Posted by: shannynmoore | December 3, 2008

Governor Grifter…Again.

Oh, Governor Grifter….again.

Today Sarah Palin has disclosed previously omitted free trips, adding them to her financial disclosure forms. Hey, what’s the big deal…she took those trips almost two years ago.

According to the Associated Press, “One of the trips, the James B. Hunt Jr. Institute of North Carolina – a nonprofit education policy group – paid the $2,827 cost of Palin’s April 2007 flight and hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona, to attend a four-day conference.”

So, who the ham and cheese is James B Hunt Jr.? Why was he sending our Governor on a trip in April 2007? Well, he’s a former North Carolina Governor who was concerned enough about education that he set up a policy group. Here’s their mission statement:

In order to provide all students with an equitable chance to succeed and to foster a high quality of life for all citizens, the James B. Hunt, Jr. Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy cultivates state leadership that focuses on public education’s value and actively promotes the fundamental role of governors to instill and protect the ideals of democracy.

So, even after 4 days of resorting in Scottsdale, Palin didn’t do jack crap for education in Alaska. Was there a test? A quiz? Apparently not. New reports show Alaskan students are less likely to graduate from high school than other states. In fact, Alaska’s drop out rate is double the US average. I’m glad she reported-albeit nearly 2 years late-her “gift trip,” but Mr. Hunt Jr. really should get his money back. In the 2008 budget, Governor Palin vetoed $479,000.00 for “Drop-out Prevention Programs.”

A month later Palin, her daughters and her former deputy campaign treasurer were put up for free at the Mt. Chilkoot Lodge in Skagway, Alaska. The rules state you must report any gifts within 30 days. Well, Sarah has been late reporting multiple “gifts.” A June 30, 2007 trip for Piper and herself valued at $1,187. An April Republican event in Texas…oh, yes, the same one she went in to labor at the next year, valued at $4,620 with a cowboy boot bonus worth $1,000.

My goodness, what will she do? Nothing. Poor Bill McAllister, her spokesman, under a deep and drippy spell, has once again defended his boss. Because the reports have been corrected, it is irrelevant on how the errors were detected. IT’S NOT HER FAULT! It was the mistake of her staff.

We’ll just put this on the list of mistakes that aren’t Sarah Palin’s fault.

The list: Troopergate was about a dangerous renegade brother-in-law; Walt Monegan was “insubordinate;” Charlie Gibson’s interview was full of “gotcha” questions; Katie Couric was just mean and condescending; the shouts of “kill him” and “terrorist” at her rallies were the fault of Bill Ayers; Wardrobegate was the fault of the McCain Campaign; losing the election wasn’t her fault, it was George W. Bush and the economy; Gobblegate was the fault of a cameraman ; another late “gift” disclosure, the fault of her staff.



  1. APOC needs to be after her on this one. Even if she has filed the paperwork now, she still needs to be fined and censured at the least. She is in violation. Yes, it has now been corrected, but that is not the answer. No matter that it was someone else who may have messed up, the blame is hers, just as it is always the manager in the end. If she can’t manage the people under her then she needs to step down. That’s part of the job, managing those under you.

  2. Well, really, it’s not her fault the people she hires aren’t qualified to do their jobs… wait… what?

    Eventually, though, she’s going to need a bigger bus 🙂

  3. Gosh Darn it! Those pesky liberal gotch media!@*, wait! AP is not? .. snooping into the queen’s private grifting business again. Will she ever admit to doing any wrong? Not Saint Sarah from the North.

    In my lifetime, the world changed when Nixon, with the aid of Ford, totally got away with what he did. It opened the flood gates for all Republicans to proclaim immunity to the laws of this land since.

  4. Although she who must not be named should be held accountable it seems the Alaska legislature is spineless.

  5. Begich was fined $10 a day for being late disclosing the same kind of stuff. Is Sarah Palin going to be fined? The fine would amount to over $8,000 at the same $10 a day… If she gets away with it, then there are different rules for different people…

  6. I just read there is a meeting between educators and state goverment officials going on in Alaska, while Sarah is busy elsewhere campaigning. (maybe at progressive alaska?) Anyway… glad she went on the trip to Scottsdale. lol

  7. I am thoroughly pleased to have found this web site. It is quite refreshing to see that some think past a spin and reflect in a lucid articulate manner.

    Sadly you are in the mini-minority but hopefully will be able to gain ground as you move along in your career.

    Best of luck avoiding the Great Jade, an evil personality trait.

  8. Unfortunately this one doesn’t fall under APOC, its under the jurisdicition of the personell board and the attorney general. And we already know what they will have to say, which would be nothing.

  9. I had to share this with you! I was Polled tonight for a post election poll out of Haines (I think) and I finally got to VOICE my opinion on Sarah Palin. When the choice for “STRONGLY DISAPPROVE” was given, I repeated it very loudly! That felt So Gooood. And it was a real person asking questions.

    Made my day! Oh ya, life is good! Doesn’t take much these days to make me happy! :~)

  10. According to a report on MSNBC Palin’s expensive clothing habits on the campaign trail continued even after they became public.

    “The latest buys ranged from $4,383 at Saks Fifth Avenue and $2,130 at Nieman Marcus, to $148 at Victoria’s Secret locations in Philadelphia and Cincinnati. Another $430 was spent at Aldo, a shoe store.”

    Your tax dollars at work… 🙂

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