Posted by: shannynmoore | December 7, 2008

Sarah Palin: The Gift That Keeps On Taking.

Details of expenditures to make an Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, presentable to the people of America trickle out like rain off a roof. But rain off a roof this time of year in Alaska makes for some remarkable icicles. Each drop of information layers on the last, and the label of “Governor Grifter” seems appropriate. John McCain’s choice seems to have earned him at best a “Senator Sucker” nametag.icicles_large1

The New York Times is reporting $165,000 was paid to the stylists who traveled with the campaign and created the glamour girl few of us recognized. “Wardrobegate” initially reported $150,000 of RNC donations was spent on clothing for Sarah Palin. That figure has now been upgraded to $173,000. Stores that only exist in catalogs in Alaska had her full attention; Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Kate Spade, Brooks Brothers, Escape Skin Care & Day Spa, and now…Victoria’s Secret-shhhhh, don’t tell.

I’ve wondered about the reactions of the individual contributors to the RNC.

An ordinary citizen, concerned about gays getting married, or the right to buy cop killer bullets, sent in $100 from his minimum wage job of changing tires. “Joe the Tire Changer” bought fresh panties for the Vice-Presidential nominee? I’m sure he’s comforted thinking he got that close to the pretty Palin…but his wife might not feel that way. Her panties come in the multi pack, three colors from Wal-Mart.

A part time worker, full time Red-Stater, a woman who uses L’Oreal “because she’s worth it,” and believes that Miss Clairol box color 519 is her God given natural hair color. She pulled $100 out of her “in case I get sick” coffee can fund and sent it to the RNC when her church secretary sent her that email about Barack Hussein Obama being a Godless Muslim. I guess she made a dent in Sarah Palin’s $68,000 make-up bill, $42,615 hair-do bill, and $54,900 stylist bill. Maybe Sarah could explain to Ms. Red-Stater what a stylist is.
The Grifter List goes back a ways:

312 nights spent in her own home during her first 19 months in office, charging a “per diem” allowance intended to cover meals     and incidental expenses while traveling on state business; including November 22, 2007-Thanksgiving Day. The expense report explained it as the Great Alaska Shootout. That’s the annual NCAA college basketball tournament held in Anchorage. Total per diem $16,941.

The governor’s daughters’ and husband’s travel charges: $43,490. One event in New York City, October 2007, when Bristol accompanied the governor to Newsweek’s third annual Women and Leadership Conference, toured the New York Stock Exchange. Alaska paid for three nights in a $707-a-day hotel room.

Palin, before her nomination, accepted gifts valued at $25,367 from industry executives, municipalities and a cultural center whose board includes officials from some of the largest mining interests in the state. Some of the “gifts” included a $2,200 ivory puffin mask, a woven grass fan worth $300 and a $150 ivory necklace. This may explain her pro Pebble Mine stance.

Alaska Grifter Total: $85,798
VP Grifter Total: $330,000
Total Grifter Total: $415,798

Count on the Palinistas to line up and defend the grifting. The per diem abuse has been dismissed by her staff with comparisons to former Governor Frank Murkowski. That’s like comparing a bad bartender to Jim Jones’ Guyana Kool-Aid Stand and drinking up.
Palin Spokes-model Meg Stapleton recently responded to the New York Times inquiries with, “The decisions reflected in this disclosure are financially poor decisions made by campaign staffers hired by the campaign and not the governor…(Governor Palin) is absolutely appalled at the news and the amount of money reportedly spent on the vice-presidential campaign.”

I wonder if Joe the Tire Changer and Ms. Red Stater would like their money back.

It is never Sarah Palin’s bad judgment or poor decisions that get her press. It’s always the fault of someone else.
And so the drips continue…and a stalactite status icicle hangs in front of Alaskans. Sarah Palin is the “gift” that keeps on taking.


  1. Well written as usual Shannyn.

    I especially liked the icicle imagery, not to mention the panties metaphor. But of course I would, wouldn’t I?

    The things that come out of Meg Stapleton’s mouth make me wonder if she even has a soul anymore. I wonder if she even bothers to clean her bathroom mirror anymore for fear of what might look back at her if she did.

  2. Did you count the expenditures for her passel of tag-along kids, Cleaned-Up-F’in-Redneck Levi, and the Grungy First Dude?

  3. OR…the $1,000 per day the state of Alaska paid for Palin’s best friend to accompany her on her campaign for VP AND when she left to campaign for that Racist SOB Saxby.

    I want Sarah Palin or Kris Perry to reimburse the state for that money!!!

  4. Since the campaign received federal money (that would be the money that Obama passed on believing correctly that he could raise more), didn’t we ALL donate for those panties? I believe that there was $85 million of taxpayer’s money financing that farce of a campaign.

  5. Yeah, all the MANTAN & silk boxers for Todd Palin have been tallied up, it´s staggering……….
    BY THE BY and I KNOW YOU´RE NOT SUPPOSED TO ask or EVEN THINK about it because it has to do with one of the high school drop out Palin kids, BUT isnt that baby due like 2 weeks ago? No wedding, no baby…WHY ARE ALL THE Palin pregnancies SUSPECT?

  6. Its looking like no-one has the b*lls, oops, I mean “spine” as AKM says to do anything, Someone, somewhere needs to grow a pair and Impeach her or recall her, and the AG and everyone else who is letting her get away with all her “Gates” !! And where is the IRS on all her Grifterness? And Housegate?
    IRS where are you? Or are they afraid of Scarah too????

  7. To: Shannyn Moore
    Re: Sarah Palin – Huff Post – Dec 7/8

    .. it’s obvious there can’t be much going on in Homer .. NEWSFLASH! .. the election is over – get a life!.. but if you insist on doing some real journalism – figure out how Obama was able to raise a record $680M in campaign contributions (a lot of which was from nefarious sources), have the MSM in his hip-pocket – doing absolutely no investigations on his associations with criminals/racists and be blessed with a financial meltdown thirty days before the election from the incumbant Party to help grease the path for an election victory by only a 52 – 48% margin – only 3M more votes that Kerry got in ’04 !? .. that should keep you busy and off the streets so you don’t have to embarass yourself with Nat’l Enquirer like bullshit !?

    Gary Hilderbrand
    Tampa, FL

  8. Don’t forget that First Dude supervision of the renovations to the AK Governor’s Mansion, including his rather interesting renovation budgetary recommendation that amounts to nearly $1 million dollars ($953,000 to be exact). I’ll bet he didn’t perform that service for free.

    See and

    I realize it costs a lot more to get building and remodeling done in Alaska than it does in the lower 48 (Hawaii’s expensive, too), but I wonder if Sarah Palin figured her husband would be PERFECT for this supervisory job considering how inexpensively he got their house built in Wasilla at the same time the Wasilla Sports Complex was built…

  9. Um…gary hilderbrand…what you’re complaining about is kinda off topic.

    I think we’re discussing the RNC spending their “base’s” hard-earned political contributions to gussy up Sarah Palin and what seems to be a large extended family for the 2008 campaign and possibly for the next 4 years.

    Why don’t you take your complaint over to a more appropriate blog? I’m sure you’ll find a lot of bobble-head dolls who are willing to agree with everything you’re saying. They do on practically anything else that’s anti-Obama, anti-Oprah, anti-abortion, anti-turkey-slaughter, anti-sleazy-politician and pro-Palin.

  10. Hey Gary. Why aren’t you as concerned about Sarah Palin’s associations, like with the AIP – you know, the secessionist political party that her husband was in bed with until 2002 whose founder said “…the fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the US government…”

    She made a keynote speech for them just this year and said “keep up the good work…”

    Or are ‘associations’ only meaningful when they are Barack Obama’s associations?

  11. Hey Gary,

    Get your numbers correct…Barack won about 53% to 46% which in our Blue/Red world is equivalent to a landslide…did you see the electoral math.

    Also, what about Gov’s association with the witch doctor…the laying on hands dude Rev Murthie…aren’t you concerned about that association.

    And, finally the reason that everyone brings up her family is because we had to hear her insufferable “I’m a hockey Mom” bullshit over and over when, the evidence is fairly clear she wasn’t really a very attentive mom at all…

  12. AKM Mudflats is down? I hope Barbie isn’t behind it…?
    I got a response from Rep. Berta Gardner, re: Sarah Palin, a email I sent her.
    She said:
    “Thank you very much for sharing your concerns and opinions with members of the Alaska State Legislature. Like you, many of us are dismayed and disappointed that our Governor who campaigned for open, transparent government, who welcomed an investigation and who called on us to hold her accountable, has turned out to be more talk than action.
    We expect a formal report on our investigation when we get to Juneau in January. I, for one, am looking for answers to the discrepancies between the Personnel Board and the Legislative investigations, and I want action taken against those who defied subpoenas.”
    Best regards,

    I take that as very good news!!!
    And Gary, Go sound off at Michele Malkens blog…
    Or better yet Ann Coulter’s, since she isn’t able to speak at this time…..

  13. To Gary,
    You might want to check out this NY Times article by Mr. Ayres. It is quite enlightening and all of you Anti-people, anti-planet , pro war, pro killing, and pro Palin people should read it. I was around in the 60’s and there was a lot going on. Maybe the statements being made were not always done in the right way, due to the zealous youth rebelling a horrible war, but that is no reason to call them terrorists. I’d have a cup of coffee with Bill way before I’d share any space with the AIP! His youth and commitment against the war is an excuse for poor judgment. The AIP members are a bunch of old farts with weapons and anti American attitudes. That’s who Palin pals around with! (in her fancy silk outfits!) Do some research!

  14. You poor pathetic people just keep repeating false sotries from other peoples blogs. No reasonable thinking person believes that Sarah is responsible for the money spent by the RNC. Move on!!!

  15. Gary…didn’t your state change from red to BLUE?

    People like yourself only accept “fear and smear” tactics as your voice of reason and “deny, deny, deny” when you’re busted! You know no compromise or discussion. There was an uprising against your kind in this election and you missed it…still in denial, I suppose.

  16. crystal: AKM is here:

    Shannon: Great article – I’m wondering how good it would be to have a dozen or so Alaskan citizens lob up to the legislators door, each presenting a bill for two year’s worth of per diem, itemized saying “For as long as Sarah can get paid for living at home, I can get paid for living at home. Here’s my bill. See you next year!”

    I once billed a dentist for keeping me waiting 45 minutes – as he’d billed me once for being more than 15 minutes late. He didn’t pay, of course, but the stir it caused in his busy waiting room led him to drop the late charge from his list of fees.

  17. Gary-

    Get the hell over your loss – this is an Alaskan blog site and NEWSFLASH! Remember? Palin is our Governor and she’s going to be scrutinized very closely by Alaskans for the next two years. Live with it, or go cry – we really don’t care what you do while you are waiting for your Northern Witch to advance into national politics.

    Alaskans are going to be very busy now, and no time for chit chat with the right wing fundy zealots slobbering over our grifter governor.

  18. Thanks ozmud!
    Sam, reasonable people KNOW Grifter Barbie took all the clothes and makeup etc. Its all reported by the RNC 🙂
    And being investigated by CREW.
    As I told Gary, go cry to Michele Malkin blogs or Poor Ann coulter.
    Troll somewhere else, we have work to do here, getting rid of gov. grifter…!

  19. Has anyone mentioned yet that this laundry list of gifts and favors reads like the same kind of list that earned Ted Stevens 7 felony counts?

  20. I would like to know more about how Don Young is able to continue avoiding prosecution, I know of the ‘1 mil. plus’ spent on legal fees, but it isnt like Ted Stevens didnt have money and favors.It certainly smells that a politician can spend ‘contributions’ to defend his ‘alleged’ abuse of that public office,..but hey a 7 times convicted felon barely lost.

  21. ..a further note-or question-who is the lynch pin that stops investigation of Palin? Atty. gen.?

  22. Snowing in Alaska…
    You crack me up……. slobbering over our grifter governor! HAHAhahahaha

    crystalwolf …
    That is encouraging. Good work!

    As always, thanks Shannyn. You are so gifted and dedicated.

  23. Please check out the new picture that definitely questions Palin’s pregnancy:

    Also, please check out

    This organization Palin is associated with advocates seizing the wealth from the godless, calling it wealth transfer…isn’t that funny!

    Thanks, Shannyn…love your articles.

  24. as usual, great comments and information. keep it all handy to pull it out and REMIND everyone. however, Palin is also the gift that keeps on giving; her fund of gaffes and mistakes will never run dry.

  25. Thank you Shannon, for your good works and voice. I am a displaced crabber negatively affected by crab rationalization, and public advocate for doing the right thing. I have been giving much heated public testomony to the crabby council. I would like to see this testomony further realeased to the public. Steve Taufen,Terry Haines, or Steve Branson can put you in touch with me. Steve can be found at . Terry can be reached at . Steve is President of the Crewman’s Association, and can be reached at . OVER HALF of AMERICA’S CRABBER’S have essentially, and intentionally, BEEN FIRED!!! OVER HALF of AMERICAN CRAB JOBS HAVE BEEN LOST!!! Remaining Crabbers have been CHEATED out of 80% of their HISTORICAL PAY RATE!!! Learn more at the , Anchorage Daily News HIGHLINER blog under archives, scroll down archives to “SHOULD WE RIP UP CRAB RATZ?” Read comments, please start at the bottom of list, as that is the order they were recieved. Also check surrounding articles comments. PLEASE HELP CRABBERS who have been ROBBED of JOBS, CAPITAL, and the AMERICAN DREAM!!!… THANK YOU,and MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL WITH ALL THE BEST LIFE HAS TO OFFER. CRABLEWI aka. ANGRY CRABBER STICKING UP FOR THE LITTLE GUY.

  26. Regarding the Wasilla church, insurance arson is the “oldest trick in the book” and any speculation as to whether Grifter Sarah did this or that or didn’t is wearing my patience thin. Who cares already – we are aware that she is a liar and a thief and a grifter.

    We need to do whatever we can to get the sociopath megolomaniac Sarah Palin out of office.

    I still wonder about how the MSM didn’t corner SP into answering about her husband’s involvement in the AIP, during the presidential election. Why did that not come out? That was pretty significant, well documented NEWS – why was it not brought up by the MSN?

    (we know for a FACT that she has an 83 I.Q. for goodness sakes, how dumb she is and how much of a mooch she is upon Alaska)

    C’mon Alaskans, grab a spine and take out the trash!

    I hope and pray that we can put a stop to Sarah Palin, and if we can’t, we need to do more,

  27. she really is amazing- in these hard economic times – did she really think that people would not find out about the money spent ??? is she narcisstic or blinded egotistically ? it really is amazing….people won’t forget this kind of gluttony….

  28. There is something really good that came out for the lower 48 from the ordeal of dealing with Sarah Palin; it is our meeting Shannyn Moore. Thanks for speaking out!

  29. I would think that your Governor would understand that for her to make a run at a higher office she has to first get out of her term as Governor successfully.

    I would think that she would be working very hard at addressing all of the problems that currently exist in the state she was elected to govern instead of running around being a media darling.

    Not much chance of being elected President when the state you govern has been run into the ground just as this country has been run into the ground by the outgoing President.

    Governor Palin, address the problems of the Native population, the high cost of fuel and other commodities in rural Alaska, the high drop out rate, the teen pregnancy problem, the number of sexual abuse cases, and a myriad of other problems that have been made worse due to your lack of attention and inaction. I live on the East Coast of the United States yet I’m aware of what is going on in Alaska and I’m flabbergasted that you’re fiddling while Alaska burns.

    There are many names used for you Governor Palin; Caribou Barbie, Bible Spice, Winky, but Governor Grifter seems to be the most appropriate. How anyone can be so brazen in taking advantage of their position for their own personal gain is beyond comprehension. I’m surprised you want to run for President as it seems like you and Todd have quite the little criminal operation going on there in Alaska. Maybe you’re afraid that things are catching up with you and it’s time to get out of Dodge (or Anchorage or Juneau or Wasilla). Sooner or later most criminals are caught, your time may soon be up.

    I’m still interested in your Governor because she believes she’s a player in national politics and is ordained to be President (as well as having a cult following among the far right). This country has barely survived Bush but I don’t believe it could survive a President Palin. So while I hope that things get better for all of the citizens of Alaska, please look out for us as well and insure that your Governor is held accountable and can in no way shape or form run or be elected President.

    Best of luck from Maryland…..

  30. Thank you so much for speaking out. I love all your comments. Please, please think of some way to get rid of Sarah, she is such a whiner, and a manipulating woman. She is so selfish, self-centered, that I cannot see how she will “ever” take care of Alaska’s needs, or America’s/ either. Put her back in the bottle, please. Good luck and will follow you.

  31. Wow. You people seriously scare me. (And so does the first 2 weeks of our new socialistic society)
    If you are using the NY Times to back your opinions, that is even scarier.
    Have a great year!

  32. Have you added in the cost of the gifts of her super-duper house, built by Todd and ‘a few buddies’ during the time they were also building the arena in town? Built with the same type windows etc>

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