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Burton Letter Part Two — W.A.R.’s Response

From Leah Burton’s Dad:

Mr. Ross,

You may or may not remember the times when we met but I remember you very vividly.  The purpose of this communication is over concern for my daughter first and your attempt to be confirmed as the Attorney General, a job for which I know you had long aspirations, as well as thinking you could be the Commissioner of Health and Social Services or the Commissioner of Public Safety, none of which you are qualified for.

I was told today that you deny knowing or associating with the Mad Dads group in Wasilla.  Surely records of filings in the court must still be available so that you can produce proof of who you clients were  .  This, is the same group that my daughter witnessed you addressing and making sexist and demeaning comments in reference to spousal rape  and domestic violence, which as I see it means physical abuse of the spouse by the husband.  Considering the group to which you were speaking that is the only logical conclusion one could draw from such remarks.  I’m also assuming that you may have made these remarks in order to appear as a macho man in front of such a gathering.   First of all, I want to caution you on what you say but can’t prove and to advise you that if this kind of slander and attacks on my daughter continue you may well meet a real attorney that knows how to win.

In over 30 years in law enforcement in Alaska, as a police advisor for the U.S State Dept and the Dept of justice, I have met and worked with many quality professionals in the field and let me say that you do not rank among this group.  I worked the street as a young patrol officer starting in Ketchikan in 1954, joined the Alaska State Police in 1959 and ended my career by serving two separate terms as Commissioner of Public Safety for the 2 best Governor’s in Alaska, Jay Hammond and Wally Hickel.  (In the interest of brevity I will attach my resume for you perusal as I want to establish my bona fides for the remarks I am about to make).

You sir, speak and act like the kind of bully I met many times when responding to domestic violence calls, some of the most dangerous situations police officers are often in.  Over the years I brought many an abused spouse and/or children to my own home for my wife to care for, because there was no place else to take them.  As the state matured such offices came into being on a scale large enough to  expand their services ,hich we in law enforcement welcomed.  This was especially true in the “bush” rural areas of the state in which I worked as a roving patrol trooper or where I was stationed.

Contrary to what you recently told the Judiciary Committee about the Child Welfare workers being hell bent on taking kids away from their families my personal experience was just the opposite.  I had to take many children into protective custody,. and even in the most dangerous of situations the welfare workers attitude was that a child was always better off staying with their natural parents regardless of the circumstances. Not a decision that I could always agree with.   Therefore I am totally surprised as your comments and I challenge you to provide actual proof that supports that allegation.

Shortly after retirement in 1995 I served on a committee, hired by the Department of Law, with a former Deputy Attorney General and Commissioner of Corrections. we tasked to perform  an investigation into the performance of the child protection unit, following a very unfortunate set of circumstances concerning the killing of an infant who was under the protection of the state at the time of his murder.   The child should have been removed from the home but was allowed to stay there under very dangerous circumstances and was killed in a very bazaar and gruesome manner.  The bottom line in this case we found that children were being left in home circumstances in many cases when the right thing to do would have been removal.     This resulted in changes of the child protection statutes and policies of the agencies concerned which also included the relationship between children and adult probation sharing of information.

The only conclusion I have been able to come to concerning your remarks about the “frightening” case works is that you really don’t know what you are talking about and are just talking to try to impress someone that you may have an some knowledge about the subject.

In light of the strong reaction from the native and rural communities of the state and your obvious position and bias relative to domestic and children’s issues I find it hard to believe that you could be in charge of the department that is charged with enforcing laws in an impartial or effective manner.   I think you should do the state a favor and withdraw your name from confirmation.

Richard L Burton

Commissioner of Public Safety (retired)


Dick:  Thanks for writing.  I’ll pray for you and for your daughter.  Sounds like both of you have problems.  My best to you old friend, WAR

WOW! Prolific, don’t you think?



  1. Just about any time a person’s only response, to a statement that puts them in an indefensible position, is that they will pray for you, it means that they know they are in an indefensible position.

    And that they are willing to misuse their own faith as a weapon against you.

    If they are willling to stoop that low, what else will they stoop to?

    It is signficant the WAR did not use the opportunity to state his strong stand against violence against women and children and to stand up for rape victims. Particularly victims of domestic rape.

    • Why would Mr. Ross do that? He has no respect for women or children, or even men who do not fit in with his version of reality. There are many people who are loony toons, just a fact, sadly it seems they have gravitated to the political world lately, whereas they used to be often fixated on the ultra religious. I am not saying anyone who disagrees with me is wacko, but that many of them are now on a political mission. Perhaps it’s because we allow voters to be of whatever stripe they choose, but it is also incumbent on good people who are healthy of mind and spirit to take part in politics.

      I am urging many who never thought of it, to consider going into public service, good people are always needed and it wouldn’t hurt to push out some of those who are unfit for service!

      My sincerest thanks to all of you who keep up the good work—we desparately need you to keep us informed. It’s not a small thing, or an easy thing, but it is so very important. Thank You!!

  2. Qusetion: Does Mr. Ross know Mr. Burton so familiarly that he can call him by the nickname ‘Dick’? I suspect not. Chalk up another “gosh how unprofessional can you be?” in the W. A. Ross column, and at the sametime throw in more evidence that suggests that his thinking is childish and therefore his operformance on the kob of AG would be as childish, and, to boot, the double entendre ….. entondra ….. the double meaning probably implied by the use of the name ‘Dick’ further suggests that this guy continually has his head in the gutter and is overly obsessed about sex. rather helps suggest that what Ms. Burton said is true.

    Easter prayers today that your legislature does not agree to confirm this guy. Stay strong all.

  3. Shannyn,
    Thanks for sharing Richard Burton’s letter, and W.A.R.’s flippant response.

    This is a situation where those charged with confirming the AG pick should set party politics aside, and do what’s best and right for Alaska.

    Based on past performance, unfortunately, I have serious doubts that they will.

  4. Wow I love you Mr. Burton., Now that is a professional mans letter. Never was he rude, threatening or blowing smoke. Thank you Mr. Burton for stating the obvious to that pompous a&&. Warthog is very envious of a man like you and what you have accomplished in your career.

    I am neither surprised or amazed at what warthog had to say, sounds like a such lovely, professional, respectful response from a man that will be the AG of Alaska. Yep ya’ll can bank on this pompous a&& causing the citizens of Alaska to lose hefty cash settlements that are going to come from torts.

    But I was surprised that warthog didn’t deny anything Mr. Burton said about it being a lie. He didn’t even try to defend himself, so I guess he only quips at all those little lady’s to put them in their place. Can’t stand a son of a biscut that uses intimidation for results.

    I do hope he runs up on the right little lady soon where she can set him straight, my friends in Alaska I wish I could run up on him because he could not intimidate me to make me shut up or any other type of mannish behavior he uses to threaten.

    Thank you Shannyn for posting this response…

  5. Bravo, sir!

  6. WOW, the whole Alaska politics thing just flabbergasts me! I seriously think we should take the GOP’s stimulus $$ and put up a barbed wire fence around the state. What a loony bin. To those of you with any sense…I applaud your efforts, but it seems the crazier things get, the more the nut cases buckle down. My advise to you…get the hell out there.

  7. W.A.R.’s response to Dad Burton’s letter is significant in that it’s not only flippant, it reeks of lies in every word.

    Who’d believe that W.A.R. would be praying for anything but dire consequences for Mr. Burton and his daughter?

    Who’d believe that W.A.R. would consider Mr. Burton an “old friend”?

    And if a father’s support for his verbally and wrongly maligned daughter is evidence of a “problem”, especially after writing such a detailed and knowledgeable letter, you can see who really has the problem in this exchange.

    It’s a pity that the tides of approval in Alaskan legislative circles seem to be moving away from the Alaska First People, the groups who protect against domestic violence/abuse, and the opinion of fellow attorneys, — towards complying with Sarah Palin’s wishes to bring Warren Anthony Ross permanently into her coterie of loyal followers.

    One can’t help but agree with LKB’s opinion that this appointment may have a lot to do with the fate of the pending and future ethics complaints against Sarah Palin.

  8. Shannyn, if it’s okay with you, I’m posting this letter and WAR’s response over at The Political Carnival. I got a HUGE response to my original post about Leah.

    I hope to get the same coverage for this, so we can expose this man for who/what he is, and Palin for her unbelievable lack of judgment.

    Thank you. If there is any problem with this, please contact me at

  9. He signs his name “WAR”? Really? This is his professional/personal signature? WAR? All caps? One word not a set of initials? WAR?

    And he’s somehow proud of this? Is he even old enough to be the AG?

    To quote a line from my favourite tv show, Mr Ross, “You’re an adult. Get a filter.”


  10. Shannyn,
    Is this letter and WAR-head’s response being sent to all members of the legislature? I hope so; it is a very powerful picture of who Ross really is.

  11. Great professional letter Mr. Burton. I think GINO wants to name this man, sorry, this NUT JOB, ARROGANT A%%HOLE for her own benefit, to her its all out WAR. The Leg. needs to grow some ba//s and stand up to her. I’m afraid if he gets in, she will get away with anything and everything, he will interpret the laws to benefit her.

  12. Thank you Mr. Burton for coming forward and saying something that makes total sense, bringing some sanity into this situation. I sure wish others would also do so.

    And if that is all war has to say in response to a rational letter, well, to me that speaks volumes for how unqualified and unprofessional he is.

    If the legislature proceeds to seat Wayne Anthony Ross, well, that tells me Alaska is in for a world of hurt. And if they seat him, the legislator’s are acting as unprofessional as war, and brings to mind just how qualified, where their loyalties are and whether they deserve the honor to serve AK.

    If they confirm this appointment they should be ashamed of the decision and Alaska’s residents should be ashamed to be represented by this legislature and this governor.

  13. Does WARthog now have Doogan answering his correspondence for him? Sheesh

  14. IF a lot of pressure isn’t put on the legislature right now, you’re going to have W.(hat)A.R.(ube) as your new AG.

    And if you don’t vote Sarah Palin out of office, he’s going to be AG for a lot longer than the rest of her term.

    Time to get moving.

  15. One of the biggest problems I foresee with the Ross appointment is the inability on the part of the Palin administration to control him if becomes Alaska’s next AG. Sarah probably ASSUMES she has Mr. Ross on a leash because she thinks of herself as the alpha dog who can control her pack, but I have a feeling she’s in for a big surprise. I believe Ross is going to be the truly dangerous maverick in Alaska’s state government, not Sarah.

    He just might be the REAL pitbull in this scenario, and he won’t be wearing lipstick!

  16. It astonishes me that people like Ross still don’t seem to get that every unprofessional, flippant, disrespectful word they utter will find its way immediately to the series of tubes also known as the internets, exposing him to the whole world as an ass.

    Maybe he doesn’t care because he’s so confident he’s going to be anointed, er, confirmed as AG. Well, I can’t say for sure that after April 16 he’s going to have to stop using State of Alaska letterhead, but he should at least consider the fate of the Governor’s last two attempts to ram her appointments down the throat of the legislature.

    In case the good ol’ boys haven’t noticed, the glacier of AK politics bizness as usual is melting at an accelerated rate, thanks in great part to basement-dwelling, pj-clad, anonymous and not-anonymous AK bloggers.

    Here, Mr. WAR– take this stimulus dollar and buy yourself a clue!

    Oh, and THANK YOU, Mr. Burton.

  17. Wow, a feminist like Leah Burton has to run to Daddy for him to defend her?

    Leah Burton is a tinfoil-hat type who is an anti-religion bigot to boot. I guess her old man falls into the same camp.

  18. Vid…lol…you are such a pathetic mess. You would be funny, if you werent such a rabid dog. Most of us normal types stay from C4P….your baiting doesnt work…at least for me. I wouldnt give that idiot space one click with my baby finger.

    Sour grapes…my darling. They do taste terrible, do they not?

  19. Shannyn, I assume this has been forwarded to the legislature? I don’t see any reference to it anywhere else, but with the diminished state of our media, that doesn’t mean much.

  20. I notice such a fine professional letter is merely answered with snide remarks by WAR and the owner of the looney blog C4P. No issues are addressed in their responses, just personal attacks. This is the way the right responds now since they are always on the losing side of the issues. I often wonder if anyone would be paying any attention to AK politics if Palin had not been thrust in the spotlight.
    Now we all see how an inept governor is just falling apart. So many misteps and all she and her defenders can do is attack, make that personally attack their critics.

  21. Thank You Shannyn!

    CC was reading this letter on Fri. was running late and KUDO overwrote/over-spoke. I called and asked the screener to ask her to reread it or post it, if they posted it I can’t find it.

    Mr. Burton’s letter is dynamite.

    WAR’s reply is…????

    *****NOTE FROM SHANNY****Sorry it took me so long to get it posted. I was enjoying the beach. Looks to me like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree with the Burtons. Both brave and articulate. ********************************************

  22. I see the C4P people are saying Ross did not reply in this fashion. I say let him testify in front of the Committee under oath to see if he denies it. Obviously Mr. Burton has the facts and knows how he got the reply.

    I would hope that EVERY AK blog has joined together in a planned action and taken this ‘reply letter’ and has distributed it to as many national networks to be scrutinized and get the word out.
    One of those should be the DOJ and Eric Holder I would hope.

  23. Truly, VidOmnia’s appearance here is hilarious for its hypocrisy in referring to “tinfoil-hat types”. I’m sorry, I’m laughing out loud at that because…

    Over there at the linked site in his/her comment, you will ALSO see a “pre-emptive strike” by Joseph Russo, who seems to be the Head Tinfoil-Hat Wearer over there.

    Seems the NYTimes sent a reporter up to Juneau to do background on an article that is, according to Shirley Toomey, “about how Sarah’s governance has changed since the VP race”.

    VidOmnia’s cohort is predicting the POV or perspective of the article will interview SP’s “enemies”, naming names, and saying “My prediction is that the article will paint Palin as the villian, while the legislature will be depicted as the victim.”

    Awww. Now, if THAT robust effort to make Sarah Palin out to be the victim doesn’t work, there’s always this, the preceding headline over there at C4P: “Dan Fagan Personally Attacks People And Then Condemns Personal Attacks”….which, believe it or not, is an attack on Dan Fagan attacking/condemning attacking!

    Wow. No tinfoil-hat types there at C4P, nope…

  24. Wayne, ( I may call you Wayne, right?) you are a male version of Palin and just as sick a narcassist as she is. YOU have simply had more practice.

    Whiel I do not wish to inflict you upon Alaska, and feel that Palin should be recalled, at least, if you are confirmed, the two of you togetherm with your shared delusional bubble of reality, will be so outrageous that it will only hasten the removal of both of you from office.

    Just as Palin was not know for the mentally ill person she is until she hit the national spotlight, I believe that your mean spirited personality will also be revealed for exactly the kind of person you are.

    Like Palin, ever time you open your mouth, EVERY TIME, you are revealed as the disgusting, ugly person you are.

    Connfirmed or not, Alaska ultimately wins.

  25. palin and war sound like they were made for each other.
    Nasty, demeaning and unprofessional.
    need I say more?

    Good luck and keep up in your state.

  26. NEW NAME:


    Ak, that’s what you’re gonna get if he is voted in…don’t do it!

  27. Thank you Shannyn for sharing this letter with us.

    To Vidomnia, you know — you and yours thoroughly blast anyone with a different opinion than yours if they dare to post on seefourpee. I’m quite pleased to see that Shannyn has let your post stand, and that challenges to your flame-post are thoughtful and reasoned.

    It would be very helpful if you could point out how W.A.R. would be a boon to Alaska. Instead, you attack the messenger(s). This by itself is a sign that you have nothing positive to offer on behalf of W.A.R. You should know better. How about it? Show your cards — what do you have?

  28. It’s interesting–I come to this from the perspective of a lawyer. I have reviewed Ross’s resume and his statements. I have also read the “articles” he has written.

    He has no qualifications at all for his position. At most, he is a mediocre lawyer who is not well regarded by his peers (as evidenced by the polls about him when he sought to become a judge). He is a lousy communicator. He is wholly inappropriate in his invocation of religion and his personal sexual history. He has demonstrated a bias against gays that should, alone, disqualify him from holding a public position. He offers flip and disrespectful responses to legitimate questions. All in all, this selection says worlds about Alaska’s governor’s poor judgment and her willingness to put an unqualified person in a position for no apparent reason other than her personal history with him. My opinion is based solely on Ross’ words, resume, self-description of his experience, lack of rating in Martindale-Hubbell, and responses to questions.

  29. VidOm and other C4P types trouble me less and less for several reasons:
    1) They are functionally illiterate.
    2) They seem to have no knowledge of how the GOP primaries work. Why are they going after progressives on this site when their next foes at a national level (since C4P is based outside of AK) are: Pawlenty, Romney, Jindal, Huckabee…You know, the GOP candidates McCain now wishes he had picked for the VP slot…
    3) All that C4P can muster are weak Ad Hominem attacks. They are always “negative.” They can identify the merits of anything positive that Palin has done.
    4) They operate just like a celebrity fan club website. It’s almost like they’re talking about “Brangelina.”

  30. Oops, correction to Point #3 above: “They CAN’T identify the merits of anything positive that Palin has done.”

  31. Wow. Just wow. Such a thoughtful, substantive letter from Richard Burton, and such a jerky frat-boy response from Wayne… Shannyn, I look forward to seeing you on Keith Olbermann’s show again. The folks in Alaska are lucky to have your blog, and we down in the lower 48 are lucky to have your good judgment and advocacy.

    **************Note from Shannyn***************I’ll be on Countdown tonight (4/13). Keith is at a funeral I believe, but David Shuster is hosting.*******************************

  32. The Crazys 4 Palin never have anything positive to say on anything, not even for Sarah, they believe every lie she says and say were afraid of her, we’re jealous, we’re paid by Obama to bash her. I think they all live in a cave somewhere with laptops sitting there spewing the hate!! I been kicked off twice, I love to rile them up, doesn’t take much!! One wrong word and your out of there-they can sit there and talk all their sh/t to each other, they don’t want outside opinions, just like GINO.

  33. If WARTHOG had his way, only land-owning white males could vote, women would be still be subservient to men, African-Americans would still be slaves and homosexuals would be killed.

  34. I love that, Crazys4Palin!!!! Because that is exactly what they are. I have gone over there a few times and never is there an intelligent thing said, only the gradizing of GINO. They are immature, name calling ppl. They call Jay Ramas “the Jerk”. So very unprofessional they are. Always, GINO looked great tonight, shes so smart, blah, blah, blah. They don’t look at the issues nor peoples qualifications. They are exactly as GINO in personality. They cannot see the trees through the forest. They need to educate themselves on real life issues, not defending a dillusional woman that thinks shes qualified to run a state. She can’t even handle her own affairs at home. Birds of a feather stick together. Sorry, just had to rant.

  35. Shannyn, dang I did not find you when you were in Juneau or I would have asked for a hug and an autograph! I was so disappointed in the House confirmation hearings on Friday in Juneau, and a friend of mine who gave personal testimony felt like the committee was NOT attentive or respectful to the testifiers. Then Ramras said “it’s likely he will be confirmed next week” and I screamed to myself, the computer, the dogs and the cats “WHAT THE HELL?” To borrow the words of DooMan, “Are you people NUTS?”

    If they confirm this jerk, I’m not following the law anymore. Forget it, plain and simple. We’ve had such horrible examples in our stupid twit gov, many of the legislators and the prior AG that I’m just giving up being a lawful citizen until our system is FIXED. Confirming WAR means WAR to me!

  36. Hee hee, I didn’t mean to sound like some sort of libertarian survivalist myself (much like WAR) – my fashion of fighting back is much more subtle and effective. I am fighting a civilized citizen’s fight against stupidity and corruption in my government – and I have a feeling this might take awhile so I better just settle in!

  37. If the Repug-controlled legislature confirms WAR, he and GINO will take AK down in flames. For decades, the country will point to Alaska as an undeniable example of what can happen when Repugs are allowed to gain power.

  38. Another awesome post from you, Shannyn….you truly rock! As far as those C4P followers…well, I refuse to stoop to their level. They are nasty, jealous and totally mis-informed. We know the truth and we are going to win this one!

  39. “He is a lousy communicator. He is wholly inappropriate in his invocation of religion and his personal sexual history. ”

    I concur with Donna – I am not a lawyer, but I found that Ross’ responses to questions in the confirmation hearing and his written response to Leah Burton’s charges were troubling enough whether he was ‘guilty as charged’ or not. I had to write about it though I don’t usually have time to do much on my own blog and usually hang out at mudflats and read what others with more time, persistence, and ‘inside knowledge’ have to say – but the last couple of weeks got me going again –

    Thank you Shannon for your coverage.

  40. Oops forgot to add the website

  41. Shannyn — AND Richard and Leah:


    I cannot add to any of these 30+ posts. They are all great – except, of course, for Vid’s.

    Are you forwarding Richard’s AND WAR’s letters to the Legislators?

    Do you think we should also do the same? — I don’t want to bombard them.

  42. Prolific isn’t the exact word I would use, but I’ll keep my foul mouth to my own page.

  43. I hope the legislators have seen the letter and response.

    The old toad (Jabba from Star Wars)actually signs off as WAR????

    He IS Palins’ soul mate!

  44. Just remember, V/O is probably a PAID troll – maybe 5c a post. (Definitely not on the “highly paid” scale…too illiterate and laughable). This is how V/O makes it’s living.

    Ignore it … it will then start screaming I AM A VET, or I AM DISABLED at you.

    It is best to not mention V/O at all…even to laugh at it – if it cannot change the topic, it fails….and we win.

  45. NMJ: Amazing and astute post. IF WAR is confirmed, the rest of the country will have a shining example of what happens when the current incoherent Republican party takes over a state. It will doom what is left of the fractured party to nothingness and complete irrelevance for at least 30 years …

    And hopefully the Legislature will answer to the voters in Alaska. They should be very worried about this.

  46. Shannyn, I’ve been reading your blog for months now and must say, you do a fantastic job of getting the truth out to the public. I live in GA, and we elect our state officials. I’m dumbfounded that one person has so much power in Alaska and continually abuses it. WAR is in no way qualified to be attorney general. Palin should have done a through vetting of him before nominating him for the job. If confirmed, he will be an embarrassment to your state. I’ve never in my 50+ years seen/heard a top public official say the inane things he has said. The republicans went crazy when President Obama said that many in America are arrogant. WAR is a prime example of what the president was thinking about when he used those words. Just stray onto any conservative web site and you get a full serving of arrogance and how poorly educated most of them are. I’ve taught school for 33 years, and anytime I read their comments, or hear Palin talk, I’m appalled at their ignorance on a variety of subjects. Ignorance and laziness seems to be a characteristic of many republicans. They’re ignorant because they are too lazy to do a little research so that they know what they are talking about when they speak/write about something. Shameless.

  47. maji:
    great comment / agree with everything you said. I think it’s one of those things where no one knows she’s dangerous until she starts coming apart and acting out.
    I’d suggest thorazine…LOTS of thorazine.

    And sign that petition demanding she “shut up” … they have 2600 signatures already. Her voice is like a buzz saw.

  48. If the legislators vote this nomination down *fingers crossed* maybe they can call themselves back into special session & get the Juneau Senate seat filled & then consider an alternative AG appointment. Having this clown in there until next session is a VERY scary thought…

  49. I am no longer an Alaskan. I left the state due to medical issues, but I still have family up there and still care. I have known Wayne Anthony Ross since the 1970’s and haven’t agreed with him on any issue that I can think of. His 25 caliber belt buckle is the perfect illustration of our differences. I kid you not, he has a working small caliber pistol as a belt buckle! In various conversations I’ve had with him over the years I can believe Ms. Burton’s report of his making sexist and anti-female remarks as I’ve heard him say similar things. I have also heard him say very negative things about gays, African Americans and Native Alaskans. As to Sarah Palin, she is again a person I don’t ever recall agreeing with on political or social issues. As an explaination of her anti-native actions, her husband is what those who live full time in the villages call a “city native”. He does not live the subsistance lifestyle, never has and will never have to. He wouldn’t understand why the issue is important and neither would she. As to Mr. Ross, he objects to native preference as he would prefer to have more access for himself and his hunting and fishing buddies who not only do not depend on wild game for survival but frequently spend thousands of dollars in their pursuit of said wild game, live within a mile or two of a grocery store and would spend less on meat at the store than they do per pound by hunting. For them hunting and fishing is sport, a way to have fun, not a matter of survival. While I am not a native and not a hunter, I have spent enough time in the villages and known enough real natives to understand that their position and their needs. The natives are right here. Sarah has been disrespectful and negative toward them and her pick of Wayne Anthony Ross for A.G. is a real “slap in the face” to them and to anyone else who really cares about the state and all of it’s people, not just well off white evangelicals.

  50. Shannyn, in what I regard as further substantiation of Leah Burton’s testimony, another witness testified last Wednesday April 8 at Senate JUD about even more recent misogynistic statements that WAR made. The witness was Page Hodgson, who helped push for a bill unanimously passed in the legislature in I believe 2004 which protected abused children in custody proceedings from being placed with the abusive parents. She testified about statements WAR made at a domestic violence panel at UAA in October 2005. I took it upon myself to follow up on it, & have found now two people — Sharon Araji, formerly UAA sociology prof, & Pamela Kelley, who is a faculty member of the UAA Justice Center (where I work) — who could substantiate at least the gist of what Paige Hodgson testified too.

    I wrote a long letter about to legislators last night — covering lots of stuff, but his stance on domestic violence/violence against women is the centerpiece. I’ve also posted it on my website, can be viewed here:

    ************NOTE FROM SHANNY*************Brilliant! Thanks for the link. Yes, that testimony was telling.**************

  51. Shannyn,
    I do not see anywhere here a reference to the origins of the Alaska “Mad Dads” organization. Mr. Burton’s letter talks about the connection between Mr. Ross’ “bullying” tactics and speech and the domestic violence perpetrators he encountered during his time on the police force.

    The people of Alaska should be aware that there exists a nationwide network of “father’s rights” organizations whose sole purpose is to challenge their children’s mother for custody, avoid payment of child support, and most significantly to abuse the legal system as a method of furthering domestic abuse and violence.

    In cases where the father has actually committed acts of physical or sexual assault on the CHILDREN, they are more than twice as likely to receive SOLE CUSTODY of those children after a protracted custody battle; the battle almost always involves charges against the mother of hysteria, false reporting, “parental alienation syndrome,” munchausen syndrome (faking a child’s illness), neglect and/or over-protection.

    Even worse, these father’s rights groups began receiving federal funding under the “Fatherhood Initiative” and saw significant funding increases under the Bush Administration. At that same time, domestic violence shelters saw their federal VAWA funds disappear almost completely. The Bush Administration simply refused to release the funds, even though they had already been federally allocated.

    The insidiousness of “father’s rights” groups can not be overstated. There are literally thousands of websites in existence today. Although there may be a few men who sincerely have been denied access to their children, the vast majority of these men are sexist, mysoginist, anti-woman, anti-mother, anti-government, conservative and even “Christian reconstructionists” who believe that women and children should be returned to the status of property or “chattel” of men. They believe in imposing “biblical law” (sound reminiscent of Palin’s Assembly of God?).

    Their true resemblence is to radical fundamental Islam, with its Sharia law.

    This man need to be exposed for what he actually is. I implore the people of Alaska to dig deeper into this “Mad Dad” group and into Mr. Ross’ statements, actions, decisions, behavior, and the impact he has had on women.

  52. What a bunch of koolaid drinking loons!!!

    Typical left wing blog bull!!


    Dick: Thanks for writing. I’ll pray for you and for your daughter. Sounds like both of you have problems. My best to you old friend, WAR

    WOW! Prolific, don’t you think?

    Wow! PROOF this response wasn’t from some left wing loser?????? Oh I forgot this is a blog that koolaid drinkers and MSM think is fact and report as such.

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