Posted by: shannynmoore | November 15, 2008

Rachel Maddow Show & Shan

I wore an orange revolution shirt. Ha. I look like I’m strait off the Oz set. Funny. Rachel has been great about getting Alaskans on to talk about the issues here. Rachel is fabulous.


  1. Eeks, it ate my comment. I’ll try again.

    I watched you when you were on and you did GREAT!

    You made us all proud.

    Thank you!


    (and all of us at The Political Carnival)

  2. Listened to you on the podcast, and thought you did great.

  3. Shannyn,

    I caught you on The Rachel Maddow Show and now I am checking your website to stay updated on Mayor Begich’s hopeful victory over conviced felon Sen. Ted Stevens. I am from Phoenix, home of Sen. John McSame. I am hoping we can flip our Senate seat blue in two years.

    Congratulations on your New Blue Senator. Now you need to try to get rid of your Red Govenor. She’s a loon. She can sure talk and not say a thing. She is a plethora of non-sequiturs!

  4. Great job Shannyn!

  5. I saw your show online- great stuff! My first thought was, “She looks like she just escaped from prison!” (In a good way, of course) Keep up the great work!

  6. Shannyn — Read your blogs now a chance to see and hear you. Great thrill — keep up the preasure.

  7. Let’s see…Olbermann, Democracy Now, Maddow…you’re hot!

    Great job on the interview. Keep ’em coming!

  8. Don’t get MSNBC.

    I hope you got a chance to call him our “Fairy Godmayor.” That deserves to be on national TV.

    Right along with, “I just caught Puxatawney Phil in my trapline.”

  9. Just caught you on Rachel Maddow which lead me to your blog….you are awesome! Keep up the good work and get rid of that crazy woman in your governor’s office. People like you make me proud to be an American and a Democrat (the reality-base community).

    p.s. Keith broke up with you to go with me, sorry. I’ll send him back when I’m through with him.

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