleasue to read. You should go National….

  18. Kayne West was quite right when he said after Katrina that George Bush doesn’t care about black people. But I bet he cares about one of them now!

    (Condoleeza doesn’t count since she, like her boss, is not even remotely human, much less black.)

  19. Congrats, buddy… 🙂

  20. Re: “Condoleeza is not even remotely human, much less black.”

    – Real classy.

  21. I too cried, on the night of the victory rally I was unable to watch, but as i sat watching Horton Hears a Who, i just couldn’t stop smiling knowing that the lil person in my lap (the 4 year old who was incharge of my tv programming for the eve, plus i had no cable or access to tv) watching with me had such a wonderful path ahead. Thank you America, today and tomorrow I have been forced to believe that I as a black man have credibility for my humanity, brain and voice and not just how damn fast and high i can jump.

    America is so much more inteligent, than I ever gave it credit for, and my apologies for submitting to my man in the mirror, I didn’t vote to be voting for a black man, I voted for the man that moved me. I listened to what President Elect Obama had to say during his campaing, he made me listen and thats a rareity.

    The man is composed, classy and smart. Every time I hear Bush speak, I feel like I am watching a poker player trying to bluff.

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