Posted by: shannynmoore | March 26, 2009

Palin Appoints W.A.R.–Updated

Governor Palin just nominated Wayne Anthony Ross as the new attorney general.  Talis Colberg had resigned February 9, just days after the State Senate had found Todd Palin and Palin’s aides in contempt for ignoring subpoenas during the Branchflower/Troopergate investigation.

W.A. Ross, who drives around Anchorage in his Hummer with the license plate “WAR”, is less than savory to those who value free speech.  In 2003, Ross defended Jeff Webster of Soldotna, Alaska.  Webster had dumped gallons of water on war protesters in freezing weather.  The peaceful protesters wore black and held signs with pictures of soldiers in hospitals that read “Victims of War.” Ross argued Webster was the victim of the protesters since his son was fighting in Iraq. Ross also advised former Representative Vic Kohring in his defense against corruption charges involving bribes from Veco for his vote on oil tax legislation worth billions of dollars.

Wayne Anthony Ross in another parade...

Wayne Anthony Ross in another parade...

In a 2003 letter to incumbent Mayor George Wuerch, Ross “broke up” with his friend because Wuerch refused to help WAR’s friend get into the Anchorage Fire Department. WAR’s friend failed a psychological test required to qualify and Ross had gone to the mayor to grease the wheels.
“I asked for your help in getting (the friend) another psych test and assistance in getting aboard the fire department,” Ross wrote. He continued: “Instead of your help, I got a snotty letter from (municipal attorney) Bill Greene.”
Wuerch said Ross’s request was inappropriate which is a nice way of saying “WTF?”  The mayor said, “He basically wanted me to get his friend into the fire department.  I can’t do that.”
A 2003 ADN post called “campaign notebook” went on to explain WAR’s follow up for his friend: “Ross said he wanted the mayor to correct a discriminatory psychological exam. Ross has filed a federal lawsuit against the city on behalf of his friend and several other applicants turned away from the Anchorage Fire Department. He said that among the grounds for the lawsuit were questions asked about alcohol use, which he says violate the Americans With Disabilities Act. ” Wow, what a peach! I’d love to have a mentally ill, drunk fireman forget to pull me out of a fire.

Ross, an anti-choice advocate and NRA official, is a blatant panderer to the base Sarah Palin is hoping to woo in the 2012 election.  Her statements at the local Republican dinner this past weekend bellyaching about not having a McCain campaigner to pray with have gone national.  Her need for a prayer assistant is reminiscent of the Pharisees and Sadusees warning from the book of Matthew.

Palin’s pandering to her national “religeous base” is hurting Alaska.  W.A.R. is not an appropriate choice for attorney general…he’s a sound bite.


  1. I hope the leg will not approve WARGINO! After GINO’s eff U to them today and lying on SOA website…I hope they start impeachment against her.
    It cannot happen soon enough!

  2. I second the motion!

  3. Good job Shannyn with the verses. I’m not a christian and know so little about the bible but the verse example that you quoted was very poignant. It shows that throughout history their were people that had to be called out for their bad behavior and there were always “watchdogs” out there to hold them accountable.


    (but I couldn’t find a link for contacts or new posts).

    Shannyn was on Countdown with Keith Olbermann earlier this evening. On which program she stated:

    “And it’s really sad that she is pandering and grandstanding for her base in Iowa and not taking care of Alaska . . . “

  5. Sorry if you saw this already, but THIS IS NOT A RESPONSE TO THIS POST. I just couldn’t find a general link for “contact” or “new comment.”

    On Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Shannyn said (verbatim):

    “It is really sad that she is pandering and grandstanding for her base in Iowa and not taking care of Alaska . . .”

    As a Cincinnati, Ohio transplant to Iowa raised as and voting as a Republican (most recently from John Boehner’s district, I’m fairly sure but may be wrong) for a little bit more than the majority of my adult life (I just turned 41), I feel honor bound to announce the following:


    I participated in two of these fiascos (96′ and 2000).

    There were significant deficiencies in those two primary seasons, but in 2008 the Republican process collapsed into utter obsurdity.

    It became an unabashedly shameless race for leader of the batshit crazy “Jesus vote.’

    I say this as a nominal evangelical and fundamentally non-Roman convert to Cathalocism.

    I want you all to know, as someone who has first hand experience to Iowa’s process and electorate that Iowa, barring a reincarnation of Ronald Reagan, or a new conservative face with Barrack Obama’s charisma, the next winner (and the next winner after that) of the Iowa Republican Caucus, will be nationally unelectable.

    Basically, I’m telling you, that your (the Alaska people’s) governor can very well secure the Iowa Republican vote in 2012 or 2016) (though I wouldn’t count on it). But it won’t matter.



    I would love to keep in touch with you all and give you updates from Iowa if you want them.


    William Brian McNeil
    MA, Miami of Ohio (and Miami was University before Florida was a state).
    PhD dropout, University of Iowa. (My adviser had a stroke and couldn’t remember who I was. I couldn’t find the strength to carry on somewhere else with someone else).

    W. Brian Mcneil
    319 325 1822

  6. Oh please!!!

    You just cut me short (or off) the second time!!!

    Saw Shannyn on Countdown and wanted to issue a report from Iowa (the place to which Gov. Palin is supposedly pandering . . . frankly unsuccessfully).

    HOW IS AN OUTSIDER SUPPOSED TO GET THROUGH OR CONTRIBUTE HERE!!! Will this e-mail finally get through?!?! Come on!!! Is this supposed to a Potemkin Village!?!?

    I want to talk to you all and be your eyes and ears where in Iowa!!

    Why are messages rejected!?!

    I’ve typed things you would love to hear . . . .twice!!!

    I’m done typing. You can contact me, post me or bar/block me me.

    Reach me at this address or at 319 325 1822.

    William Brian McNeil
    (Currently from Iowa City, IA).
    319 325 1822

  7. You are coming through loud and clear McNeil. Perhaps your internet provider is having hiccups…

  8. Great post, Shannyn.

    All that green stuff on his WAR wagon isn’t MJ is it?

  9. Well, WAR will just be another nail in Palin’s re-election coffin. She is alienating more and more people. Although I do think that refusing the stimulus money will hurt her more.

    The Dems better get together in a united front to put up their strongest candidate, then work as a single entity to get that candidate elected. You do not want Sarah in public office representing Alaska in any form.

    And while she may be acting as she does with her eyes on 2012, if she thinks she’s going to be the GOP nominee or even thinks she might be elected president….well that’s just more of her “magical thinking”.

  10. Wayne A. Ross is tight with the Outdoors Council and has represented Sam McDowell in court. He wants to wipe out subsistence. He calls it “upholding Alaska’s constitution.” McDowell finally lost his court case saying subsistence violated equal protection. It actually violates the “common use” language of the state constitution. If this is not fixed federal jurisdiction over our fish and game will continue to expand. Ross and Palin will look for a way to provoke a fight with the feds over this. Appointing an anti subsistence activist will piss off the bush even more.

  11. Oh but look; it’s all working out…

    **The Attorney General of South Carolina has issued a formal opinion that the legislature cannot bypass the governor for the stimulus funds.**

    State lawmakers have no ability to circumvent Gov. Mark Sanford’s refusal of $700 million in federal stimulus money, according to an opinion issued Tuesday by Attorney General Henry McMaster.

    “This is a classic constitutional standoff,” McMaster said. “The governor cannot be completely bypassed.”

    Past legal analysis raised the issue of whether the federal bill violated the U.S. Constitution, but Crocker [University of South Carolina law profession] called the Tenth Amendment questions a “red herring.” McMaster’s opinion, he said, resolved the venue issue.

    “It’s entirely a state court issue,” Crocker said. “We were chasing the wrong thing.”

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