Posted by: shannynmoore | March 28, 2009

Shannyn on Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann: Palin vs. Alaska GOP

I guess we made up….sort of.



  1. Oh good. You got it to work.

  2. As always…great job. Way to call out our lying governor in a national forum.

    I would say you and Keith definitely made up. I loved the “drop out line”.

    Well done Shannyn.

  3. It works to drop out in her family???? LOL! You go, girl!

  4. Shannyn you were awesome on KO yesterday!
    I was trying to post this video on myspace but I can’t get it to work? Where you having that problem? How did you solve it?
    I think its so important to speak out what happening in Alaska right now especially with what has happened in the last 3 days….
    I hope your back on KO very, very soon…(like Monday! )

  5. Shannyn, I could live with the political positions in your interview, but why the catty remark “apparently it works for her family to have dropouts”?

    Wasn’t that a little beyond the pale? Who is a dropout in her family?

  6. We’re calling Shannyn out on making lying comments about dropouts here:

    Feel free to offer proof for your comment, Shannyn – or else you can retract and apologize. I hope you feel great about picking on teenage mothers.

  7. Hi VO:
    Can you please provide some link to indicate whether Bristol is a high school drop out or not?

    Frankly I don’t care – so it’s just to set the record straight.

    Shannyn – you were awesome – and borderline brilliant.

  8. Also, Shannyn quoted some Hayes poll to say there was a drop in the Governor’s “very favorables” – was there also a drop in the “favorables”? Or is her popularity basically undimmed?

    Citation needed.

  9. I have a very hard time watching anything that woman does, as I cannot tolerate her voice.

    The current vacuum in my world via AKM will be satisfactorily filled by your blog, if that’s cool with you.


  10. Shannyn, should this be spread all over as an indictment of the Vice President’s character?

    Just wondering. I wouldn’t touch it on my blog, but I’m sure if she were the daughter of a Republican you’d love to make some snarky comment on “Countdown”.

  11. You stated that Palin’s family has dropouts. Could you please identify which child that is? Thank you.

    **********Yes. Both Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston dropped out of school. Levi Johnston as the father of Sarah Palin’s grandson is family.”******************

  12. Shannyn
    You have my deepest sympathy – obviously you have attracted the wingnutter brigade.
    They attack – but then unfortunately attacking is all that you have when you have nothing else.

    Pathetic …

    btw VidOmnia – it is everywhere .. what is your point pls?

  13. @sptcash – Can you provide some sort of evidence that Bristol Palin dropped out of school? Because all of the sources I look at seem to indicate that Bristol Palin is still in school.

  14. @basheert – Does the behavior of Joe Biden’s daughter say anything about his ability to act as Vice President?

  15. No sympathy, just tell the truth!
    I understand it takes time to research but, I have faith in you. You can do it, start here.

  16. actually, this is nonsense. It says nothing about his ability to act as Vice President. However, Joe Biden has not sold himself as having a family that exists only as an image for political expediency.

  17. So, VidOmnia, I don’t know you from Adam, never read your blog before. After the news about AKM hits, I come here and see your posts about how civil your group is, etc. I stopped by your blog and read just the first few sets of comments and pulled out a handful of what I considered fairly mean-spirited comments. I posted them in another thread here, and I see you haven’t bothered to respond, despite your assurances that you don’t want any sort of uncivil comments there.

    Okay. Now you’re basically needling Shannyn on this thread with every other post. Am I missing something here about your civil, gracious blog? Am I reading you wrong? Thanks.

  18. Donna: That may be because Biden’s children are old enough to know better. No ones children should be spoken about in an unkindly way on TV or blogs or anywhere. I am sure the Palin family and the Biden family have done the best they could and it is hurtful enough for any family when their children disappoint them. The hurt must be even more so when you have to see it on TV and the net. The person that should be called out and rightfully so…is Shannyn. She should be ashamed…it was a statement that is not true and she should be big enough to admit it.

  19. @Patty – oh, I just said we don’t tolerate personal attacks or attacks on a person’s family. Ridicule of someone for their political opinions or public statements is fine and dandy.

    Years ago, I would never have used ridicule against a President or other public figure. But after watching the left ridicule and mock Republicans for the last 8 years, we have learned it is an effective tactic.

    Republicans are learning Alinsky’s rules and will utilize them against Democrats. You’re already seeing it in play against Obama with the teleprompter jokes, and other stuff. It’s only going to get worse. I think it’s sad but it’s where politics has taken us.

  20. Just one more note…after the election, I actually wanted to believe that the personal attacks and smears against conservatives were at an end. I remember reading the “From 52 to 48” website and the spirit of reconciliation actually moved me.

    However, the attacks have continued unabated. There is no “new spirit of politics”. The national media’s attacks on Palin continue 6 months after the election, they’ll never end. And we learned from watching Bush that it doesn’t work to just put your gloves up and hope to survive the attack through defense.

    So Palin supporters will be counterattacking.

  21. Dear VO:
    I have thought about this for several hours before posting a reply.
    I had the good/bad fortune of growing up as an activist in the 60’s so actually as I see it, you OWE me and my compadres for giving you the right to be a raving loon on a blog.
    We fought and were arrested defending YOUR right to shoot off your mouth regardless of whether you are correct or simply an idiot. We defended civil rights, gay rights, equal rights – you name it and we fought and were busted for it.
    And now it appears as if we have to try and do it again.
    Unfortunately you have neither fought, died or defending individual rights. You have simply attacked because you believe your little braindead simpleton needs defending. SP is not being assaulted, shot, beaten or denied her civil rights. She simply must defend her own verbal idiocy.
    Frankly in my many many years, I have never run into a person that I would want to defend less.

    We all have rights – and in the 60’s and 70s we chose to fight, and die for yours. Your only assault is verbal. When you go into the streets, and are beaten and arrested for your views…then you can confront us.

    Until then – you can continue to attack but you have no credibility – because it’s all about YOU. And whether you like it or not, you can speak freely and attack at will because WE went to the mat to defend your right to disagree.

    And honestly – I have NO interest in going back and doing it again. You have shown you are not worth fighting for.

  22. Oh and as for your last post:
    You wanted to believe “nothing” – you simply are a “hater” who has chosen to follow the current Pied Piper.
    You chose the simple and cheap way out – and you are a coward on top of it. You have risked nothing – you shoot from the hip hoping to prove you are “cool” when in fact, you are only a tool.
    Go into the streets .. get beaten by a cop because you disagree or arrested because you have an opposing position.
    Then you will have some “cred”.
    Until then – you can keep up your attacks but no one will listen because you have nothing to back them up. You took no risks.

  23. Wow basheert you rock thank-you for your comments!

    VidOmnia I agree with basheert you are behaving as a tool, a hypocrite and nothing more.

    “Years ago, I would never have used ridicule against a President or other public figure. But after watching the left ridicule and mock Republicans for the last 8 years, we have learned it is an effective tactic.”

    Who are you kidding, you phony Pollyanna. The Republicans wrote the rules on ridicule mocking!
    Did you sleep through the 8 years of Clinton bashing! You belong to the rethuglicans!

    P.S. I haven’t seen any of your fake outrage over Bill O’lielly’s stalking tactics maybe you should help clean up your own supporters.

  24. Shannyn I never heard of you before until I was scanning TV channels and saw you on Countdown and I thought you did an AMAZING job…everything you said was right on and what so many of us think. Thank you for speaking for us!

    I’ve been googling your name and because of you have joined Huffington Post and am one of your new fans. Keep on telling it like it is! We appreciate what you do.

  25. My opinion about this statement: “So Palin supporters will be counterattacking.”

    When you defend your wrong action as being right because you perceive that someone previously has acted wrongly, you commit the fallacy called “two wrongs make a right.”

  26. obviously your just another follower and you should look up your facts before you open your fat mouth.How come you don’t talk about vp bidens disfunctional family. Now there’s news. I guess you think all Americans are stupid like you.It’s old news about Sarah’s daughter.Move on and grow up.IDIOT!!!!!!!

  27. Shannyn . . .

    Thank you for your wonderful work. My wife and I caught you on this Olbermann edition, and very much appreciated your insights.

    We do ask one favor. Please don’t repeat your reference to Sarah Palin “appealing to her base in Iowa.” We realize that Iowa has typically had the first caucus in the nation, and that Palin may be trying to position herself for the early caucuses and primaries, but we were deeply hurt by this comment.

    We Iowans are still bursting with pride over the fact that it was our State that sent this amazing President on his way at the outset of the 2008 primary season. We don’t know where Palin’s “base” may be located, but the citizens of Iowa sent a strong message to the nation in January of 2008 that Obama is for real, and that he is the right person for our times. It was an honor to take part in these caucuses and to play our small part in reminding the American people that the arc of history may be long, but it bends toward justice.

    Moreover, the Iowa Supreme Court is currently reviewing the decision of an Iowa trial judge in which he ruled that unique language in the Iowa Constitution requires recognition of same-sex marriages. We can’t guarantee that our Supreme Court will uphold this landmark ruling, but we have our fingers crossed. And, if our Supreme Court does find that our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters have a right to marry, we predict that the good people of Iowa will accept such a ruling as just and appropriate.

    Best wishes . . .

    John-Mark & Nancy Stensvaag

  28. @ Basheert – I’m a vet so forgive me if I’m not moved by your hippie stories. The real American heroes of your generation were at Ia Drang, Khe Sanh and Hue. And the real victims of your movement can be found in mass graves in Cambodia, or died at sea trying to escape Vietnam.

    But it looks like even Republicans are learning how to protest now, I never thought I’d see the day:

  29. VidOmnia

    Your not a vet; your lying again!

    Careful someone is going to “out” you!

  30. What an incredibly ridiculous answer.

    You a vet? And you claim to feel the way that you do? VietNam was a hideous experience – out of 350 boys in my senior class, over HALF were killed within 6 months.

    A true vet has more respect for basic human rights than you have ever shown. If you truly fought for our country, (which I doubt), you would defend anyone for disagreeing with you and you would never announce you were going to ATTACK just because someone gave a presser and said something that tweaked you.

    IF you fought in ‘Nam….you didn’t learn the reason you were there.

  31. Great appearance Shanny! How I miss hearing your voice and wit. If only you had a show of your own. Keep moving forward and hopefully it will happen.

  32. And just one more point.
    I am married to a vet – however he did NOT fight in ‘Nam. He ran a thousand bed evac hospital as medical director during the war.

    He is why many ‘Nam vets came home – if as you say you are one … you sincerely learned nothing about freedom or respect.

    My feeings toward SP have nothing to do with her political party – they have to do with her “thoughts” (had a hard time getting THAT out), her inability to express a rational idea, her attacks on people who disagree, her disdain for her constituents who continue to suffer lack of food/fuel, and her basic lack of intelligence.

    It doesn’t matter that she’s got an R after her name. I would think she was a steaming pile if she was a Dem. I think many people who detest her, do it because she is such an awful moron.

  33. Basheert, I’m not a Nam vet. My father was. I’m a vet of the Global War on Terror. (Whoops, not allowed to call it that anymore – make that a vet of the “Overseas Contingency Operation”.)

    The people in your movement spit on our Vietnam veterans and ensured that everyone who fought there (including the brave men in your senior class) died in vain.

    And why were dissent, protests, and attacks against the President OK when Chimpy Bushitler McHalliburton was President, but not when it’s MaoBama McTeleprompter?

  34. You are more than welcome to protest, dissent, and yell all you want – (something the Bush/Cheney administration did NOT allow!)

    And you may call a war by an ideology if you wish. It is still a war based on lies.

    I NEVER spit or trashed a vet – they were MY FRIENDS.

    You toss around word salad with NO idea of who are what any of us are or have done.

    The fact is, in November you lost. We lived under your regime, now it’s our turn.

    But stop attacking people individually for their beliefs and go protest the Administration policies – that is what WE did or tried to do. It’s your right – but that isn’t what you are doing.

    I was 17 years old – I didn’t have a MOVEMENT – and then I saw YOUR Bush cabal playing war games with real people and I found THAT a criminal action.

    IF you truly are a vet .. thank you for your service. If your father was in ‘Nam…god bless him.

    If you want to protest, then go do it. I wouldn’t stop you – like your Administration stopped us.

    It is my right to criticize the criminal actions of the Bush Administration and when charges are brought against them in the World Court, I will gladly watch them hang. They are the ones who sent you into war for their own personal gains.

    Stop blaming everyone else for your issues and take responsibility for your actions. You attack people because we disagree. I say you have a right to disagree.

    So what’s your problem?
    It’s ok if I disagree but I have to like your tinfoil mistress? You’re very welcome to your wordsalad queen – but heaven forbid if you cross her someday. She’d trash you if she thought you didn’t say the right thing.

    GMAB – you think you’re safe because you’re a fan?
    That is too funny.

  35. Basheert, I accept your position and don’t want to silence you. And I believe you never spit on a vet. I just want to point out that I think your position then was wrong, and it is now.

    My father was a Marine wounded in the battle for Hue City during the Tet Offensive. After some time in a hospital on Okinawa, he was flown back to the states via San Francisco, and to the day he died he told us again and again of how people had spit on him as his wheelchair was pushed through the airport.

    Will you guys deride Track Palin when he comes home from Iraq? Do you even have any clue what his unit is doing, or that he has seen the deaths of five comrades?

    I’d love to see any evidence that the Bush Administration stopped you from protesting. I’ve seen plenty of protests from both left-wing and right-wing nuts.

  36. “Will you guys deride Track Palin when he comes home from Iraq?”

    Why on earth assume that anyone is going to say anything about the Palin kid? Because some idiots spit upon your father 40 years ago? That is hardly a valid argument.

    Nor is saying something like “The people in your movement” re: Vietnam as if Basheert was even alive back then. Do you honestly believe that the mindset of anti-war protesters in the 1960’s is the exact same for every person protesting today for whatever reason? How archaic.

  37. Hmm, for some reason the mods here have censored my post discussing Track Palin to remove the link to our article discussing the successes and challenges of Track Palin’s unit in Iraq.

    If anyone really cares, visit the blog “Conservatives4Palin” and check the link on the right side of the page that says “How is Track Palin Doing?”

    Wow, censorship alive and well on the left. Nothing new. We have always been at war with Eastasia, right?

  38. Don’t believe it for a minute that returning Vietnam veterans were spat upon.

    Shannyn had professor and author Jerry Lembcke on her radio show-which, btw, was the greatest show ever and certainly the best show on KUDO by a country mile-in response to local right wing radio blowhards repeating the now debunked myth that returning vets were spat on.

    Lembcke wrote “The Spitting Image: Myth, Memory, and the Legacy of Vietnam”-I bought the book because I heard him on her show.

    His research examined newspapers from New York and San Francisco, as well as police reports detailing the interaction between protesters and veterans. No spitting incidents were reported, and the observers noticed that over time the veterans assumed leadership positions among the protesters. Lembcke did find newspaper reports of spitting during demonstrations in the late 1960s, but they referred to HAWKS spitting on anti-war protesters!

    Lembcke cited a Harris poll reported to Congress in 1972 that indicated 93% of returning veterans found their homecoming friendly, while only 3% found it unfriendly. The poll also reported that over 75% of returning vets were opposed to the war.

    The first documented reports of being spit upon don’t begin to appear until the early 1980s. According to Lembcke, the decade+ time delay by itself is a strong indication that the story is a MYTH. AND, that myth was reinforced by the fictional character RAMBO.

  39. AND…regarding Shannyn calling out Palin and it being “OK to drop out in her family”…Sarah Palin is NOT ACCEPTING millions and millions of FEDERAL dollars for EDUCATION!

    Shannyn was ENTIRELY APPROPRIATE calling out the Governor and the IRONY that her own children DROPPED out. BRISTOL PALIN and LEVI JOHNSTON-regardless of their breakup, he is Palin’s grandson’s father-BOTH DROPPED OUT!

    Shannyn completely ROCKED on KO as usual! The biggest IRONY/CRIME of all is that Shannyn is lauded across the country on national radio and television programs and KUDO, the “Progressive” Station in Anchorage, fired her!!!

    Shannyn is a tremendously talented, original, quick-witted, intelligent progressive Alaskan voice. We need her back on the airwaves of Anchorage to keep GINO in check and counter all that right wing spin!!!

  40. Shannyn, you and your blog rock!

    Baseert, Crabby Patty and Martha Chase
    You are all awesome!


    You are not a vet!
    You are being called out on your lies again!
    Watch out your going to be “outed” you phony!

  41. Shannyn,
    I agree with everything you said but one (minus the editorial on Bristol…could care less on that point).

    You state as fact that Talis Colberg gave illegal advice. First, you don’t know what advice he gave, and second, it was his job to advise them of their options.

  42. VidOmnia–did it not occur to you that perhaps the link to your article talking about where Track Palin and his unit are was removed because it is unwise, if not actually illegal (I’m not exactly sure), to release details that would reveal where military units are and and what they are doing? Especially since he’s the son of a government official, it’s even more critical to not reveal that information. The release of such information is EXACTLY what got Prince Harry pulled from serving with his unit so as to not put him and his unit in undue danger.

  43. Congratulations on being voted one of the Vice Presidents of the Alaska Press Club!

  44. Kudos! to the new VP of the APC!

  45. John-Mark Stensvaag

    I didn’t get that Shannyn was dissing the good people in Iowa, just using it as a metaphor for her 2012 Presidential Run. Obviously Iowans are progressive, but like anywhere, there are still Republicans that would support her.


    Regarding your not liking Shannyn’s drop out comment-Someone has to have the Kahunas to call out the Governor on the OBVIOUS IRONY of her refusal of stimulus money for education while her daughter has dropped out along with the estranged father of her child. That was a point lost on Republicats like yourself.

    As for Talis Colberg’s illegal advice…Are you frickin serious? Colberg is on record telling the aides and Todd Palin that they did not have to show up for their subpoenas! Why do you think he resigned???

  46. Hey Shannyn,
    Thanks for mentioning the millions of gallons of oil at the foot of a live volcano AND the fact that the Governor is doing NOTHING.
    Again. I’m shocked.


    k thanks bye.

  47. FANTASTIC interview Shannyn! Thanks for giving us the Youtube. (There’s a LOT of us Adobe challenged folks out here, think it may be due to Vista OS, that can’t get other videos but CAN watch Youtubes.) I so wanted to see this after reading many posters’ remarks about how great it was.

    I think your comments were spot-on and nailing the hypocrisies of SP. Loved the “drop out” remark, no wonder your Guv has so little respect for education funding or stimulas funds. GLAD you brought up the 6million gallons of oil just waiting to create another catastrophe.

    @ VidO, why don’t you go start a blog of your own? Instead of hijacking other people’s blogs? Don’t they let you post at that blog you keep remarking about?

  48. I am SO grateful for your input – I missed the original airing and also am glad that you and Keith made up – sorta.

  49. Hi Everyone…

    AKM is BACK with an awesome parable – unfortunately we’ll have to stay tuned for the rest.

    She is AWESOME as was Shannyn on OB.

    VidO has a blog folks…Conservatives for Panil…or some such thing. Freedom of speech just doesn’t apply ONLY to them though. A hard lesson.

  50. Shannyn – You Rocked on KO! I hope we see more of you there. Thank you for mentioning the oil!!!! That still blows my mind – who the h#!! thought that was a great place to put an oil tank farm – at the bottom of an active volcano??!!! HUNH!!! And what flippin’ moron APPROVED it????? OMG!! I still get totally angered by that! UGH! Sorry – had to vent my steam. Phew. There’s no oil tanks nearby. Just a little yogurt and coffee.

    And btw – your jab at the Palin failure to accept Stimulus Education $ while her own kids drop out was just STELLAR!

    And one last thing – Woo Hoo! Congrats on the VP of the APC! Raising a cup of coffee, Cheers 🙂

  51. Martha Chase – just a quick note to your comment about Viet vets being spat on. My cousin Jimmy had that experience. And there video’s, especially from late 60’s and early 70’s Boston, that show student spitting on returning Nat’l Guard soldiers.

    My response to you is actually a nice seque into VidO’s spam questions about Bristol being a dropout. Fact is, even tho we may not physically be there to witness the event(s) or non-events as they may be, vets were spat upon and Bristol (and Levi) are dropouts. VidO – if you’d actually take the time to look, you’d find the corroborating info on how Bristol is NOT attending school. ergo – she IS a high school dropout.

    Just like her older brother and just like her daddy.

    Nice job in the interview, Shannyn.

  52. Enjoyed your interview. Gave me an idea:

    We should start having Under The Bus parties. We’ve all been run over by Palin. Whose left? Who’d want to be in the bus? Sounds like even McCain might party with us. Under the bus is the happening place.

  53. I love you, friend. 🙂 i was kinda missing you on Keith lately.

    You would think that when Trig is school she would want the special education money to be accepted, right? Sadly, I’m questioning (if in an alternate universe she was still governor) her responsiveness then as well…

  54. Does anyone have a clue what NailPin actually DOES? And by the way, it is best to always spell her name differently so it doesn’t pick up on Google…

    She reminds me of those hideous awful nasty climbers in high school .. she would be popular because she was actually intellectually challenged and would gain her “tribe/clique” by trashing people with brains.

    Basically – they are a typical “dropout” family – like father like daughter. After all, how did NailPin manage to spend 6 years getting one worthless Journalism degree? Most people couldn’t spend 6 years on 1 degree if they tried to fail.

    Alaska has my deepest sympathy and I’m stuck with the two pri*ks Kyl and McInsane.


    Skip to the 20:00 mark and have a listen…. It’s Shannyn on CBC radio, talking about Mudflats!!! Oh, and the whole right to anonymity thing… 🙂

  56. Thanks for getting that up there Ripley!

    Shannyn, a real treat to hear you out of the blue today on CBC Radio One’s “As It Happens”! Almost choked on my (non-moose) chili when they said Mudflats and almost did it again when they said Shannyn Moore. You rocked the house.

  57. Thanks for getting that up there Ripley!

    Shannyn, a real treat to hear you out of the blue today on CBC Radio One’s “As It Happens”! Almost choked on my (non-moose) chili when they said Mudflats and almost did it again when they said Shannyn Moore. You rocked the house!

  58. Basheert, I don’t know if you’ll check back here to see this comment…..but just wanted to say…good for you for putting Vidmeme in his/her place.

    Those kids on C4P all have girlie crushes on Palin.

    Both my brothers and the kids I went to HS with went to VN. They still can’t talk about it. I feel so sorry for the boys and girls in this awful war that Bush and Cheney got us into. Thank God the warmongers weren’t elected this time and we have President Obama in charge.


  59. “My feeings toward SP have nothing to do with her political party – they have to do with her “thoughts” (had a hard time getting THAT out)”

    Basheert- I was doing great until I read that comment for you…..then I almost spat the coffee on the keyboard! YOU are too funny! Great work making mincemeat out of that phoney VidManiac’s bs. Keep it up!

    (P.S. Do you have a blog? You should!)

  60. Sauer Kraut wrote:

    “Martha Chase – just a quick note to your comment about Viet vets being spat on. My cousin Jimmy had that experience. And there video’s, especially from late 60’s and early 70’s Boston, that show student spitting on returning Nat’l Guard soldiers.”

    Please post the videos. I don’t believe it. Certainly, there might have been rare, isolated, individual incidents-I’m open to that. But to say it happened enmass is simply not true.

    Regarding your cousin Jimmy’s experience. Memories are funny things. 10 witnesses to an accident will say 10 different things. Memories change over time and are influenced by pop culture-movies like RAMBO.

    I would rather trust the detailed research that Lembcke did. His book is a must read. Shannyn had him on her show for an hour. He took calls-from people who knew of someone supposedly was spat upon. I wish there was a podcast of that interview.

    If these incidents actually happened and were filmed, there would have been accounts of that occuring. There WERE NO ACCOUNTS! Not until 10 years and a RAMBO movie later. I appreciate your comments, but protesters spitting on returning vietnam vets DIDN’T HAPPEN. Sorry, it’s grown into a right wing chicken hawk myth.

  61. I am neither a right winger nor a chicken hawk. Jimmy’s been telling the story for decades. And the girl who spat on him admitted it. I even know her.

    As for the video’s, you’ll have to ask WGBH – the big PBS station in Boston for those. But I’ve seen them in the various history and sociology classes, undergrad and grad, I’ve taken.

    Just because I wasn’t there doesn’t mean it didn’t happen anywhere.

  62. sauer kraut:

    I didn’t mean to imply that you were a right winger or a chicken hawk; it’s just that those that ARE right wing chicken hawks had and have a vested interest in promoting the spitting myth.

    Your Uncle Jim may have been spat on. An isolated incident doesn’t mean, again, it was happening en masse. Evidence suggests otherwise.

    AND, I know people who years or decades later tell a story that they themselves MIGHT BELIEVE! But, is in fact FALSE! It happens!!!

  63. Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  64. Regarding Palin and everything else under her Big Top: thank you for the eloquent take on the silliness of it all – much ado about nothing, indeed. You remind us all of how well one can use our “freedom of speech.”
    Keep it up~

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