Posted by: shannynmoore | February 10, 2009

Dear Sarah; Letter from Senate President Gary Stevens

Click here to read a letter explaining Senate Resolution 5 to Sarah Palin. The precious description of “equal branches of government” is civics 101…and apparently needed. The decision to not hold hearings on the resolution was to avoid the partisan media grandstanding so prevalent last fall. Senator Stevens signed this letter on behalf of the working majority comprised of 10 Republicans and 6 Democrats; clearly the definition of bi-partisanship.

With the resignation of Talis Colberg, there is an attitude of “move along, nothing to see, the sacrificial lamb is dead as a doornail.” Really? I want Talis talking. I have yet to meet anyone who says he’s not one of the nicest people they’ve ever met. This isn’t about being nice…it’s about being out horse powered by the McCain campaign attorneys. Who was advising Mr. Colberg to encourage witnesses to break the law in their defiance to subpoenas? Mr. Colberg, like most public officials swear to uphold the Constitution…not protect his boss.

Here’s the rub. Colberg served at the pleasure and whim of the Governor. The next attorney general will be no different. We really must have a the top law enforcement officer for the state free of the thumb of any governor…not just Sarah.

Answers owed to Alaska?

1.) What did we get for our $100,000 Branchflower Report? The Senate Resolution 5 vote re-validated the investigation. So, are they just going to put the “abuse of power” findings on eBay?

2.) Who advised Talis Colberg? Ed O’Callahan (not admitted to the AK Bar)? James Dobson’s Liberty (ironic) Legal Team?

3.) What State Officials are willing to stand up to Sarah Palin’s ambition in the name of Rule of Law? Who in Juneau have their balls on vacation with their spines? Who will stand up to the lady-Goliath with five stones of truth?

Where’s my magic wand? Oh, right next to my crystal ball…



  1. You know I went on a “spine and ball” vacations once and I have to say, I had a pretty great time.

    Let’s ask Talis out to dinner, our treat. We will get him drunk and let him vent. I am sure he has lots of things he is just dying to get off his chest.

    Put a bug in their ear!

  3. We may want to consider electing an Attorney General, changing the constitution. So many states have elected AG’s and that method appears to work very very well.

  4. Whatever it was you paid the $100,000 for evidently when they paid $185,000 they got more for their money…they bought off 2 legislators, an atty general, an investigator who said she did nothing wrong, and now the silence of them all. What a bargain.

    Or that’s what it sure seems like doesn’t it??

  5. Bob’s idea of changing the constitution and electing the AG is a good one. The obvious flaw, however, is Sarah Palin WAS elected. Education about elected officials seems needed.

  6. Rep. Crawford has introduced legislation that provides for the election of our Attorney General. I encourage everyone to contact their representative to let them know that this is an idea whose time has come!

  7. Hi Everyone! I’ve been a longtime lurker (really enjoy your blog, BTW!)

    Like I posted on Mudflats lastnight:

    Yes, here in Blue WA State where much of the more densely populated Western side leans Dem, our Attorney Genl is a Republican that’s done fairly well for us. Being elected, he KNOWS that he’s working FOR the people of the state, not simply being one of the Gov’s lackeys.

    I hope AK legislature wastes no time in setting up & changing the laws to get the AG position as an Elected Position – before Palin has a chance to appoint another one permanently (& muddying up the waters).

    Plus, being elected, our WA State Attorney Genl KNOWS that if he’s not working FOR the people of the state, we can/will give him his ‘walking papers’ come the next election. Our recently reelected Gov had served many years as an elected AG before.

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