Posted by: shannynmoore | April 10, 2009

Face it, Palin, Alaska Senate Dems…They’re Just Not That Into You!


The Alaska Senate Democrats have rejected the appointment of Joe Nelson to the open Juneau Senate seat.

Call the governor and tell her to allow JUNEAU Democrats to select their OWN representation.

Democracy shouldn’t be an ad on Craig’s List.




  1. No offense to Joe, but I’m glad the Senate Ds are sticking up for Juneau Ds and what we’ve asked for in our new Senator!

    ***************Note from Shannyn***************

    Absolutely! This is NOT about Joe Nelson, it’s about the PROCESS!

  2. I get the impression that Sarah has abandoned all pretense of wanting to be re-elected. I can just see her tantrum now. By the way Carl Gatto is advertising a tea party for wasillabillies on April 15. Be there or be square.

  3. The Alaskan Resistance – Hanging tough! You’re an inspiration to us all.

  4. Ditto

  5. This is good news. For once, Democrats are actually sticking together on something.

    I offered some unsolicited advice to Sarah Palin on this matter a few days ago… perhaps, now that the Senate Dems have rejected her latest offering, she’ll take it.

  6. Thank you AK (D) Senators.

    Now if we could just get all of the legislators to reject W.A.R.

  7. Whilst the Dems’ stood their ground, as they should, Palin got just what she wanted;
    no representation for Juneau.

    Science the republican party is into “tea bagging” these days, wouldn’t y’all love to have Palin “tea bagged?

    Google the term, it will make you laugh, then watch Rachel Maddows’ segment on republicans and tea bagging, you’ll be on the floor!

  8. I oppose the appointment of Wayne Ross not because of what he believes, but because of who he is.

    I practiced law in Anchorage for 28 years and tried cases against Wayne. He was usually ill-prepared. Moreover, he always villifies the opposing party. He sees the opposing party as a blood enemy. He may be a passionate advocate, but he also needs to demonstrate objectivity. He doesn’t.

    Also, he will not be inclined to listen to the career, non-partisan attorneys in the various departments of the AG’s office. Moreover, he is virtually certain to take into account political and ideological views when appointing career attorneys. Pro-choice candidates will have considerable difficulty retaining their jobs or being hired, even if they are being hired to do tax work and will have no responsibility for the ideological isses that are close to his heart.

    Finally, he has absolutely no administrative experience; no experience in natural resource, land or tax law and no experience in commercial matters – all central concerns of the AG’s office.

    Vincent Vitale
    Attorney at Law

    This was on the juneau’s blog site. It’s not just emotional but goes to show how WAR operates.

  9. VidOmnia–I actually checked out your website and it is the most hateful, nasty collection of crap. You preen about how you don’t get personal and then post about someone being a “tinfoil-hat nutcase?” The fact is that, regardless of the input of a particular person, Ross’ public statements and positions (e.g., referring to gays as degenerates) and his atrocious judgment in sending a letter from what is supposed to be a state office discussing his religion and such inappropriate matters as the loss of his virginity show that he is a completely unsuitable candidate for the position. He has neither the experience nor the credentials nor any other qualification for Attorney General.

    How dare you suggest that ANYONE do a “better job at vetting your supporters” in light of the hate and ugliness that you permit on C4P?

  10. omg vidomnia…give it a rest. As soon as I see your “name”…..I just usually jump to the next post. I see you are travelling…as per usual from blog to blog. Dont you have something constructive you could do? Perhaps hold a fund raiser to pay for Palins legal bills.

    Shannyn and Leah have more brains and class than you will ever understand. Vet indeed!

  11. VidO:
    Trolling doesn’t pay much these days does it? I think in November the really high paid trolls made 5c for each post that wasn’t deleted. I’m guessing you didn’t fall into the high end of the payscale.

    The guy is a misogynistic jerk – then again it does sound like someone you’d like.

  12. I feel bad that poor Joe got caught up in the middle of this ordeal BUT… Palin asked for it. SHE set him up like bowling pin.
    I am SO VERY proud of the Senate Dems for standing up for precendent & protocol. I may even consider rethinking my undeclared status if they can keep up the momentum & quash this ridicoulous AG nominee. He makes a mockery of the position. I am horribly embarrassed for us (Alaskan citizens) if this goes through.

  13. Laurie, Leah Burton thinks that Rick Warren is at the center of some Christian plot to take over the world and impose Biblical law on everyone:

    Maybe she should tell Barry Hussein O’Teleprompter?

  14. Joe Nelson is a fantastic Native American success story – unfortunately thrown under the bus by Hollis French and the machine politics in Juneau.

    Yeah, Alaska Democrats really care about Natives.

    This is all about Kim Metcalfe in Juneau wanting Kerttula’s House seat.

  15. VidOmnia,
    You criticize Obama for using a teleprompter when Bush couldn’t even read?

    Give it a rest. You guys lost. Get over it and move on to something productive.

  16. Here’s an idea:
    Perhaps GINO should nominate Ted Stevens as Attorney General. He has a license to practice, he’s currently unemployed, he’s familiar with ethics laws. But, best of all, and all kidding aside, he knows how politics work. He knows the art of the compromise and he might help the Gov get something accomplished in the time she has left…

  17. JC, WAR will be confirmed – even Ramras, who hates Palin’s guts, admitted that in the hearing. Ross is much beloved by the Alaska GOP.

    It’s still a little rough, but the state Republican party is falling in line behind Palin. She doesn’t need anything more from the Dems now that she got ACES and AGIA.

    She’ll pull the Republicans, and their oil company connections, into her camp in time for the AGIA open season.

  18. trolls baffle me. I, for example, have absolutely no desire to go C4P and comment. I disagree with the website and find it a foolish, preening bunch of nonsense by people who appear incapable or unwilling to engage in critical thinking.

    Why, then, would VidOm spend his/her time darting around to other blogs in order to “offer” patently foolish opinions? It’s not that people object to hearing/reading other perspectives–it’s that, when someone is so lacking in anything of substance to offer, what’s the point?

    Having seen VidOm pop up in various places, it seems there is literally one thing he/she offers: a version of “nyah, nyah.” Criticize anything about Palin and you get no substantive response–just a “yeah, well Obama did X.” So, again, what’s the point? There’s never a substantive defense of Palin. There’s never a thoughtful explanation of a different viewpoint. Nothing but a very childish “nyah, nyah” from someone who clearly has nothing more to say.

  19. As a matter of fact, when VidOm and his/her cohorts were discussing the Levi Johnston CBS Early Morning interview, the other day, I counted 10 commenters voicing an opinion that the whole thing was a left-wing plot fostered by the Obama administration to bring Sarah Palin down. Check it out, it’s still all there.

    What’s worse, VidOm or Mansour or somebody had to delete the comment of someone who wished death on a prominent progressive blogger. There’s proof of THAT, too, in the subsequent comment of another C4Per later on in the “Sweet, Sweet Trig Truther” topic.

    Overall, their basic premise seems to be “anything Sarah Palin says or does, is OK”, no matter how egregious it is.

    Evidently the W.A.R. confirmation is a done deal, according to Rep. Jay Ramras, which some knowledgeable folks feel will stop all the ethics complaints against Sarah Palin dead in their tracks — maybe it’s time to start a recall petition.

  20. I love the lima beans comment. Yes, let’s equate a demonstrated bias against a group of citizens to a preference for one vegetable over another. What a tool.

  21. Vid0mnia wrote

    “She’ll pull the Republicans, and their oil company connections, into her camp in time for the AGIA open season.”

    Vid, there is no chance that AGIA is going to get a gas line built. It was a half billion dollar and counting mistake.

  22. The trolls have a purpose. It is to change a subject. It is to deflect communication away from a current topic –
    They are afraid of open dialogue and the can’t stand it when anyone criticizes their views. Their little soft underbellies get exposed.
    During the campaign, they were employed at 5c per post for any post that wasn’t deleted. They have no guidelines except to deflect conversation from a current topic and try to cause dissention among bloggers. V/O obviously was a very poor troll – simple minded and pathetically devoted to an equally simple minded and vapid woman, who has no intelligence, ethics, morals or plans for Alaska.
    They should never be answered or responded to, or even acknowledged. If you challenge them, they scream I WAS A VETERAN, or I WAS IN IRAQ…or I’M DYING OF AN INCURABLE DISEASE, or I AM HOMELESS.
    Just remember, they are being paid for being troublemakers. If you speak to them, you give them what they want.
    If you ignore them and refuse to comment on their posts, they have nothing (which is what they came with).
    The purpose of V/O is not to change your views, it is to disrupt your topics.

  23. Donna – I still LOVE your thoughtful and intelligent posts.

    Rick – you are correct. It -AGIA- is a mistake and it will not happen … Nailpins is taking credit for a non existent and non buildable (is that a word?) pipeline that is simply bleeding Alaska’s treasury dry.

    Wonder what Nailpins is getting as her personal kickback? Do they have jerseys with their name on them?

  24. Basheert–you rock. You just rock.

  25. Thank you ma’am .. individuals who recognize trolls and what they do are a big threat.
    Going back to main topic is the appropriate response.

    You Rock too!

  26. Vid…as a Canadian….very familar with Native Candadian land claims…AGIA makes me laugh. You would too…if of course you had any idea what you are talking about.

    As far as Rick Warren is concerned…I dont give him enough credit to be able to begin a “conspiracy”. He is just another homophobe….one that Obama chose to honour for some reason. What the heck does he have to do with what the topic of discussion here is anyway?

    Do you have anything of any real consequence to add here….or do you just enjoy being laughed at?

  27. lol…sorry basheert…I know you are right. I wont respond to the fool again.

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