Posted by: shannynmoore | December 29, 2008

Talk of Alaska…

I will be Steve Heimell’s guest on APRN Tuesday morning (December 30) at 10 am Alaska Time.

You may stream the show at click “Listen Now” or “Listen Online” or podcast the show.

The topic is “Lost Stories of 2008.”

I’ve got a few ideas (shocking, I know) but wonder what you think the Alaskan media lost in the shuffle.



  1. Actually, Dec. 30 is Tuesday, Shannyn…. 🙂

    You might already know about this, but Rep. Mike Harker is on the move…back to Juneau today “to discuss both the proposed budget and how the administration intends to make the newly required ten year fiscal plan compliant with the provisions of House Bill 125.”

    See what he had to say at The Alaska Standard @

  2. Great job!!! I just listened on line and you are great!!
    Happy New Year!!!

  3. Thanks for brining up – first – the lack of reporting on the final outcome of Baker v. Exxon Shipping. Nested within this disturbing void is the story of the amazing attorney(s) who gave up 19 years of their lives to fight every day for justice in this case. Think about it – 19 years of effort while trying to keep a roof over a family’s head, food on the table, and enough energy behind the cause to never lose faith. My vote for Alaskan of the Year? Matt Jamin – hands down. How about a story on the unspoken heroes who fought this case when everyone else forgot about it, or at least forced it to the recesses of everyday life, in order to move on…..

  4. Thank you for keeping us, (me, at least ) so well informed and aware of “what’s goin on !”.

  5. Wow, what a great picture! Happy New Year!

  6. aprn pays good, no ?

  7. Hi Shannyn,

    Saw you on The Rachel Maddow Show and hope you’re back on it soon.

    Relating back to the blog, this clip should be very interesting.

  8. Shannyn,

    Please please please write a post about this:

    It’s a major humanitarian crisis and the Governor has not responded in the appropriate manner… No surprises there, but please add your voice to the appeal for help by other Alaska bloggers.


  9. Knock-knock-knock, Shannyn? Are you in there, Shannyn? We miss you. Come out and play.

  10. From Portland Oregon on Saturday, Jan. 24:


    Maybe it was the anguished earth responding to Sarah Palin’s request for $11 million for her alleged book…

    Just wondering. Hope no one’s hurt.


  11. I ditto baja – we miss you!

  12. Shannyn,

  13. “you trying to be a nobody or sumpthin?”

    Hope all is well and you are safe.

  14. Is this blog dead? I keep coming here to see progressive insight to my home state and nothing for ages.

  15. we miss you Shannyn

    hope you are back soon

  16. Blog much? Your voice is missed…

  17. Well I see you were on long enough to delete my long entry, curious since it wasnt more critical then asking if you were not blogging anymore

  18. Hay Shannyn Where are you, I miss you

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