Posted by: shannynmoore | February 6, 2009

Todd Palin Guilty: Contempt of Senate (Updated)

Branchflower Investigation? $100,000

James Dobson Legal Offense Fund? $185,000

Todd Palin & Co. in Contempt of Senate? PRICELESS!

Last July 14, Alaskan lawmakers unanimously voted to investigate the abuse of power allegations against Governor Sarah Palin. At the time, the Governor welcomed the chance to clear the air and had directed her staff to cooperate with the investigations.

On August 29, 2008 everything changed. Sarah Palin was picked to be John McCain’s running mate. Formerly cooperative witnesses now had to be subpoenaed. They ignored their subpoenas. Was there witness tampering? What was Alaska Attorney General Talis Colberg’s role?

At 10:09am on February 6, 2009, Senate Resolution #5 passed 16-1. This resolution finds the witnesses who ignored their subpoenas GUILTY OF CONTEMPT of the Alaska State Senate.

This resolution did not address the actions of Talis Colberg. It called for no penalties to the 7 witnesses because they were being guided by the Attorney General and they did cooperate with Mr. Branchflower as soon as their lawsuit was thrown out of court.

There was very little discussion on the floor.

The lone dissenting vote? Senator Con Bunde. Rule of Law Anyone? Strange, because as I watched Gavel to Gavel this morning, I saw Senator Bunde put his hand on his heart and recite the Pledge of Allegiance with the rest of the Chamber. “With liberty and justice for all.” Maybe those are just words. I guess in Con’s world, it’s OK to ignore subpoenas.

This weekend is the Iron Dog Snowmachine Race. Todd Palin will drive his machine to Nome with a new cloud. Todd Palin in contempt of the Alaska State Senate.

Lt. Gov Sean Parnell has responded. He’s less than thrilled with SR5…go figure. So a State paid employee, Mr. Parnell, spent State time writing a letter TO ONE SENATOR; Hollis French.  15 other Senators voted for the resolution.   Could this be a partisan attempt to spank Senator French?

If 16 lawmakers can agree that contempt of the Senate occured; and then agree that it was due to unlawful advice from legal counsel so no penalties were levied….then will the penalties ultimately fall on Attorney General Talis Colberg? If so, Sarah will have to speak.

It is  ironic Mr. Parnell would condemn the “assault on the reputations and due process of those named in Senate Resolution 5.” REALLY? I am offended by Mr. Parnell’s inaction during the Branchflower Investigation. He swore to use his office to uphold the Constitution – not get his boss elected to higher office. His disappearing act during Sarah Palin’s hay days would marvel any illusionist. The “Governor Light” should have stayed in his cave.



  1. Palin, pallin’ round with crims.

  2. This is only a “simple resolution”, which has absolutely no force of law. However, it is indeed impressive that there are 19 statesmen covering every zip code in the state that have sent a message to the Governor and a majority of her administration a big fat public record of contempt. Again, as I’ve stated before, I feel sorry for the staff that got drug down by this issue by Sara and Todd and company.Especially the ones that may have thought their written compliance was adequate according to their peers.

  3. Best news I’ve hear today. It’s sounds like our legislators are finally beginning to get it.

  4. Whoo hooot finally sounds like they grew some balls in Alaska… lol

  5. While this is certainly not ideal in terms of no consequences like fines or jail time, it is certainly better than nothing. If there were no Republicans and no Mike Doogan, I think there would have been fines and jail time.

    I will take SR 5 anyday over SR Nothing…

  6. press release calling this “politically motivated” (and/or “playing politics”) in 5 …. 4 …. 3 …. 2 …

  7. A television pilot? Oh c’mon, Shannyn, spill the beans!

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