Posted by: shannynmoore | November 30, 2008

Palin Neglecting Alaska’s Needs

This just in:

Governor Palin Neglects Alaska Duties for Partisan Stumping on Campaign Trail in Georgia

Alaska faces challenges that need attention now

Anchorage – While Gov. Sarah Palin is out of state again, this time in Georgia campaigning for incumbent Republican U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss on the eve of the runoff election, Alaska faces challenges including a lack of leadership from the Governor.

Palin will stump for Chambliss, the draft-evading incumbent Republican who waged a notoriously misleading campaign against a decorated war hero, at rallies Monday in Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah and Perry, Georgia.  Palin has been back in Alaska at work for only a few days since running for vice president.

“Alaskans need our Governor here earning her salary and working on key problems facing Alaska families,” said Alaska Democratic Party Chair Patti Higgins.

Alaska is facing significant challenges, Higgins said, including:

  • Oil prices have dropped dramatically to about $45/bbl from the peak of $144/bbl in July, which threatens the state budget.
  • Alaskans are paying some of the highest prices for gas in the nation, averaging $2.87 per gallon, while the national average is $1.91.
  • The state’s oil production continues to decline, due to falling prices and mature fields.
  • The global credit crunch and falling natural gas prices threaten the Alaska gas line.
  • The State is failing to meet its constitutional obligation to take care of public education as shown by the high drop out rates and the low graduation rates.
  • Many Medicare patients cannot find doctors.
  • There is continued flight from rural villages.
  • Alaska faces the prospect of reduced federal dollars from Washington, D.C.

“Alaska’s challenges are significant, and there is much that needs to be done right now.  Our Governor should remember that her primary job is to work on behalf of the citizens of Alaska, not engage in partisan politics in other states,” Higgins said.
“Governing is more than creating photo ops.  We’d like a commitment that the Governor is working, not just scheduling media appearances.”

Enough is enough.  Palin is derelict in her duties as governor.  Time to get out the buttons that say “Where’s Sarah?”  There were plenty made last spring during the session.  I think someone needs to challenge her permanent fund check…she hasn’t been in the State enough.



  1. Good golly, she has already dissed her co-workers in the State senate and embarrassed us before the rest of the county… one would dare to hope that she would have come back here humbled and ready to earn her keep…. I totally agree that her PFD should be challenged!

    For more insight on her neglect of duties, check this out:

  2. Once again, it is imperative that everyone join the Alaskans for Truth and write the legislators about staying after her, finding out what the truth is in the troopergate investigation and all the other “gates” she has going on. And all the other problems. She is neglecting her duties, she is to the point of neglecting her children, but then from what I have seen that has happened for years. Just no one has called her on it because her mom and dad are always there.

    There is so much wrong with this woman and so many have covered for her for so long. It is time it was uncovered and the only way is to keep digging.

  3. Not that she’d be of any help at all on any of these problems! I’m just sayin’…

    The point is well-taken, as always, though, that she’s a total dud. Is anybody doing anything about these issues? Who? What? How can one find out about it?


  4. Perhaps we should apply the Bush Doctrine to Palin and others that support a racist coward like Saxby Chambliss:

    “We will pursue politicians that provide aid or safe haven to racist cowards. Every politician, in every state, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the racist cowards. From this day forward, any politician that continues to campaign for or support racist cowards will be regarded by the United States as a hostile racist coward.”

    Sarah Palin and Saxby Chambliss are hooded peas and robed carrots in a White KKK Pod.

  5. Certainly, Alaska will benefit from hving a high profile governor with the many contacts that means. This just looks like partisan sniping, to me.

  6. Who in the world is paying for her travel, now that she is NOT a candidate for the Vice Presidency.

    Is she raiding the RNC’s treasury? Funded by Saxby’s $$$?

    What’s the deal? Just curious…

    Ellen Kimball
    Portland, Oregon

  7. @ Claire Solt PhD

    Hi Claire, we benefit by having a governor home to do her work, and having a high profile governor has actually thrown huge problems into the mix. The celebrity status of our governor has made us the laughing stock of millions of sensible citizens of our own country & neighboring Canada and is making it difficult for Alaskans to sort out what we need to focus on most in the upcoming legislative session.

    We appreciate your interest if it is sincere, but these are state level questions to our governor and I don’t have time to describe our pressing issues such as our economy, rural AK heating crises, education, subsistence, legislative council issues, ethics complaints, oil and gas projects, and the myriad other problems we have to face with the convening session in January.

    This is our governor, and the problems & questions the AFT will be working on are ALASKAN issues, not yours. If you have something constructive to add, please do – but keep your “partisan” comments to yourself and mind your own business if that’s all you have to say. You have absolutely no clue as to what is going on up here, and your partisan comment is just a parroting of the election “one liners” by the losing party.

    We’ve heard it all from the cheerleaders and it was an interesting diversion during the election, but it’s time for us to go to work now.

  8. Is there any way to get an actual tally of how many days Sarah has ‘worked as Gov’ since her return from the election a month ago? Like a roll-call sheet of some kind?

    Or maybe it’s time it’s demanded she use one?

    To Claire Solt: Sarah’s ‘many contacts’ are not rushing to Alaska’s aid. Most don’t even know Alsaka is in trouble as Sarah does such a good job of telling everyone how great a Governor she is. (If she’s so good at her job why would she need ‘help’?)

    So tell us – how are these ‘contacts’ helping the Alaskan citizens out of the oil crunch? The medicare crisis? How is anyone Sarah has met in Washington going to help save the older cultures from fading into extinction – THIS winter?

    Sarah Palin has made such a show to the rest of the nation of how good it is in Alaska and all the positive changes she’s personally made to make her state great – who’s out there to know Alaska is in trouble?

    Oh – just us. And the only help we can give is to keep blogging until somebody who can help, trips over the truth.

  9. On the contrary, Claire…any contacts that Palin has are aware of her corrupt status and will not help Alaska monetarily…they know the money would end up in her personal pocket and not be used to assist the state. The only reason she is welcome to speak at rallies is because the curious show up and it appears like they have thousands of voters in attendance, but most are there just to see the trainwreck.
    The reason Palin “misbehaves” all the time, I think, is because she’s allowed to with no consequences…the men love her…wink wink, and her conscience doesn’t bother her in the least. I think Alaskans are rightfully getting fed up with being “the laughing stock of millions” (to quote Snowing in Alaska) and being backed into a corner by this woman. They are ready to lash out for justice and I’m sorry that Palin let this happen to them and I support their fight.


    Something as stirring on this website.

  11. They were selling “Palin 2012” shirts at that rally in Georgia. Governor of Alaska job is just a stepping stone.

  12. Claire Solt — Let me explain something to you: Wanting ethical & accountable leadership is not a partisan issue. I’m an Alaskan who was a Republican until Palin was placed on the ticket — changed my voter reg the next week. She does not represent the CORE republican values, the only conservatism that she knows is the religious type, and that, frankly, is NOT a POLITICAL value.

    By the way, my husband is STILL a registered Republican, and he is fighting the good Alaskans for Truth fight as well.

  13. To ozmud (Dec 1, 2008 at 4:00 pm):

    As best I can figure, according to her spokesman Bill McAllister, she “was in the state” all but 5 days since the election. Today December 2nd minus November 4th equals 28 calendar days.

    Of those days Palin has travelled to and fro 3 days = 25 days. Of THOSE 25 days, 7 were weekend days not already accounted for, and 1 was a holiday.

    That leaves 17 possible days Sarah Palin could have actually been spending time “in the state” working, but we know she was giving interviews in her kitchen to Greta Van Susteren Nov. 10th and Matt Lauer Nov. 11th., and giving an interview at the turkey-slaughter farm Nov. 20th, so that decreases Palin’s possible work days for the state of Alaska to 14.

    Of those 14 days, deduct one day to unpack that RNC private plane that brought her home to Alaska, and one more day for her perusing her purloined RNC wardrobe to pack for Georgia and Pennsylvania.

    Maybe if you were lucky you Alaskans got 12 days of work for Alaska out of your Governor, folks, out of 28 days between November 4th and today.

  14. This petition isn’t getting many signatures and our wolf pups and bear cubs need everyone’s help. This petition is targeted for Sarah Palin. Spread the word, and let’s meet the goal!

    Thank you for the support of our wildlife.

    This goes to the House of Representatives AGAINST aerial hunting of wolves.

  15. just an observation…every female official in attendance for the Obama/Biden meeting with the governors wore dark business suits…but Palin stuck out for her photo ops in that stupid bright red jacket!!!

  16. If nothing else, you Progtards are good for a few chuckles.

  17. it’s always the anonymous that are the most crotchety

  18. Lainey

    rofl I noticed the same thing straight away! One lone red blip in a sea of dark blue and grey suits! What was she thinking?

    Call me stupid but what’s a ‘progtard’? I’m guessing progessive retard? Which would, btw, be an oxymoron.

  19. that’s what I think it means, ozmud

    and to mr. no name…there are no progtards here!
    just honest citizens in a quest for the truth!

  20. p.s. progressive liberals

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