Posted by: shannynmoore | April 3, 2009

Sarah Palin is Burning her Bridges to EVERYWHERE!

Just when I think Sarah Palin must have gone off her meds…she demonstrates she has…

Months ago, she asked Ted Stevens “to step aside…to play a very statesmanlike role in this now.” RESIGN! This week, she asked Senator Begich to resign. Does she think if they all resign she can move to Washington? I wonder. Write your own rules, play your own game and you get a free wardrobe? Did we vote for best looking? Or best Levi’s? Or best smile? NO! Sarah Palin ousted incumbent Frank Murkowski in the primary and popular governor Tony Knowles in the general! She won because the People wanted change. The people wanted leadership. The people wanted Ethical Honest Government. The people did not want Mean Girl Snark!

Tonight she released a letter to Senate President Gary Stevens. Background: I’ll be brief. Juneau Senator Kim Elton-D received an appointment from President Obama to work in the Department of Interior on March 6, 2009. Alaska rules state that the district party submit preferred candidates to the Governor for an appointment. The Juneau Democrats gave Sarah Palin one name: Beth Kerrtula. Beth is currently a House Representative. She has been a member of the House since 1999. She has been the House leader since 2006. Kerrtula is clearly the most qualified candidate in Juneau.

During the campaign, Beth said that Sarah Palin was not qualified to be VICE-President…I know, shocking assessment. Sarah had a cow and named local Republican turned Democrat Tim Grussendorf to the seat.

Tim was a Republican 3 weeks ago…tadah! Now he’s a Dem. The rules state the Senate Democrats have to approve the appointment. They said, “Thanks but no thanks.”

More background…even briefer: Star Date 2007, Republican Representative (from Wasilla) Vic Kohring was convicted of bribery and corruption. Empty seat. Sarah appoints an elder from her Super Size Your Jesus church, Wes Keller. The Repubs approve…DONE, Keller is a House Representative.

My gosh, you’re all caught up! OH, Wait! The process is now UNCONSTITUTIONAL to Madam Palin. She has just released a letter saying she wants her pick; Republican Tim Grussendorf (sounds like a wizard from Harry Potter) to go before the full house for approval! And, Palin believes the historical process is wrong.

I only hope she has medicine for the drama she brings to the state of Alaska. Here is her letter:

April 2, 2009

The Honorable Gary Stevens


Alaska State Senate

State Capitol, Room 111

Juneau, AK 99801

Dear Senator Stevens:

On March 31, I nominated, under AS 15.40.320, Mr. Tim Grussendorf to fill the vacant senate seat for senate district B. On the following day, April 1, I received an unsigned memo from “Alaska Senate Democrats” to Senator Gary Stevens that the nomination of Tim Grussendorf, “did not achieve the needed support to be seated.” The memo also stated that “Today the nine Senate Democrats met to discuss Governor Palin’s nomination.” Based on various news reports, it is our understanding that the meeting of Senate Democrats took place behind closed doors.

The Alaska Constitution provides that “Each [house of the legislature] is the judge of the . . . qualifications of its members. . . .” Alaska Const. art. II, sec. 12. The Department of Law has opined that “confirmation by a political caucus is probably a legally deficient procedure. The confirmation procedure set out in existing law appears to conflict with the Alaska Constitution.” 1987 Inf. Op. Att’y Gen. 2 (Sept. 21; 663-88-0107).

Accordingly, the closed-door action taken by a minority of the Alaska Senate is without legal effect. Until the Alaska Senate takes action consistent with the Alaska Constitution, my appointment of Mr. Grussendorf remains in effect.

I respectfully request that the entire Alaska Senate consider my nomination of Mr. Grussendorf in open session, in the same fashion as the legislature would consider any other appointment subject to confirmation. The people of Alaska and Juneau are entitled to a public confirmation process that is consistent with the Alaska Constitution.


Sarah Palin


cc: The Honorable Johnny Ellis, Senate Majority Leader


Memorandum to Senator Gary Stevens, Alaska State Senate President.

File No. 663-88-0107, Subject: Procedure for appointment to fill legislative vacancy.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY….ISN’T “BEHIND CLOSED DOORS” where you discuss such matters? It’s Alaska…all the doors are closed right now! It’s called heat retention. The political posturing is pathetic. Has anyone reminded the governor that her only friends for the last 2 years have been the Democrats? That is how she passed ACES and AGIA, the two sparkliest jewels in her “Miss Governor” tiara. Too bad those Dems are under the bus now.

With the GOP dumping Sarah Palin for Newt Gingrich, Wayne Anthony Ross a less than savory Attorney General candidate and Senator Begich NOT resigning, we may be witnessing the desperate gasps, rattling coughs, and grasping at ghosts of a lost political career.



  1. Good God! I wish this woman would just put a sock in it & go back to pretending she is governing the state.

  2. Palin said “There was improper undue influence in the case, and I’d love to see a fair special election. I can’t see how Mark Begich would argue that we Alaskans deserve a fair Special Election where there is no taint or any undue influence.”

    We Alaskans absolutely deserve a fair special election for Governor. We were not informed of how divisive and ignorant Palin was. We were unduly influenced by her acting. In fact, she was a total fake.

    Isn’t there some 20 year old legal opinion we can dust off to support re-doing an election in which the candidate grossly mis-represented herself?

  3. Combining this action with her calling for the resignation of Mark Begich, so that Ted Stevens can have a “do-over…”
    I’m pretty sure that this is the point in the show where Rod Serling is supposed to step out, cigarette in hand, and explain that we are now in the Twilight Zone.

  4. Good God! She is either off her meds or on meds like Adderal! Anyone suffer through the 50 min Rant @ the Lincoln dinner? She makes faces,grimaces it was painful to watch. She is clearly “unhinged” Alaskans can you not get her impeached? Ill. did it to Blago 1,2,3, and now he has 16 corruption charges against him! Course we know there are some like doogan in the Leg that aren’t worth a hill of beans, rather spend his time instead of working on the law and such…outing blogger AKM!
    Getting back to GINO she is blatantly trying to “bend the rules” and if she thought a RepoDem would be appointed???
    She is unfit for office…Period!!!

  5. Palin says on this mornings news she is going to look at more names, did she send the letter to Gary Stevens before or after her comments to Ch. 2? or does she even know the letter was sent, looks like the work of the new AG to me, Palin sure doesn’t have the knowledge to write a letter quoting statutes and regulations.

  6. It is my understanding that BS Palin raised her hand & swore to uphold the Constitution of the State of Alaska. THAT’S what she swore to!

    Does she have ANY honor, I don’t think so.

  7. Excellent article Shannyn. I was horrified when I read this new development in the never-ending saga of the Drama Queen Guv.

    I’ve got a hand it to our legislators for being able to stomach her.

  8. I just read Palin is calling for a special election and Begich should step down???????????????????????

    The good people of Alaska REALLY DO have to ask this dangerously undeducated person for her resignation.

    Stevens was NOT acquitted (and I doubt HE would test this), and elected officials (Begich) aren´t asked to step down unless they have broken laws or are ineept, LIKE PALIN IS.

    Really, this is the LIVING END. what´s it going to take….I am agog over THIS one! This is so stupid that I am angry purely FOR THE STUPIITY of it.

  9. …and please, what does GINO stand for???

    *****Note from Shanny******Governor In Name Only…

  10. Need an idea for those “Friutcake” presents from Christmas past? Send to Sarah’s Juneau address, the postal cost is worth it!

  11. Thanks as always Shannyn for an excellent post. This woman who is obviously mentally ill. PLEASE, PLEASE good people of Alaska start a recall petition. Illinois did it and you can too.

  12. “Based on various news reports, it is our understanding that the meeting of Senate Democrats took place behind closed doors.”

    There it is again, that majestic plural – “…our understanding…” Exactly _who_ is she speaking for?

    And she’s informed of Senate activities through news reports? Various news reports. No member of any royal family would admit to relying on news reports for information.

  13. Wow, Thank you S. for your prompt response.


  14. I called the Gov’s press staff yesterday and asked for clarification on her “Begich recall statement” as the Gov’s press release re: Stevens did not mention anything about a recall.

    They told me her “recall statement” was “political” and had nothing to do with state government and that I should call “Meg”.

    So does Gov Palin have an even more evil twin who is being channeled through Meg Stapleton?

    Should I just bypass the Gov’s office from now on and contact SarahPAC directly? Is Palin’s press staff acting as a human answering machine for Meg? It hurts my head…

    Thanks Shannyn for all your great reporting.

  15. Amazing.
    I owe Alaskans an apology. Originally I believed that AZ politics were THE worst.

    You guys win the Grammy!

    Can’t you DO something about this woman? She is obviously UNHINGED.

  16. If Todd or any of her adult children really care about Sarah, they should take her to a doctor for a psych evaluation STAT. Her recent behavior can no longer be explained as merely lack of intelligence and abundance of hubris. Mental incapacity is nothing to laugh about, especially when the State of Alaska is in peril (stimulus fund issue, the erupting volcano and a missle from Korea may be in striking distance). I have no idea why the Legisltors have chosen to ignore/accept her per diem issues, her children’s travel voucher issues, her refusal to live in the State Capitol of Juneau, her refusal to provide e-mails required by law, her refusal to release her testimony from Troopergate (when she said she would), and her disinterest in meeting with them to dicuss the major issue of the stimulus. If the Legislators have ever doubted about the need to step up and stop the GINO, I pray they see that they can no longer sit idly by and watch the downfall of AK.

  17. Maybe she thinks if Begich were foolish enough to resign, she could beat him in a special election. She’s definitely burned all her other bridges.

    I honestly believe she’s “lost it” if she ever had it.

  18. Okay, GINO’s been nutty before, but never has she been so nutty, so consistently, for so many days straight, and each thing nuttier than the last.

    Maybe all the mooseburger and elk stew have caused gubernatorial spongiform encephalitis? (I’ve heard of deer and caribou getting mad cow. Just sayin’.)

  19. Palin had a cow? Man… that musta hurt.

    Cow wasn’t hurt, was it?

    How much taxpayer dollars are wasted while trying to fight Palin’s attempts to turn state government into a monarchy?

  20. Methinks the lady doth protest too much….

    and she needs some serious tanning bed time!

  21. Give the publicity hound a break, sheesh, how would you like to run around with a bag of marbles leaking out of your brain? Try and have a little compassion for GINO. Just as sure as Mt. Redoubt, she’s blown her political career before our very eyes. Like Mt. Redoubt, expect intermittent seismic activity and tremors for several months.

  22. With the GOP dumping Sarah Palin for Newt Gingrich, Wayne Anthony Ross a less than savory Attorney General candidate and Senator Begich NOT resigning, we may be witnessing the desperate gasps, rattling coughs, and grasping at ghosts of a lost political career.

    From your mouth to God’s ears. Lord, have mercy!

  23. Shannyn!

    When are we going to enjoy the “interview” video of Doogan scurrying for cover in the corridors of the Capitol (like some cock-a-roach surprised by the kitchen lights going on in the middle of the night)?

    Are there legal/copyright issues? If so, are there any sites where one can snag a bootleg copy?

  24. I second BigPete’s request! Please fill us in on your encounter(s) with Doogan!

  25. Maybe the North Koreans have a reason behind their madness. Can NK missiles reach Wasilla?

    It is tough to believe this person could have been a 72-year old heartbeat from the Presidency.

  26. Palin is full of rage and B.S. She can’t deal with anyone disagreeing with her without plotting revenge. What a snark! Her behavior is scary and embarrassing. I use to be proud of being from Alaska, now I just try to avoid discussing where I’m “from.” Everyone knows Alaska has become an institution for the insane thanks to the queen.

  27. Yup, I too am breathless with anticipation of a glimpse of Doogan making like a petulant teenager and locking himself in the ‘loo.

  28. Luv, luv, luv the fruitcake idea! Everyone should send her office one (or two). It could make the news (nat’l media) …getting the appropriate, descriptive message out…even tho palin won’t understand what all the fuss is about. PRICELESS

  29. Democrats are burning their bridges to all respectable publications:

  30. You continue to amuse, VidO. Ever consider a career in uncomedy?

  31. VidOmnia is a lone voice in the wilderness. A last holdout on the sinking ship for rats known as Sarah Palin.

  32. The GOP were buying the Palins MANTAN by the vat during the convention…Sarah needs to put in a request using her SARAHPAC, I guess……..

  33. I wish I understood the propensity of certain Republicans to respond to pretty much any criticism of their party/candidate/supporters with the “yeah, well what about X?” For example, if someone notes the soap opera of the Palin family, the response is “well what about Joe Biden’s daughter?” or “well, what about Obama’s aunt?” Criticize Palin’s lack of qualifications for office and it’s “she has more executive experience than Obama.” Or, in a thread about Palin burning her bridges, VidOm apparently cannot resist the same “nyah, nyah” response.

    Can these folks simply not admit to any flaws, mistakes, etc.? Or are they so invested in their candidates that nothing seems to bother them?

    I’ve forced myself to read the comments on sites like Politico and C4P and Fox and, while I certainly agree that liberal posters on various sites can be inappropriate, I truly haven’t seen the sheer ugliness, much less the childishness, that I’ve seen from supporters on the right.

    I don’t doubt that VidOm will be unable to resist a “well, what about blah blah?” response. But many True Believers don’t seem capable of addressing anything head on–they just attack the other side. It’s like Hannity carping about Mrs. Obama touching Queen Elizabeth or about the gift of an i-Pod, never mentioning that Limbaugh’s noxious spewing about Gordon Brown getting “anal poisoning” from slobbering over the POTUS says far more and worse about this country than anything else.

  34. It´s fine…let TEAMSARAH keep blindly cheerleading, they haven´t addressed ONE SINGLE PROBLEM or accusation. They just close their eyes and say GLORY!
    Palin isnt going ANYWHERE….and largely BECAUSE of these blind worshippers that protect her. Palin feels comfortable behind them, just WAIT!!!

  35. An excellent point and you are right. And how ironic that the same sort of folks are the first to derisively call the POTUS the “anointed one” or the “Messiah” or to call the mainstream media the “Obamamania Media.” Some for ratings, some out of blind support.

  36. TEAMSARAH is Sarah´s SOUNDING BOARD….another HUGE HUGE Palin mistake! Unless ALOT more people join TEAMSARAH Palin´s folly is just a pipedream. To THAT I say, GLORY!

  37. vidom…you are too funny! Perhaps a quick look at Diva’s response to this might make you sing a different tune my love. Have a good day dear.

  38. VidOm is a VET … that will be the retort. Being a “VET” supposedly entitles you to be obnoxious and slam other people.
    The fact is, many VET organizations are highly supportive of Obama which is why I found VidOm’s statements so strange however totally self centered. There appears to be absolutely nothing within The Lady Goober that would appeal to the military stance. Aside from the fact that her son is actually serving in the military … an extremely UNcommon occurrence in the RePIG party.
    Does anyone know just how many Republican Senators have served our country?
    The Lady Goober is going NOWHERE and probably not even the GooberHouse in Alaska after 2010.
    I never thought I’d say this but I wish and hope that Stevens will challenge her.
    She’d lose SO big – and it would be fun watching 2 crooks going after each other in a public forum.

    Considering Obama’s continued high ratings, the fact is he is still our President (actually elected) and he still remains popular in this country.

    Sarah’s national ratings are hovering just above Cheney’s (13%) – she has ONLY the hard, radical, fringe, Fundies. And she can have them. They should have NO part in our govt.

  39. Donna: You have my deepest respect for forcing yourself to read and listen to the radical fringie blogs and Faux news. You must need a cleansing after enduring such blather.
    Many studies have shown that people who watch ONLY FAUX news are actually less educated that individuals who watch a variety or different viewpoints and who have formed an actual opinion rather than just believing what the right wingers are spoon feeding.
    The problem is that FAUX people only watch FAUX – therefore they never have any comparison and are never challenged on the “facts” put forth on individual issues. They simply “parrot” what they are fed. There is no thought given and no opinion formed. They are quite simply – pod people.
    Although I don’t care to be part of the conservative blogs, many of them are legitimate and have legitimate questions. These are not the right wing wackies who seem to have no answers other than what they’ve been told to say. There are thoughtful people who differ with my views. That is fine and I respect their differences.
    I don’t believe that FAUX, Rush, Beck, Orally – offer anything in the way of thinking or forming opinions.
    As Dave Letterman said to Orally the other night: You are not a journalist, you are simply an entertainer who gives an opinion. And frankly you aren’t very good at it.

    GO Letterman!

  40. Basheert….I clapped and laughed when Letterman said that! It was so much fun to watch. People are becoming very very tired of the wacko right. Not the ones with a differing opinion…just the ones who have NO opinion and spout the daily repub talking points.


  41. For those not familiar with Orally’s sexual harrassment lawsuit pertaining to his phone sex pursuit of Andrea Mackris and his confusion of “falafel” with a “loofa” – you can google Andrea Mackris and the lawsuit settlement legal papers are posted in full online. Cost him a pretty penny – he gets R-E-A-L upset when you mention her name!!!!

    THESE are the kinds/types of people that are speaking for the Republican party.

    I am proud to be a progressive – I love science, math and reading all types of books/literature. I have found that people who actually parse some of these statements made by Rush (Mr. Oxycontin/Viagra/Sex with Dominican Boy Vacations), Coulter (is he a she?) Orally (Sexual Harrasser), Glen Beck (v-e-r-y STRANGE man who used to be at least mentally competent….THESE are the individuals who appear to speak for the Republican Party.

    Unless and until the Republican Party wakes up and realizes they are basically wiping themselves out internally, the Democratic Party will be in charge for the next 50 years. I do not necessarily believe that is a good thing, but the bottom line is that by pandering to Religious Fundies like Sarah, and elevating people like Rush as their spokesperson they will lose anyone who is NOT a fundie or a drug addict.

    Sarah is damaging Alaska – and herself and her family. The only people who can fix her behavior are the voters. Alaska is NOT a monarchy – these people still answer to their constituents.

    Hang in there Alaska – we in the Lower 48 know what you are going through.

    …and watch some of the Late Night Comics … Jon Stewart, Letterman, Colbert….. they have all these dirtbags pegged and it’s funny!

  42. Thank you, basheert. I will admit that there are times that it is horribly upsetting. For example, Politico seems to draw the true crazy ugliness–people who insist that the POTUS is going to impose sharia law and that all Muslims are evil and support beheading….You can also tell the ones who unquestioningly accept Hannity and Limbaugh by their use of their patois (e.g., The Annointed One, “Taxcheat Geithner,” “Princess Pelosi,” etc.). And they pay no attention when someone like the man who killed police in New York turns out to have bought their “Obama wants to take our guns” spiel. It’s a very scary time with very scary folks.

  43. Donna:
    RE: the ADN
    I just learned that the ADN is owned by McClatchy – which explains the ADN’s propensity towards censorship especially letters from citizens.
    A long time ago I realized that Politico is simply just another Republican mouth spewing ..

    I don’t actually find them scary – they honestly just make me sick. The lack of intellect and the massive amount of political manipulation should be noticed by U.S. citizens.

    The Republican Party is hazardous to your health if you disagree with them.

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