Posted by: shannynmoore | November 24, 2008

Alaskans for Truth: Call to Action

aft3Alaskans for Truth are now an official Political Action Committee. Yep, we’re a grown up group. We need you. Alaskans for Truth has demanded truth from our administration and we need your help. Go to our website. Support the cause. This is not an anti-Palin group, this is pro-truth. Truth about abuses in our government. Truth in how our elections are counted. Truth that fuels power to the people. If you want to know who we are, read Gryph’s take.  If you want to see us in action, brace yourself.

Sign up for action alerts.

Donate if you can.

Pay attention…really.



  1. You can show me that your cause and actions
    are effective, and for real, by dealing with your
    FIRST, and frankly, most important critical issue.

    It was the state of Alaska, and all it’s citizens, that
    allowed this deranged, power-seeking danger known to all of America, and now the WORLD……
    as Sarah Palin to be thrust into this prominence.

    You allowed this to happen by electing her as your
    GOVERNOR! Sorry for my bluntness…… but YOUR
    State created this monster.
    Prove to me you can end this madness.
    Prove to me you have enough knowledge and
    reverse the damage the lack of common sense has caused. Then you have my support.
    I wish you well in your cause, and Godspeed.

  2. Made a donation this morning and emailed each and every legislator. I look forward to recieving AFT newsletters. Keep up the good work!

  3. My husband and I both donated this morning, and I’ve posted the “Call to Action” on Democratic Underground. Sarah must be stopped! And G-Guy, I appreciate what you’re saying, but most of us had no idea in the world what a monster Sarah would become when she was elected in 2006.

  4. AND G-GUY….most of us DIDN’T VOTE FOR HER!!!

  5. Signing up…will do all I can to help from the show me state.

    Thanks for all you do.

  6. Sean and G-GUY…..
    I am not from my opinion may not count but here goes….
    G-GUY….When you make a mistake you only know you did when you correct it…so no matter who put her in office, it is deemed necessary now to get her out, or to at least make her responsible.

    Sean….either enough voted for her to get her in office, or not enough voted to keep her out.
    Either way, someone voted.

    I already emailed my concerns of Palin to all on the list, she became my problem when she was tapped.
    I feel bad she went back to the good people of Alaska, but now they have to deal with her.
    Make her give you answers you can live with, or vote her out next term.

  7. Bev,

    You are correct. Many that voted for her were duped. They didn’t know her. AND…Palin got into a office because the Moon was in the 7th House and Jupiter was aligned with Mars. The stars aligned perfectly and then…well we did have Murkowski in office to serve as anti-inspiration! or something like that…

  8. Didn’t Alaskans still vote for Ted Stevens AFTER he was convicted of 7 felony counts? …for a similar crime as how Palin got her house built, I might add. How come she’s not being brought up on charges?



    Sarah Palin will do whatever it takes to gain more power. She is dangerous and we don’t want her to sneak back in to the National scene.

    Impeachment has a nice ring to it. Don’t you think?

    Now she’s off and running again, to get in the limelight. Ya, she is really concerned about all her work here. Power hungry……….her political terror has to stop!

    Thanks Shannyn.

  10. I’m all for impeachment of Palin…and she’s not even my governor! Anything to keep her out of the White House or Congress, but the likes of has been organizing for years and nothing has come of it…yet. Good Luck getting Palin to see the light…she’d only see it if it were around a vanity mirror! I’m actually starting to feel sorry for you up there in Alaska. You all seem like you want to do the right thing in spite of all the roadblocks up there, but the corruption is overwhelming!

  11. Alaskans for Truth? Whose truth? I respect your efforts and views, but I think you should rename your group Alaskans for the Specific Goals & Objectives or Our Particular Organization. I.e., one of the goals is the removal of Sarah Palin for the benefit of the goals/objectives of your members. Wasn’t your organization one of those complaining about the “Truth Squad?” Truth is a dangerous word – it is subjective in the extreme. As for any organization claiming to be “doing the right thing” as Alaskans for Truth appears to be, I say again – The right thing? For who? What is “right?” Right for you and yours? That is likely not “right” for me and mine. You are doing what everyone else is doing, pursuing your own personal interests. But you need to be congizant of your own sanctimoniousness in doing so, because frankly it’s insulting for you to stand there and claim to be better than me for simply for pursuing your own personal interests. Stand up like you’ve got a pair (pardon me for stating it in those terms) and admit that your organization is not going to save the world, or Alaska, or anything or anyone else for that matter.

  12. Leon is right. I didn’t like the Truth Squad one bit, but when I see that a Shumer hack is the new spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Alaska, I get just as nauseated.

  13. Buy a clue Leon…or STFU! Here, I’ll give you one for free. How about Truth as in the dictionary definition: truth Pronunciation [trooth]

    –noun, plural truths  /truðz, truθs/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [troothz, trooths] Show IPA Pronunciation . 1. the true or actual state of a matter: He tried to find out the truth.
    2. conformity with fact or reality; verity: the truth of a statement.
    3. a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like: mathematical truths.
    4. the state or character of being true.
    5. actuality or actual existence.
    6. an obvious or accepted fact; truism; platitude.
    7. honesty; integrity; truthfulness.
    8. (often initial capital letter) ideal or fundamental reality apart from and transcending perceived experience: the basic truths of life.
    9. agreement with a standard or original.
    10. accuracy, as of position or adjustment.
    11. Archaic. fidelity or constancy.
    —Idiom12. in truth, in reality; in fact; actually: In truth, moral decay hastened the decline of the Roman Empire.

    The “TRUTH SQUAD” was anything but. They ignored subpoenas. They claimed Palin had been vindicated by the Branchflower Report when she clearly had not been. Here are the things Alaskans For Truth are interested in:

    ** Censure Governor Sarah Palin, who the Branchflower Report found to have “abused her power by violating Alaska Statute 39.52.110(a) of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act” which provides “The legislature reaffirms that each public officer holds office as a public trust, and any effort to benefit a personal or financial interest through official action is a violation of that trust.

    ** Seek contempt charges against the Governor’s husband, Todd Palin, and the state officials who willingly ignored the Legislative Council’s subpoenas during the investigation.

    ** Hold hearings on whether Gov. Palin and her husband, Todd Palin, committed perjury in their sworn statements to Timothy Petumenos, in his function as independent counsel to the Alaska State Personnel Board.

    ** Call for an independent investigation to determine if Alaska Attorney General Talis Colberg or others, engaged in criminal witness tampering in advance of the Branchflower investigation.

    ** The Legislative Council’s investigation cannot be de-legitimized. Though the Personnel Board tried to do so with their own report, the findings in the Legislative Council’s investigation stand. Now it’s up to the Legislature as a whole to follow up on the ethics violation and the other serious matters, let alone potential crimes that may exist.

    ** Gov. Palin campaigned on the promise of an open, honest and transparent administration. It’s our responsibility as citizens of this state to stand together and uphold the ethics in which Governor Palin believes.

    SO LEON…HOW IS ANY OF THAT PURSUING PERSONAL INTERESTS? Clearly, you have swallowed the Palin Kool-Aid. The truth is the truth. Nothing about the above objectives is biased. It is all about accountability.

  14. Sean – Awww. I love a blind zealot; so easily refuted. Let’s examine some of the words in that definition of truth. Actual. Experience. Accepted. Agreement. Accuracy. Subjective terms that differ depending on your personal perspective on any subject. NOTHING is indisputable. I said right off the bat I respect Shannyn’s view and even those of Alaskans for Truth. But my respect for those views ends with the realization that they represent nothing more or less than one group’s agenda. I don’t even care for Sarah Palin, mainly because I think she’s all rhetoric and no action. And there you go, off ranting and raving and deriding my statement. The one sad – but true – quote from the late William F. Buckley regarding the liberal movement is that liberals make a big deal about giving an ear to other views, and then are shocked and offended to find out that there are other views. My point is – you and Alaskans for Truth are campaigning for your objectives. If you are not intellectually capable of owning the fact that you are not indisputably “right” more than anyone else, and that you are just pushing your own agenda like everyone else, then there is little that can be done to enlighten you. And you can keep your aggressiveness, since you are almost certainly incapable of it in person, you stuttering catamite. Yeah… go Wikipedia that like you did “truth.”

  15. LEON

    What’s your point? That there is an agenda?

    YES! There is! It’s called accountability. What the hell is wrong with that?

    You think it’s OK to ignore subpoenas?

    You think it’s OK we spent $100,000 on an investigation that found that the governor abused her power and then NOT do anything about it?

    You think it’s OK that the governor contradicted her own statements and email evidence thereby committing PERJURY?

    You think it’s OK that members of Palin’s staff had appointments (no subpoena required) with Branchflower BEFORE Palin was picked by McCain for VP and then AG Colberg apparently instructed them to break the law; i.e. witness tampering?

    You think’s it’s OK that the State of Alaska has to pick up Kris Perry’s $1,000 a day cost instead of the McCain Campaign?

    You think it’s OK Palin get Per Diem for sleeping in her own bed 312 nights?

    So what the hell is your beef? Or do you just want it clarified there IS AN AGENDA?

    Yes Leon, (and Virginia), THERE IS AN AGENDA!!! It’s called TRUTH.

    As for my aggressiveness? I am most certainly capable of being passionate and aggressive in person to head-in-the-sand incurious dolts like yourself!

    BTW what’s with the “stuttering catamite” reference out of the blue? Personal experience? Self Loathing? Weird…that comment says more about you than me.

    Have a nice day. Gobble Gobble!

  16. I am not interested in getting into a row here over the definition or use of the word “truth”. It could be called “A group of Angry Alaskans” for all I care.

    Shannyn, thank you and your group for starting this – I donated and put you up on my blog today.

    Hang in there – hopefully Palin and her destructive ways will go the way of the Dodo soon.

  17. Leon,
    Please “wikipedia” sanctimonious, pharisaic, self-righteous or pietistical. I find it enlightening that you wish to enlighten “us” by letting “us” know “we” can’t be enlightened. Whew!

    It is the cyclical logic religious zealots, mind you – not religious people, use to explain why we all must believe as they do. I get it. I really do. Once again, I get it that you know for utter certainty that “we” don’t get it. Your truth is the truth. It’s good to know.

    Your writing comes across as if you seem to be concerned. Though what it seems you are concerned with is that “liberal” minded people are organizing and that they chose a name for their organization that you disagree with. This group of people need to be upfront/honest about their intentions right?

    Here’s a group of Alaskans concerned for the truth. If it’s their truth then guess what – it’s their truth. You have yours, and by golly gee don’t even try to say you don’t, and they have theirs.

    You are not simply preaching to yourself as you seem to feel. It’s interesting that you chose to use aggressive male imagery to get this important point across, important to you that is, and my only guess or assumption (and I know that makes an ass out of me) is that you’re pissed they thought of the name first.


  18. Happy Thanksgiving….and yes we do have much to be thankful for. I am especially thankful, for you Shannyn. I wish I could attend the Muckraker’s Ball!

    I am posting a couple sites for petition signatures. They are very important, and many of you have probably already signed. If not, please take the time, as it only takes a moment, and pass them on. re: aerial hunting and killing pups…known as”denning” murder.

    Thank you and have a blessed holiday!

  19. Keep up the rhetoric, guys! It is good to put it all out there, so we all can make a decision to take a stand for what we believe in. I would think we all believe in TRUTH by our elected officials. That’s a no brainer! On other things, of course there is room for debate, research and respectful disagreement.

    Sean……you are terrific!

  20. @ G-Guy

    Get a life! “Sorry for my bluntness” should be “Sorry for acting out my freaking out on this blog”. Sorry, we Alaskans don’t have time to prove anything to garner your approval – it’s up to you to join the fight to knock our ghoulish Governor ass over tea kettle or to go hide in a closet and blame Alaska. The fault of all Alaskans? You really are freaking out! You have no idea how hard some of us have worked to reveal the atrocities of her personality, and we continue in that mission so you should jump in and help and get over the “freaking out” part. How do you think WE feel – I live in Juneau and might even have to bump into the slimy Governor at the grocery store come Jan. I have plenty of anti-slime soap at hand, so I’m ready. Are YOU ready to help now that you’ve gotten that out of your system? Join us!

  21. @ Tomas Hradcky:

    I would like to invite you to become an honorary Alaskan. We actually have culture and film making up here, too! Move north? Just for awhile? I hope you like big dogs, if so, you can stay with us! You gave me as big of a smile as Shannyn does. We’ll give you a tribal name and everything!

  22. Um, Sled Dog? Can Tomas’s wife come with, too? Please? I like big dogs!

    Tomas came in the room and saw me red faced, trying not to tear Leon a new one, and felt it was his duty to stroll over into the fray and do what I was unable to do, having already spent a better portion of the day dumping all of my sarcasm onto my last post, and I just could not pull another acerbic word out.

    So, he saves me from having my eyeballs explode, and he is rewarded with an invitation to become an honorary Alaskan. I am very, very proud, and green as a toad with envy.

  23. Most of you have such excellent points and ideas, but Palin sweeps bloggers under the rug and pays them no mind…we are in our parents basement wearing our pajamas…remember? I’ve never “met” anyone like this woman…she lives in some majestic bubble. Doesn’t Alaska have a court system for filing charges against her? or is she that untouchable? Without any action being taken up there, these “excellent points and ideas” are just words on a page.

  24. sorry, had one more question. Aside from using the court system against Palin, has anyone tried to have a 5150 hold put on this woman? Just a thought. It wouldn’t be without cause, that’s for sure!

  25. @ Kelly

    Don’t you just hate it when that happens? If you were in on torching Leon, yes, you are invited, too! We will come up with TWO names.

    @ Lainey

    These blogs are not for SP – remember, she doesn’t (can’t?) read! Your comment gave me a chuckle because it kinda sounds like SP’s comment about Community Organizers, which came back to bite her in the butt and a few more places. We have many things in mind for SP!

  26. Sled Dog –
    Well, if you could call turning beet red, clutching the arms of the chair I was in, and making “ugh, ugh, sounds at the computer screen, prompting Tomas to come over and read whatever it was that was about to kill me, then yes, I was definitely “in” on torching Leon.

    Funny, ol Leon never came back – kind of took the Palin-esque route out the back door. Words words words, then……..poof! Gone.
    Leaving everyone in the roon to try and decipher what was just said. So many words, so few points.

    Maybe Leon is Sarah in HER pajamas, hiding in her parents basement, checking out the secret persona of “blogger”.

    “..Cause, ya know, those gosh darn pajama wearin’ bloggin’ folks probably had somethin’ to do with why I lost, cause you know I sure as heck didn’t cost McCain one single vote. It was the nasty bloggers and mean jerks and oh yeah, George Bush. Ya know. But I am going to find all of your nasty bloggers, we’re gonna take America back by bustin’ into basements all around this great country of our, and get rid of these terrorist bloggers, pallin’ around with their computers, to make this a safer America for all of us.
    That is the main problem were dealin’ with right now, because these blogger sorts are sayin’ that the good folks of Alaska are gonna freeze ta death, and that’s just not true. Alaskans don;t need heat in their homes! Haven’t you ever been up here? These bloggers are liars and are cowards, we don’t even know their names. I wont answer things said about me there then like I cant read, I can read, I read something , oh I don’t know any thing on my desk everyday, by someone who wont say their name. Oh wait, I just said I would? Well, I’ll have to go figure that one out and get back atcha!”

    Oh God, I am so sorry. Once I start, I cannot stop. It is a sickness.
    I guess my tribal name will have to be Lily Loquacious.

    In all seriousness – you guys all have our full support in getting al of the filthy politicians out of there, and getting your state into some responsible hands. We are passing the Alaskans For Truth link to everyone we know, and I know, despite the naysayers who don’t feel that anything will change, you guys can change the status quo – it may take some time, but it seems that there are a lot of people up there who are digging their heels in and saying “Enough is Enough”.

    Be careful when you go to the market – if you have a 24 hour one, I suggest sunrise, as that is when the she-bat will be hanging upside down for the day.

  27. @ Kelly

    “I suggest sunrise, as that is when the she-bat will be hanging upside down for the day”

    Ow – you made my stomach hurt from laughing!

    Thank you for your great humor & support – YES WE CAN and YES WE WILL. I have sent out my FIRST email to the AK Legislators and immediately received a great response from one of the Republic Representatives (excerpt):

    “As a body the Legislature will discuss our communities request during the upcoming legislative session. I agree with you that it appears that the Palin family attempted to influence an employment decision; our Legislative Council has been involved in this action. We will be hearing a report when we return to Juneau. It is my opinion that this process has been highly politicized and all of the facts are not being made public; I will search for the truth and the highest bar of ethical accountability.”

  28. Kelly & Sled Dog, thanks for your words.

    The more of you we have behind and with us, the better we’ll be! It is so reassuring to see Alaskans throw away their apathy (me included) and get involved. That of course goes for the entire country, but Ak has been so red, it is easy to get discouraged. This election, Shannyn and all of you have put the “fire” back in me and I feel GOOD!

  29. It’s in everyone’s business that Alaskans nip SP in the bud RIGHT NOW! She must be held accountable and then defeated. We must fight for election integrity to insure she can’t wriggle out enough votes at the last minute to win-SEE KARL KASSEL v MIKE KELLY race. Perhaps Tomas could compose a soundtrack to her inevitable demise!!!

  30. Silly me, I forgot to post the last, and my favorite, sentence from the legislator’s response posted earlier:

    “Again, thank you for taking the time to be involved. It does make a difference.”


    @ G-Guy & Lainey – you can do it.. only TWO letters need to be changed in “whining” to make it into “writing”. Write those emails!

  31. to Sled Dogs Rule: lol…SP’s community organizer statement DID come back & bite her, big time!
    to Kelly: loved your SP accent…excellent! It’s her’s exclusively, isn’t it?
    I’m glad you guys up there in AlasssKA are getting fired up and WILL “nip SP in the bud…to insure she can’t wriggle out enough votes at the last minute to win” as Sean says.
    Because, WE don’t want the likes of her anywhere near politics…EVER again!
    Thank You, Alaskans!!!!

  32. Lainey –
    Yeah, I just received my copyright infringement notice in the mail – myself and about a million others, lol.

    Sled Dog – glad my ramblings got a laugh out of you – you guys up there need every ounce of humor preservation you can find.

    Sean – Tomas is having a slight meltdown at the thought of the pressure, but the notes of the original Akira Ifukube Godzilla score are starting to float around in his head….

    Kathleen – we are grateful to be made aware of what has been going on up there, and grateful for a chance to be part of cutting out a cancer that a lot of us did not know existed – All of you fighting Alaskans have our support, and the support of many others.

    Hang in there – – –

  33. Guess we are getting a whole bunch of honorary Alaskans! I welcome each and every one, and offer warm drinks by the fire and great cheer to all!

  34. This petition isn’t getting many signatures and our wolf pups and bear cubs need everyone’s help. This petition is targeted for Sarah Palin. Spread the word, and let’s see this meet the goal!

    Thank you for the support of our wildlife.

  35. Kathleen –
    Just signed it, and am going to put it on both of my blogs, one that is specifically an animal related blog.

    You will find it at:

  36. Thanks Kelly! Loved your site…I also am an animal lover and advocate,

    Keep up the good work , and hugs to your wonder dog! aerial hunting

  37. Kathleen – I signed!

    Kelly – I, too had a Wonder Dog, and he made me a better person by far than I was before I met him. I so much enjoyed your blog! You will make a GREAT honorary Alaskan.

  38. Governors are paid to govern their state. If Sarah Palin is not governing her state then she should be recalled or is the state’s legislature can fire her then so be it. Our Country is going through unthinkable times and we need leaders who are smart and not self-fulfilling.

    I believe Sarah Palin lucked up on being Govenor of Alaska. She doesn’t have enough domestic or international information to run a state -maybe a city but not a state. Definitely not a Country.
    Recall her.

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