Posted by: shannynmoore | February 11, 2009

Sarah Palin Wishes Herself a Happy Birthday Press Conference…Also.

My written & video notes on Sarah’s Press Conference:

Dressed in red, Governor Sarah Palin is having herself a birthday photo op. I guess the large heart shaped box of chocolates on the table is to sweeten the bullsh$% she’s shoveling. She’s responding to Dennis Zaki’s brilliant coverage omthe villages of Western Alaska. CNN picked up the story and that’s why all the Commissioners are gathered around their Governor – -very Star Trekky.

Extending moose hunting season for the poverty struck Lower Yukon region was her first response. Really? There are jobs available on catcher/processors citizens can apply for. Really? So, they can leave their homes, go live on a ship that brings up images from the Matrix. Really? But, they just aren’t really sure what those jobs would be. They signed the poor up for Federal programs. Wow. We can build roads between all these villages! The can share! One school, one hospital, one airport. Neat! “Economy of scale.” “Cluster Village.” So, people who can’t afford heating fuel or gas for their snowmachine should be able to purchase cars, have them shipped out there and then fuel them up so they can drive miles and miles to your nearest “Cluster f%*@.”

It takes time…also, therefore, so then. Cheers, Emmonak! Oh, unless you’re a dry village. She’s addressing that too! Yeah! If you are currently wet…you may be made damp!

Basic Palin Solution: Leave your town and work. It’s a bit “dustbowl for me.”

Denali Kid Care Questions FINALLY! Can we please raise the limit to 200% of the poverty level and then a co-pay up to 300%. Senator Bill Wielechowski, introduced SB87 has a bill in the Senate that Sarah Palin has punched with a fiscal note…saying it will need 13 new state employees. The same bill introduced last March garnered a fiscal note requiring 3 new state employees. I know we need to get people back to work, but this seems to be a great way to tank a bill. Love the fetus…hate the child – OK, just the sick ones with poor parents.

AG Talis Colberg…she’s moving right a long…making sure no guts are left on her tires. NO DISCUSSION ABOUT YOUR ATTORNEY GENERAL LEAVING? REALLY? YOU DIDN’T TALK ABOUT IT AT ALL? ALSO?

Reporter, Bob Tkacz, took Sarah to the carpet over “Personnel Issues” are not “PERSONAL ISSUES.” It was Mr. Colberg’s choice to leave. “Right person, right time. He helped with ethics reform…” CURIOUS. He left the office in the shame and cloud of “witness tampering.” How’s that for ethics reform?

“We don’t know…also.” “Ask DNR.” “Task Force.” “It takes a long time.” The AGIA money was for a study…not to actually build anything… is my understanding.”

But Governor – your people want you home. She has the nerve to say she was trying to save, save, save…prudent Sister Sarah! She sent over $700,000,000 to Alaskans as party of her “anti-Socialist” agenda. And she cyber travels whenever she can. REALLY?

Wrapping up, also, with “Drill, Baby, Drill” as well…so then. How could she be exchanging pleasantries with Barack Obama and not consider herself someone who pals around with those who pal around with terrorists.

OMG, PLANNED PARENTHOOD & THANK YOU NOTES TO SARAH! She embraces the culture of life, yet wants the death penalty brought back to Alaska. How do her teeth not explode from this hypocrisy? I wrote the rape kit policy piece on Mayor Palin the first week in September. Keith Olbermann was the first major media to cover it, and had me as his guest. I couldn’t be happier that more Americans became aware of her archaic policies – and in turn more women have funding for their health issues.

I worry for my state. Reality Deficit Disorder has set in. There has to be a drinking game with “also”.



  1. Drinking game with “also”….?

    Banned in Alaska.

    Did Sean Cockerham ask one single question?

  2. How do you tell the Governor is lying?? Her mouth is moving… Most of it was non answers and chatter.. just like always.

  3. …thanks for tyhe play by play, i sim[ly can not take listening to her voice…

  4. I’ve watched all the videos.

    In answering the questions about western AK, the look on her face said, “I just don’t want to be bothered with this…next question, please!”

    Denali Kid Care: “We don’t know all the details…” of Hawker’s bill. Why? Not?

    Colberg: Snippy answers. I got the feeling Colberg did a foot sweep on Palin by resigning, judging from the look on her face. And didn’t it seem like she thought the question “personal vs. personnel” regarding firing Monegan was another question about her children? WHAT? No one drags her children into conversations except her!

    Interesting body language, leaning forward, leaning back, swinging her chair from side to side as she talked…like she was on a porch swing. Nervous? Wired?

  5. @ KarenJ

    Agree on all points, especially swinging her chair…maybe too much chocolate!

    Thanks, Shannyn!!

  6. Great post!

    Watching the room turn on her absolutely made my night!

    And I agree with KarenJ as well in that Palin acts as if the responsibilities of her job are simply unnecessary distractions.

    You can almost read her tiny little mind.

    “Dammit! I was supposed to be Vice President by now!”

  7. Go Bob Tkazc! That was awesome! And thanks Shannyn for jumping through the hoops to get these up on YouTube. 🙂

  8. Shannyn, thank you. The guv looks a bit nervous these days.

  9. Thanks for posting the videos, Shannyn!

  10. Yes, thanks for the videos.

    She is clearly not a happy camper there! Snarky, dismissive, defensive, and devoid of her usual charming winks. She looked… cornered.

  11. Let em eat moose!

  12. Thank you Shannyn! Wow, what a show. Still waiting for the Personnel vs Personal Youtube (I’m on slow dialup), but I’ve watched the others. What so delights me is that the reporters have taken off the kid gloves and are asking Real & Hard questions of her. The level of Sarah’s ‘discomfort’ couldn’t possibly match the discomfort of worrying about how to feed one’s kids or keeping them warm during a harsh winter. Nail the Dame!

  13. I had never read that “LIFE BEGINS AT RAPE: ” Post before. I was a volunteer King County Rape Relief Advocate helping victims go through the reporting/medical/DistrictAttny/Courts in the mid-80’s. That was when the police force here was finally getting their act together and providing Sensitivity Training for responding officers. The Rape Kit issue was a major reason I couldn’t consider voting for VP Palin, but your article leaves me stunned & in disbelief that a Woman could actually DO that to another Woman. It now explains how she can be so cold and indifferent to the problems being faced by the Villagers.

    I tried to load the Olberman “Girl From Homer” video, however I’m one of those MANY “Adobe-Challenged Vista” users. Searched all over Youtube, but couldn’t locate. Shannyn, do you by chance have a Youtube link you could supply? I would L-O-V-E to see Olberman tear into this Dame.

  14. Correction in my post

    “/DistrictAttny” was actually the Prosecuting Attorney

  15. Grand Political theater, Sarah? that’s how you dismiss our concerns? No, real concerns for real people is what a million dollars in donations to Planned Parenthood and to groups like the Defenders of Wildlife means, you stupid woman.


    My new hero!! You go Bob! It is about time reporters started treating her as a Governor answerable to her constiuents and not as “Her Ladyship”

    I LOVED his comment about not getting “sidetracked like that” when she tried to bring her children into the conversation.

    Who wants to lay odds he will be banned from future press availabilities?

  17. Excellent, ma’am. Thank you. I can’t listen to her for more than a few non-sentences so it will take me a while to get through the videos.

    Increase from 3 to 13 new state employees? Did she find 10 old pals somewhere she didn’t know she had? Or is she upset because she couldn’t find 13 more old pals? Also.

  18. Oh this was so painful to watch, it was like the Charlie Gibson interview or the Katie Couric interview. Palin is a sham, a phony, my god I can’t believe we still put up with her lack of knowledge, lack of depth, lack of common sense.

    Can those people really sit there with a straight face? I would rather sit on tacks than watch that “news” interview again. My god, does she even KNOW what she is saying?

  19. You ever get the feeling the song “19th nervous breakdown” by the Stones somehow took on flesh, and started walking around holding press conferences and running for offices and such?

  20. There are plenty of us down here in the Lower 48 who think Palin is the worst candidate any major political party ever thought of. However, we don’t know all the ins and outs of Alaska politics, so could you put out a different version of this article that explains in a little more detail what’s going on? We know Palin’s sentence de-structure is intentional obfuscation, but we would like to know more about exactly what she is trying to hide. Thanks.

  21. you should definitely mention your olbermann spot every time you post, you know, like that other person, keep your name out there, maybe keith will give you a job as a production intern.

  22. Oh Man, I have been lax – Shannyn! I was getting worried that since the wicked Bitch of the North had come back and your blog had gone a little quiet for a while…..well, unpleasant scenarios were going on in my head.

    Palin is unbelievable – just when you think she cannot get any worse. Please keep this up – you and mudflats will ultimately be the ones to save Alaska from total ruin.

    Please remember that so many in the lower 48 despise Palin, and despite the false sense of security we have that she has gone away, we know she has not, especially for Alaska, and we are not letting up – I have just finished a post sending my readers over here, my husband and I not only donated what we could to the people in western Alaska, but we forwarded the information to hundreds of others in many different states.

    One stroke at a time – sigh.

    I would go on about the videos, but everything we saw has already been duly noted by your readers.

    Keep writing, and watch your back.

    Pulling for Alaska in Pittsburgh, PA.


  23. Well Well it is so good to hear from you. Have missed your writings. Please stick around things are just starting to blossom and you have a way if shing a bright light on them. Missed you Shannyn If you get a chance there is a great story in Huff Post about Sarah thought you might of wrote it.

  24. Isn’t it amazing that everybody the governor appointed was “the right person at the right time”.

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