Posted by: shannynmoore | November 12, 2008

UPDATE: Begich Leads by 814


At the DOE tonight, the end count for the day showed Begich 814votes ahead.

“I’ve always said that this would be a close race. After watching the votes today, I remain cautiously optimistic. As I have said before, we ran an aggressive campaign, especially when it came to early voting and absentee. From what we’re seeing, thousands of Alaskans, like me, did come out and vote early. I’m confident that Alaskans, like the rest of the country, want a new direction in Washington , and ultimately that will be reflected in the results.”

— Mark Begich

While Georgia has moved to a run off, Minnesota is knee deep in a recount. Alaska is still trying to get the votes counted. Save the jokes. No, they don’t come in on dog sled.

Today a third of the remaining 30% of the votes are now being counted. The race has narrowed to a 814 vote margin, with Mayor Begich ahead. This has the Ted Steven’s camp missing the 3533 vote margin they enjoyed this morning. Begich: 132,196 at 47.41% and Stevens:131,382 at 47.24%. There are still about 40,000 votes to count. The Alaska Independence Party Candidate Bob Bird is sitting with 4.12%.

Ethan Berkowitz has gained 2% in his race with Don Young. Should this trend continue, the race could tighten up more than has been reported. Berkowitz was polling consistently between 6 and 12 points ahead of Young. Current standing has Young at 50.66%, Berkowitz at 44.71, and the Alaskan Independence Candidate Don Wright at 4.39%.

Updating here as the numbers come in. I think both sides can say the Alaska Independence Party wins as “the spoiler.”

Alaska is still reporting less votes than the 2004 election. The McCain/Palin ticket still holding at about 61% and Obama/Biden at 37%. No real change from election night 2008 or 2004.



  1. Yes! It’s looking good with 50,000 votes left to count. Sarah will be really pissed off that the ‘door’ to the Senate is closing on her. I’m sure that she’s on the phone doing what she can to prevent a reversal in the fate of this Senate race.

  2. Thanks for the update. Good news!? Mush! you vote dogs!

  3. According to Olbermann, Begich is 3 votes ahead.

    Slim margin of victory gets a whole new definition.

  4. Yippppeeeee!!!
    In addition to the Obama/Biden win, what if Begich, Berkowitz aaaaaaaaaand FRANKIN all WIN?!?!??!!!!!!!
    It would mean a comet must be heading toward Earth cuz no way could so many wonderful things be happening at once…

  5. Shannyn I must say I am impressed!!!! You must be going through a lot BLUE candles….. Kept em burning we are all with you……

  6. Of course, the obvious question would seem to be how 47.24% of Alaska’s voters could vote for a convicted felon? Then again, if you’re willing to settle for Sarah Palin as your Governor…. 😉

  7. Hope those “mush! vote dogs” don’t slam into the door that might suddenly close, the one Sarah wants to “plow right through.”

    The dipsydoodle actually thinks she gets to run a co-presidency through the media. {dropping my head to my chest}

    Anything you guys can possibly do to get Palin involved in some intrique or embroglio up there, one that requires lots of affidavits and court appearances, maybe a prolonged fight over a govenor recall? You’ve been exceptionally good sports, solid human beans.

    Pasadena, CA

  8. Oh my gosh…the last count I heard was only ahead by 3 votes, can this be true 814 ahead now??
    I am excited and I live in Ohio!!!

    I am crossing my fingers X

  9. Yes! Go Begich!

  10. Thank you so much Shannyn Moore for this long awaited update. I suppose this is going to be a thriller indeed! Wish I could listen to your radio broadcast.

  11. are they going to be counting today? If so I need to put on the coffee!!! GO MARK!!!

  12. Saw you on the Rachel Maddow show and think you are great. Keep up the good work. Someone has to keep them honest. Hope Stevens loses his race as he should. Can feel the door closing from here for poor Sarah. From the other foreign country she can see from her shores. (priceless)

  13. This is today’s update from Alaska Daily News:

    Mark Begich has extended his lead over Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens to 1,022 votes with the latest count of absentee and questioned ballots. 4:33 PM

    I don’t know how many they counted today. It sounded as if the Mayor needs 1,300+ votes to avoid a recount.

    It’s getting there!

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