Posted by: shannynmoore | November 13, 2008

Alaska UPDATED: The Fat Lady Isn’t Singing Yet…maybe humming

News just in from Leslie Ridle…If you want to watch the returns on the official website, Click Here.

The Fat Lady isn’t singing but she’s humming a happy little tune today. There are still a lot of acts to this (soap) opera still to go, but we’re cautiously optimistic! There are at least 24,000 votes still to be counted, so this process continues. If you haven’t heard–we’re up 1061 votes!

Begich, Mark DEM 138959 47.37%
Bird, Bob AI 12144 4.14%
Gianoutsos, Ted NA 1249 0.43%
Haase, Fredrick D. LIB 2270 0.77%
Stevens, Ted REP 137937 47.02%
Write-in Votes 786 0.27%
I think it’s curious the AI candidate, Bob Bird is holding his 4+%.  Sheesh.


  1. crossing all my fingers and toes!!!! Uncle Ted is a goner either way. I can’t take anymore Palin looks to the future!!! She needs to come back to Wasilla and collect per diem for the next two years as she fades away!!!! Her star is tinged….

    GO Mark!!!

  2. This is very promising, especially with the areas left. Thanks for sharing that, as I was curious.

    I know we all have Palin fatigue, but did she look a bit off today at the big Republican Governor’s gathering? I think she missed her teleprompter. She just seemed to be in a fog. Maybe she didn’t get the reception she received, and her bubble popped!

    Wish Tuesday would hurry up! Good luck Mark. We are behind you all the way!

  3. I saw Mayor Begich on Rachel Maddow tonight. Seems like a nice (and smart) guy. He said that if the race is closer than 1,300 votes then there is an automatic recount. Personally, I think a recount, under watchful objective eyes, would not be a bad thing for Begich, but let’s hope that the margin spreads beyond 1,300 in our favor.

  4. I keep checking the official website for the senate returns, but they never change. Am I doing something wrong?

    ************Note from Shannyn************ No, you aren’t doing anything wrong, they haven’t updated the GEMS page yet.

    The Dear Sarah Palin, Please Shut Up Already Petition to Governor Sarah Palin was created by and written by Alan Goldsmith ( The petition is hosted here at as a public service. There is no endorsement of this petition, express or implied
    ***God called me at 3 am (CST) last night, and he said your line was busy (you must have been talking to a reporter); anyway, he asked me to tell you that he’s thought about it, and he doesn’t need you — for anything. He said to just chill, and if he changes his mind, which he doubts will happen, he’ll send the ghost of a moose
    ****Curious…as a pathelogical liar, are you capable of understanding what you are, or is being clueless a requirement for this condition to exist?
    ***No, really, we mean it

  6. Hi Shannyn,

    Just wanted to thank you for coming on my show the last couple of weeks. ‘Palin Watch’ has been great and you’ve been totally cool for agreeing to come on and for sharing your knowledge about your state. Funny how similar our two states are when it comes to our political leaders. If you ever need some Biden stories, just let me know.

    Best regards,


  7. This is today’s update from Alaska Daily News:

    Mark Begich has extended his lead over Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens to 1,022 votes with the latest count of absentee and questioned ballots. 4:33 PM

    I don’t know how many they counted today. It sounded as if the Mayor needs 1,300+ votes to avoid a recount.

    It’s getting there!

  8. Oh great, Mark Begich is going to win. Funny how nobody mentions Bill Weimar and Bill Bobrick in connection to this guy, not to mention Jon Rubini.

    Weimar was MB’s biggest donor back in the day, he and Bobrick ran the Downtown Community Council like it was their little fiefdom.

    Ted needs to go, but replacing him with another who has dubious connections to some very shifty people doesn’t give me a whole lot of comfort.

    Why vote anyhow, it just encourages them.

  9. This is great news. I’ve been following the counting process and have been watching the lead slowly extend.

    Now, would one of ya’ll come down here, grab Palin by the ear, and march her back to Alaska? She’s really, really overextended her welcome down here…

  10. come down here, grab Palin by the ear, and march her back to Alaska?

    Oh nooo, what is up to now? She flew all the way back to Alaska for an airport photo-op, than came back down???

    Here’s Shanyn on KPFT Pacifica Radio in Houston, immediately following the five minutes of hate from the Daughters of the Democratic Confederacy

    [audio src="" /]
    or download from

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