Posted by: shannynmoore | February 6, 2009

OH, My Naughty Little Liberals….

No search crews needed. I’m back. Many bloggers stated they’d dried up from Post Election Palin Fatigue and were taking a break. I guess part of me was too exhausted to even post that…and what wasn’t completely flaccid in my brain from election overdrive was behind the scenes kicking and screaming.

I’ve been working on a television pilot. More details later. I’ve also been screaming at CSPAN and my radio. So much outrage…so few blogs.

Thanks for hanging in there…and for your emails.

I just posted at huff po….

In Dutch Harbor last week.

In Dutch Harbor last week.



  1. THANK YOU…I about had a heart attack today after Elisabeth and her Sarah Palin/wolf/abortion nonsensical tirade. I understand having a conservative person on The View but this one is as dangerously dumb as Sarah Palin…and all of her notes are talking points from Fox News…I wish Barbara would reconsider keeping her…but I guess they want EVERY viewer they can get. I listened to you faithfully when you appeared on Jon Elliot’s show to give us the daily update on Palin…I have visited Alaska several times and love it and it’s beauty and independence…Sarah Palin is a cancer growing there and she contaminates every thing she touches. So glad that you are back..thanks to your blog…I have discovered Mudflats and some others that I read daily. Oh yeah, George W. is moving about five miles from me and I feel dirty just having him in the same town and Dallas is a pretty big place..he is moving to a bubble neighborhood and they are constructing a gate so that he will be safe from curiosity seekers. But many people don’t want him here and PBS did featured a great documentary on Crawford, Texas and the folks there aren’t too crazy about him and one high school kid ended up killing himself over the war in Iraq and the high school history teacher ended up moving out of Crawford because she finally could’t cope with the ignorance. And she tried so hard to educate the town as well as her students and she was so kind but she lost in the end. We all lose with the Bush/Cheney/Palin/Hasselbeck and their ilk because ignorance runs rampant..though we do finally have some hope.

    So glad that you are back…you’ve become family to me.

    Mille Fennig
    Dallas, Texas

  2. Yep, I saw your HuffPost article… but glad to see you home.. I knew you were in Dutch..been keeping track of you a little through the face and through Phil…lol He has been keeping people updated… We have tried to keep the pressure up but it’s just not the same without you…you are the top of the ladder….you know that…

    Hope all works out for you. Wishing you the best of luck. Good to see you back.

  3. Good to see you back!

  4. Shannyn, Great to see you back, and awesome post on HuffPo, I put it on my Myspace blog..(hope you don’t mind)
    We need all the people we can to take the Grifter down.
    Keep up the great work 🙂

  5. Great to see you back, Shannyn. You’ve been missed.

  6. Good to have you back!

  7. I’ve been looking and waiting for your return, Mrs. Moore. Finally found you on my homepage at Huffington Post. Welcome, best wishes, and truly happy to know you are back!

  8. I am glad to see you posting again. I really enjoy
    your view on things and love to read about the politics of Alaska. It is a very idiosyncratic state,
    especially with Palin, the “fibber”. I know that she
    is a “bit” vindictive so I was relieved as others to see you back in action. Who knows, with her record.

    Keep informing and enlightening us with your views and info about your state. Your honesty and genuine nature is appreciated especially in this time of corruption. Keep posting and thanks to you.

  9. Shannyn so glad your back; you were missed!

    Millie F. what a great comment.

  10. Well heelloooooo Shanny, well Heelloooo Shanny, it’s so nice to have you back where you belong.

    TV pilot? Oh lordy, look out America! Best wishes and I am glad you weren’t institutionalized.

  11. You’ve been missed! So much going on and no Shannyn to share with!

    I’ve been screaming too, then laughing, then sighing and a moan every once in a while. It feels like a roller coster. Rachell Maddow’s show helped me through it all.

    Also it’s great to see you other loyal bloggers back too!

  12. Welcome back, Shannyn!

    You have been missed!

  13. Whew! We were about to send out the SAR teams!

    Welcome back, Shannyn.

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