Posted by: shannynmoore | November 23, 2008


Pardon Palin Please.

Slaughter happens. I grew up with moose quarters hanging in my garage. I never thought much about bonking fish on the head with a rock. Palin’s photo op in front of a turkey blood bin isn’t really about the virtues of veganism. It’s about timing, intent and subsequent reaction.

It was the first time Governor Palin pardoned a turkey. I spoke to her office and was informed other Alaska governors had done so, but they couldn’t tell me which ones. They speculated that the other turkey pardoners had delivered their clemency without a press release. Really? Was it just out of a secret turkey fetish they didn’t want their Alaskan Constituents to know? Sarah, in her stilettos and pantyhose, was trying to look presidential at 11 degrees. It’s weird.

When I heard, “I Governor Sarah Palin, friend to all creatures great and small….” coffee came out my nose at a great rate of speed, providing alternative caffeination. I think she should have pardoned a wolf, being a friend and all. Can you imagine? She’s flying in a Super Cub and pardons a lone wolf out of one side of the plane. On the other, a Viagra deprived, flannel draped “Joe the Shooter” mows down the rest of the pack with a machine gun. Dang it, if they’d only brought the helicopter they could have landed and pulled pups from their dens and put them in bleeding cones-paws kicking. Oh, now you’re horrified? Well, it’s already happened, minus the lone pardoned wolf and a few bloodied cones.



So, Sweet Sarah says she didn’t know a slaughter was taking place behind her. She’s lying. The reporter said she was given the opportunity to move; to redirect the shot. She said, “No worries.” Now she’s throwing the cameraman under the bus. For all the Alaskans she has done this to, that bus should be high centered and we ought to rename it The Scapegoat Express!

We also get another brilliant example of cronyism trumping competence. Palin’s long time friend and “handler”, Kris Perry, stood next to her during the Gobble Gate filming. I can tell you Mark Begich’s right hand, Julie Hasquet, would have tackled the cameraman and torn the tape up.

The truth is, as Governor of Alaska and thanks to an unconscionable lame duck pardon by Frank Murkowski, she can only pardon turkeys. She signed House Bill 69 into law on February 20, 2007. That bill made it mandatory that the governor and the Board of Parole cooperate to ensure any decision on clemency is based on a thorough review of the case, and would include testimony of victims and their families.

In his final hours, Governor Murkowski granted an executive pardon to a company convicted of criminally negligent homicide. Whitewater Engineering Corporation pleaded no contest in 2001 to the charge in connection with the 1999 death of one of its employees. They knowingly forced backhoe operator Gary Stone to traverse dangerous snow conditions. He was killed by an avalanche.

Whitewater’s pardon was granted on November 30, 2006. Mr. Stone’s family first learned of it from the Anchorage Daily News. No one from the Murkowski Administration notified the victim’s family of the request for clemency or that the pardon had been granted. It was a vulgar display of the corporate protectionism Frank Murkowski was known for.

Although Murkowski’s arrogant and uncaring lame duck clemency occurred after he lost his incumbency to Palin in the 2006 Republican Primary, it was typical Frank. And yet another example of why Palin became so popular. Today, Alaskans know Sarah Palin infinitely better than we did just 3 months ago. Many have awakened to the irrefutable truth: the only difference between Frank Murkowski and Sarah Palin is-to coin her own words-lipstick. Put another way, Murkowski never promised to be open and transparent.

Obviously, there is no comparison to a real life criminal pardon and the publicity stunt pulled by Palin. However, it is the spirit of self-serving oblivion that links their clemency. It wasn’t lost on many Alaskans that Sarah was completely AWOL during the Veteran’s Day activities. Her son Track is in Iraq, thousands of Alaskans have served in a half dozen wars, and she couldn’t manage a wreath laying ceremony?

Her brief appearance at the recent Resource Development Council’s annual conference wasn’t received as warmly as her “Joe the Plumber Tour.” 600 Alaskans didn’t fake enthusiasm and only offered polite applause. Alaska’s financial health is precariously tied to the price per barrel of oil-down $100 since July. At the RDC Conference, the Producers laid out their scaled back investment strategy, based upon depressed prices and a higher tax rate.

The yellow buttons legislators wore in Juneau last spring asking “Where’s Sarah?” would have been equally appropriate at the RDC Conference. Oil Investment. Revenue Projections. Budget Impact. B-O-R-I-N-G! After her opening remarks, Sarah, like Elvis, left the building. Alaska’s economic future is in jeopardy. Sarah Palin’s economic future is just fine courtesy of a lucrative book deal.

Earlier this month, statistics showed Alaskan Students had the lowest high school graduation rate in the nation. The State Education Summit was skipped by the Governor; traded in on interviews with Wolf Blitzer and Larry King. It’s curious that the newest member of Palin’s family, Levi Johnston, added to our shameful numbers. He dropped out to get a job on the North Slope and support his family.

I look forward to the day we have a leader who is accountable. I don’t expect anyone to be perfect. However, Sarah Palin is never at fault. Troopergate was about a dangerous renegade brother-in-law; Walt Monegan was “insubordinate;” Charlie Gibson’s interview was full of “gotcha” questions; Katie Couric was just mean and condescending; the shouts of “kill him” and “terrorist” at her rallies were the fault of Bill Ayers; Wardrobegate was the fault of the McCain Campaign ; losing the election wasn’t her fault, it was George W. Bush and the economy. And now, Gobblegate is the fault of a cameraman.

I look forward to the day Alaska has a governor we don’t have to say “Pardon me?” “Did I hear her right?” “Is she serious?” when we catch the 6 o’clock news.


  1. Shannyn,

    Is there any evidence that the “pardoned” turkey survived? What facility exists that will permit Tom the Gobbler to live out its natural life?

    Wikipedia tells us “Starting in 2005, the pardoned turkeys have traveled to either Disneyland in California or Disney World in Florida to be the honorary Grand Marshals of Disney’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.” I doubt that the governor has made such arrangements. Will this be the next SP lie that Andrew Sullivan will expose?

  2. Quite the comprehensive post Shannyn.

    I think you just about covered everything, and did so with both wit and style.

    You know I had not considered how much alike Sarah And Frank are, because to be honest I try never to think about Murkowski anymore, but your comparison is right on.

    Of course we cannot be absolutely certain that Frank never wore lipstick.

  3. Shannyn, you’ve outdone yourself again. :thumbsup:

  4. Thank-you, for another great post!

    Please don’t be coy let us all know what/when Keith replies/makes up!

  5. That’s really interesting that the turkey pardon hasn’t been something that past governors do. When I read that, it dawned on me that it did seem like a ‘presidential act’ – an attempt to produce a pedestal moment normally reserved for a president.

    I find it amusing that for someone who campaigned on being ‘real’ and ‘accountable’, she doesn’t admit to being accountable for much.

    I imagine that she is going through withdrawals now that the national media isn’t paying too much attention to her anymore.

    Of course, she will make a fortune from her 15 minutes, but something tells me that Ms. Palin would prefer power to money.

    Good riff Shannyn.


  6. there was a photo of murkowski on the front page of the news-miner last week giving a speech in fairbanks, and he looked like crap! puffy/bloated and white haired and like he was barely hanging on. i felt sorry for him.

  7. Inquiring minds–
    When the governor read “friend to animals” she elbowed the farm owner (the guy standing next to her) as if it were an inside joke. Who actually wrote the proclamation? Is it on official stationery now?

    Did she normally wear a Burberry scarf (muffler) before Sept?

    In the *broadcast* news footage, when the governor was interviewed outside the enclosure, why did the turkeys in the pen all suddenly squawk?

  8. The turkeys squawked because animals have that 6th sense; they can sense evil!

  9. You know, not all turkeys have feathers…

  10. Waht a crock! A “Media whore” if I ever saw one. She’s like a teen-ager at a birthday party. No telling what she’ll do next! We need to make sure she’s not re elected……eecckkkk

  11. Any chance that the Whitewater Engineering Corp was insured by AIG? I worked in highway construction for PENNDOT approving subcontractors, and fully 1/3 of the construction companies approved to work for the state were insured by AIG. The insurance company would have been making the death settlement.

    Another curious fact: Elliot Spitzer was onto them when he was NY Attorney General. Now his downfall is being rehashed on some sleezy ‘entertainment’ show by glorifying the hooker who took him down.

  12. Someone needs to follow “DairyGate.” Remember last year when Palin vowed to save the farms, fired the board, put in her own board of cronies and proceeded to lose another couple million$? She gave her cronies over a million $ in equipment for a next to nothing lease, that bunch of con-artists also received $643,000 in a Federal Grant. Now they have asked for a $630,000 State loan (just when the State got out of the dairy business)–they have no collateral-they have a leased building and leased equipment. The loan officer at ARLF who would not sign off on this loan (they had already been turned down by several banks and also AIDEA) was removed and replaced by Ray Nix who is a Palin shill who will go along with anything. (He recently received a 4 category pay increase for the Dept. of Natural Resources. ) $50,000 of that money is going straight to Bob Havemesiter (dairy farmer) who is the father in law of Franci Havemeister, Director of Agriculture! Kyle Beus, one of the owners of the new Matanuska Creamery owes all the farmers back pay for their milk. There are conflicts of interest all over, including the chairwoman of the board is Palin’s best friend, Kristan Cole. Two Ass’t Attorney Generals have resigned from the Div of Ag over frustration that this board will not color inside the lines and now are going along with an illegal loan! Two of the owners of Matanuska Creamery are past dairy farmers who defaulted on State loans to the tune of over $4 million! An now this state and a 6 member board of friends and family are going to approve a $630,000 loan with no collateral and a horrible track record????? This is outrageous. Is this bunch all above the law???? It appears so! On the 13th of Nov. this board voted unanimously to approve the loan with the stipulation that they wanted “personal guarantees” attached to the loan. By the next morning there was a memo put out that they were being asked to reconsider their vote and REMOVE the personal guarantee part of the loan! WHO put pressure on these folks to change their votes—-which they did on the 21st!?? There was a total reversal. Pressure, pressure, pressure……Did Bob Havemeister (who was Palin’s childhood babysitter) call Sarah and cry that they needed that loan and to “make it happen?” This Valley gang thinks they are above the law ans they need to be stopped.

  13. Shannyn, as always great post. I bow to your wisdom and wit.

    Keep up the pressure. I am soaking up the knowledge as I read….lol


  14. Awesome and spot-on as usual Shannyn. You have become my official “go to” blog, that I recomend to friends and family Outside who are curious as to what the ham & cheese (geesh I miss you on kudo-Carrigan sucks) is going on up here. Thanks again and keep hammern’ away.

  15. You did say 69? No matter – great post to finish a long day with and turn in and spend a few minutes chuckling. I have no doubt you will overcome. By the way — does’nt the Murkowski seat come up for grabs in 2010? Go for it. Articulate people are in vogue.

  16. you should run for governor.

    now that would be a hoot.

  17. Miller! LOL! I forgot about “how the ham and cheese…” When I’m not listening to NPR, I’ll scan the AM dial. I disagree with everything Rick Rydell says but he is infinitely more listenable than Carroll “Cary” Carrigan. He is still the “Squirrel on Red Bull” Shannyn labeled him. I don’t know how anyone listens at all.

    Great Essay as usual Shannyn!

  18. Palin has G*d on her side. She visited a turkey farm, gave clemencey to one turkey, and two turkeys came out alive.

  19. Shannyn-

    You said everything and you said it well, particularly the observation that Palin is NEVER at fault.

    Your comment about Julie Hasquet makes me want to meet her!

  20. Scapegoat Sarah will get her own comeuppance – the proverbial we will see to that. Your writing is excellent and your story spot on!

  21. Great post Shannyn. I always love reading your work. We honestly thought that once Sarah & The First Dude boarded the plane and headed back your way that we would be spared for a while. No such luck. She can’t get enough of the press now and they certainly can’t get enough of her. The fawning is just sickening.

    I was curious about her reception from Alaskans once she focused on being the Governor again. I got the distinct impression from her “Greta” lovefest that she was really hoping for Stevens to win re-election…you know, so she could have another door to plow right on through.

    What are her chances for re-election in 2010? I think she really wants to run in 2012 again…and believe me…a lot of us think it would be a total scream. We have stuffed our “YouTube” favorites files with a lot of ammo just waiting on her to take center stage again.

  22. […] her whole post here. Well worth the read. Share This […]

  23. Just couch camping on the day after Turkey Day. I’m catching up on the stack of newspapers that came during my first vacation in three years, when I spy an article where Gov. Sarah claims that the Bush Administration is to blame for her and the old guy losing the election!
    At first I figured that she meant that perhaps Lord Cheney had used the dark side of the Force to make really stupid words come flying out of her mouth at debates and interviews. But No, it appears that she was taking exception with typical right wing actions (OK, a few more than normal). The two biggest issues seem to be the $10 trillion increase in the national debt and the $150 grand spent on her clothes. The first one we wouldn’t have a problem with if it went for a good cause (like winning WW2). Trouble is they used it for Republican stuff like Oil Wars, Corporate Welfare, building more prisons while shutting down prevention programs, and blocking advances in science. Did she hope that McCain had something else in mind? Aren’t those the same causes she espouses?
    I can’t for the life of me figure how she thought that Bush was responsible for her wardrobe malfunction. Well, that’s all the time I have for Republican anti-thought for one day. Time to make some more coffee.

  24. I am curious pajamas blogger…Governor Palin scratched items as pork from the 2008 state budget, i.e., kitchen appliances for a senior center and a dropout prevention program. And I also noticed that she scratched off most of the items listed for Homer, as well. Is there a reason for that?

  25. If it doesn’t benefit her it is gone! She also charged rape victims for the rape kits in Wasilla as mayor ,and as Gov, cut the Special Olympics by about half! A real humanitarian!

    Don’t want to criticize her either! Yipes, I’d better be careful!

  26. Gee…That was a boatload of info regarding Palin
    Im so sick of her phony hypocritical jabberwocky.
    I hope she dissolves into obscurity

  27. Great shoot!

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